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January Polls are Up! Posted 2 weeks ago
With a new year, we're finally fully implementing the new poll style!

This month's first two polls are (1) for the obvious 2020 vs 2021 showdown like every year (I can't wait to post it in Feb and then have a bunch of people confused why it's a month late) and (2) with game series I'll be focusing fanart for the whole month.

The second poll means whichever one wins, I'm gonna be doing pics involving chars from that franchise for basically the whole month. So that's fun. :)

The vote, pledge to either Patreon or Subscribestar and then join the Discord!
Patreon/Subscribestar Update Posted 2 months ago
As has been discussed onstream and in Discord, we're updated the Patreon/Subscribestar rewards in order to simplify things and get more work done.

$3 and $5 fans will see basically no change. However, larger projects will be exclusive to $10 fans. Monthly Polls will now be focused on broader ideas rather than a hyper specific picture and will likely influence the work for the whole month. Commissions, a hotly requested thing, should be able to be finished more regularly.

This is a trial, and we may add a few things if people would like, such as CSP files for the works. Feel free to add suggestions below or in the Discord's #Suggestion-Box.

In addition, I'll be posting what work I CAN on both sites as...
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Drawlloween Rules Posted 3 months ago
Since people cannot seem to behave themselves, I want to be clear.

If there is a raffle, we'll say so in chat.
If you repeatedly ask in chat about the raffle, we're putting your name on a list and not allowing future entry.
If you DM Vale asking to be put on a raffle when there isn't one, you'll similarly be banned from future raffles.

Drawlloween is not about you getting free art. The raffles are a bonus for the people already enjoying the event. They are not even decided on until the picture is already planned out.

Stop it.

To clarify other rules:

No RP. Whatsoever. I know you think it's a silly joke or whatever. It's not.

Do not spoil films.

The movie we're watching's poster is...
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Important Updates (Contest, YCH, +More) Posted 3 months ago
Hello Everyone.

Sometimes I'm a dummy and forget that not everyone follows my Twitter, so I'm hear to inform you all of the situation.

First of all the Contest ends in like 3 days!! Get your submissions in!

Ok, now besides the contest.

I'm sure plenty of you are wondering about the lack of streams or YCH updates. That's primarily what this is about.

I'm currently suffering a pretty severe ear infection. I've been to the doctor, gotten meds, it will HOPEFULLY be cleared up by Drawlloween, but until I can go without pain I'm not going to be forcing myself to do any work. The pain is fever inducing, and makes it extremely difficult to focus on anything. It sucks. Plus I had a growth removed from my back as well, which...
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Drawlloween 2020 - Info and Details (Esp for Newbies) Posted 4 months ago
My brain is in full Drawlloween mode rn so I'm gonna talk about the event a little bit to explain it for any newcomer.

This is Year 6 (!!!) so those of you who usually come are already well informed, but new fans are always coming!

Drawlloween is a month long festival of sorts I put on in October. Every single day, I do one full themed illustration from morning until night. While I do that draw, I put on horror movies all day that relate to the theme. I'll elaborate more on both these things.

The theme is based on a Calender released on the 1st of Sept (usually). These drawings are full illustrations (To the best of my ability, some days go harder or softer than others) and will SOMETIMES have free prey slots I raffle off in chat. Not always!! ...
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YCH and Extended Power Outage Posted 5 months ago
I wanted to let YCH bidders who don’t follow my Twitter and aren’t in my Discord know: I’m experiencing an extreme power outage, current projected fix is aug 7th at 11pm. That’s a day later than we thought this morning, so it’s been pretty frustrating.

Apologies for the lack of updates. This entire first week has turned out to be a bust, and Vore day is on the 8th.

I’m still trying to get the last monthly done, plus Vore day, plus the YCH plus this months so...please have patience.

Birthday Stream on Monday (July 6th) Posted 6 months ago
I mentioned it on Twitter, but July 6th is my birthday! I'll be 32.

I'll be holding a stream but I haven't decided on the contents. I'm between a request stream, like last year, or some really self indulgent garbage.

A point I wanna make it that I'm aware that a request stream will get higher numbers in the chat, but I want what's more FUN to watch, because to be frank I want participators, not people who are just there for free art. I don't have a problem with thatm indset for normal request streams, but it's my birthday, and I want people who will celebrate with me.

Regardless of what I do, I hope some of you will stop by and say hi at least. :)
Monday Free Request Stream Posted 10 months ago
Since Corona got everyone all down and home, this monday I'm gonna do an all day free request stream in the hopes of cheerin folks up. If you can't be together irl, you can be together online. :)

I'll have more details soon, but keep an eye out for it.
Valentine's Instagrat Posted 11 months ago
TOMORROW (Valentine's Day), there will be a special instagrat stream! Half off a second character if the scene is clearly romantic. This includes romantic vore.

I've been asked, if you'd like to ship with one of my OCs, that's cool too.

Prices are $40 per character.
Patreon Update + Commissions for Patrons/Subscribers Tonight Posted 11 months ago
We've worked out a means to make Patreon and SubscribeStar work together, meaning if you'd like to support using Paypal or you simply prefer Patreon, you CAN support and get ALL Rewards provided. By joining the Discord, I've centralized everything there...Polls, Commission slots, and all other rewards will be done through Discord. The Patreon will 'officially' be for non-vore NSFW work BUT by joining the Discord you'll get access to -everything-. It's a little sneaky, but it should work. However, I can't advertise the Patreon here on Eka's, so please use this link:

Commissions will go live tonight.