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Birthday Stream on Monday (July 6th) Posted 1 month ago
I mentioned it on Twitter, but July 6th is my birthday! I'll be 32.

I'll be holding a stream but I haven't decided on the contents. I'm between a request stream, like last year, or some really self indulgent garbage.

A point I wanna make it that I'm aware that a request stream will get higher numbers in the chat, but I want what's more FUN to watch, because to be frank I want participators, not people who are just there for free art. I don't have a problem with thatm indset for normal request streams, but it's my birthday, and I want people who will celebrate with me.

Regardless of what I do, I hope some of you will stop by and say hi at least. :)
Monday Free Request Stream Posted 4 months ago
Since Corona got everyone all down and home, this monday I'm gonna do an all day free request stream in the hopes of cheerin folks up. If you can't be together irl, you can be together online. :)

I'll have more details soon, but keep an eye out for it.
Valentine's Instagrat Posted 5 months ago
TOMORROW (Valentine's Day), there will be a special instagrat stream! Half off a second character if the scene is clearly romantic. This includes romantic vore.

I've been asked, if you'd like to ship with one of my OCs, that's cool too.

Prices are $40 per character.
Patreon Update + Commissions for Patrons/Subscribers Tonight Posted 6 months ago
We've worked out a means to make Patreon and SubscribeStar work together, meaning if you'd like to support using Paypal or you simply prefer Patreon, you CAN support and get ALL Rewards provided. By joining the Discord, I've centralized everything there...Polls, Commission slots, and all other rewards will be done through Discord. The Patreon will 'officially' be for non-vore NSFW work BUT by joining the Discord you'll get access to -everything-. It's a little sneaky, but it should work. However, I can't advertise the Patreon here on Eka's, so please use this link: https://twitter.com/AesirNSFW/status/1220458188081979397

Commissions will go live tonight.
SubscribeStar Reminder Posted 7 months ago

I'll be moving my entire operation to SubscribeStar in lieu of Patreon. Make sure to sign up there for access to all the new ART THINGS. And since i can actually post my art there you don't HAVE to join a Discord Server to see it!! (I know this was a stickler for some people).

I hope to see you all there ' v'

Subscribestar starting Jan, 2020 Posted 7 months ago
I regret to inform that I'm finally jumping ship from Patreon. Their recent actions really leave me basically no choice. I'd rather do it on my own terms and give people time to adjust and transition then suddenly get shut down all at once.

A brief summary is: Patreon is now backtracking traffic to their site to find where artists are posting their work offsite, and then claiming it as a violation of their rules.

Basically, this means, if you clicked on a link to my Patreon from Eka's Portal, they could follow that back to my gallery, see I post Vore and advertise my Patreon, and shut me down for it. Same with my Twitter or anywhere else. It means it's now unsafe to advertise my Patreon. Which is counterproductive to, you know, making a living.

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~Some Updates~ Posted 7 months ago
I made a chain on Twitter about this for those fans, but here it is now for all of you:

People prolly wondering where all the work from October and November is haha Well let me give a brief update. I have two pics left for the Oct batch (One of which is nearly finished is a big one, hence how long it's taken), then i can post all of Oct and Nov. Nov is done.
This month has been pretty crazy cause I'm essentially squeezing 3 months of requests in at once, plus I still have to do the monthly voter pic, AND I have a Secret Santa I'm a part of (I will be working on this exclusively this weekend since the next check in is the 22nd)
I WILL have everything done by the 31st to the best of my ability (There's only 3 Dec requests), so lemme just ask for some patience....

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Patreon Changes in January + Commission Re-Opening Info Posted 7 months ago

The full post is here on Patreon, but ya. Wiping the slate clean and re-opening commissions in January. Though i didn't want to do this, to be frank, I never accept payment upfront so no one in the past list had actually paid anything, and I need to make changes to move forward. Apologies.
Drawlloween Upcoming / Optional Support Posted 10 months ago

I'm sure many of you are excited to come watch some new art get made and tons of horror and other Halloween-y type films. This is what I consider the real 'meat' of Drawlloween and the part that excites me most. Of course, I know many of you don't have time or interest in coming to watch streams and just want to see 31 days of new Vore Art. That's fine too.

I mostly wanted to remind everyone that Drawlloween is happening very soon, and I wanted to talk about it a little.

Drawlloween is a huge commitment for me. I mean, 31 days of nonstop art, 31 full illustrations, streaming, no breaks...It's wild. But it's worth it for how much fun everyone has. Drawlloween has brought new friends...
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Aesir's Birthday - July 6th Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone! Just giving a heads up my birthday is coming up, on July 6th, if that's relevant to anyone. One of the harder things for me to do was stop feeling like letting people know my birthday is coming up is some form of expectation, and that instead some people just like to do shit for artists they like. So here's a heads up that I honestly meant to do sooner.

I have an Amazon wishlist I hand out every year around Christmas and my birthday right here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2 ... _=wl_share

In addition, any gifts I recieve I put in a twitter thread, this year's starts here: ...
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