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Sorry for the Silence, What I've Been Up To (YCH, other work, etc) Posted 11 days ago
Hello! I really need to talk here more, not everyone follows my Twitter (I recommend you do for more constant updates, as well as art I don't post here )

So I know art has been really slow, apologies on that. One of my BIG FOCUS' this month I accidentally stumbled into doing was a big Maid Month themed comic project featuring Maid Aesirko and a rather unfortunate scantily clad nun. This project will only be available to $10+ people on my Subscribestar ( ) but may get released on Gumroad far in the future, we'll see. I'm working on page 7 right now, actually. So that's taken a lot of my attention. I really wanna finish this as I realize 'Sweater For 2', due to outside and internal factors, kind of floundered...
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Updates and Substar Issues Posted 1 month ago
Sorry for being so quiet lately. I've been dealing with a real mess of a situation.

If you don't follow my Twitter ( ) you have no idea what's going on but basically I have not received $2500 that I was supposed to from Substar this month. This is, obviously, a problem. Tax day is tomorrow and I'm $2500 short. They claim they paid out on the 6th, but I never received it and I have been sending email after email to figure out what the hell is going on.

That's been the major cause for the slowdown of work as I scramble to figure SOMETHING out to pay my taxes. The stress is getting to me and I'm really losing it over this. Just...$2500 vanished as far as I know. So if you're on the Substar and wondering why work has effectively...
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Updates (Stomach Flu) Posted 5 months ago
If you don't follow me on Twitter, prolly hard to get updates on what's going on, sorry about that.

So I took a few days off after Christmas to relax after all the art I burned through this month (29 pics but who's counting), and during that time I played through GoW Ragnarok which was a major positive, fucking incredible game. Then literally the -day- after I beat it when I planned to go back to work, I came down with some kind of fucking stomach flu. I've been in pain and unable to eat much and just generally suffering. So it's safe to say until I get over this I won't be able to resume work. ): I'm very sorry.

The good news, I guess, is apparently it shouldn't last much more than 72 hours if I'm unlucky...The bad news is I'm on day 2 and don't feel ANY...
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Advent Calender Idea Thingy Posted 6 months ago
Posted on Twitter, Itaku, and Pillowfort depending on your site of choice:
About Jermayan Posted 7 months ago
I wanna be clear about something. Jermayan is a very good friend of mine. When he decided he wanted to join me in this challenge that first year, I welcomed and encouraged him, and I'm the one who offered to link his writings about the pics in my posts. He isn't some rando that came along, we've been friends for a long time. Frankly, I'm happy if I can help more eyes get put on my friends' endeavors. And he has only ever put his all into doing these daily stories: Consulting me, consulting raffle winners, letting everyone involved in the story, review the story and offer changes or point out flaws in representation. All for free, just like me. He's not even the only person who's ever done these, we've had other people and I link to them too.

If you don't like the short...
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2 Days Left in the Art Contest! Posted 8 months ago
Only 2 days left! Get your submissions in!
Addendum to the Contest Rules Posted 9 months ago
A user has asked about submitting animations. After discussing it with my mods, who help choose winners, we agreed to let animations be submitted under the condition that it's understood we'll be judging them with more scrutiny. That said, if we get enough animations, I am open to choosing winners in a second, animation only, category with the same prizes.

I'm not really expecting this to happen, but throwing it out there for animators who'd like to enter.
2nd Death in the Family, Upcoming Drawlloween Info Posted 10 months ago
Some of you are aware that very recently an uncle on my dad's side was shot and killed in the city. Today I just learned an uncle on my mom's side shot himself.

I feel I don't need to explain what a one-two punch this is. I am...I dunno.

For those at the stream, I was already ending, but like...I got the text right as I was finishing up, that's what happened. Sorry if I worried anyone.

I want to explain, like...I literally opted to work on the YCH today cause I was finally feeling fully normal again. I did a lot of self indulgent stuff to get through some real dark shit. Like I said on Twitter I hadn't been working on it cause 'dumb stuff' but honestly I just needed what basically amounted to 'me time'. I didn't neglect Substar work, but I...
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Updates, 2 Weeks til BDay, Death in the Family Posted 11 months ago
So if you follow my Twitter ( ), you get much more constant updates about what's going on, usually minor stuff I don't feel like making full blogs about. Same with joining the Subscribestar's Discord ( ) since I obviously talk pretty openly there. Alright, adverts over.

So like this month will feel pretty sparse because last month a debt collection agency fucked me over pretty badly, so I had to do numerous big side things to make extra cash to just get through the month, including 2 10 hours. It left very little time to work on other stuff, despite numerous sketches and plans, and I apologize for that. Trust me, I had at -least- 3 full Maid pics planned, 2 with multiple versions/stages (The two that didn't...
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Patreons Suspended - Subscribestar only now Posted 1 year ago
Patreon has officially suspended my creator account, as such, I can no longer use Patreon as a service for ya'll. I can only recommend finding a way to support on Subscribestar if possible.

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. It would require me to go through literally years of posts on Twitter and Aryion deleting links/posts. Luckily, incomewise, only a very small portion came from Patreon, as it only existed as a Paypal workaround, so even if no one from there can support through Subscribestar, it shouldn't hurt me too badly in terms of continuing work. However, I am very sad to know several friends will not be able to make the transition. ): They'll be missed on the Discord for sure.

The link to my subscribestar is here if you'd like it:...
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