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Party-sized sleeping bag By 4KKC -- Report

This sleepover was planned a long time ago, but for a long time she couldn't get all her friends together in one day. And finally, when their parents again left somewhere by the work, and she, as usual, remained in charge of the house and her immobile sister, this day has come. All of her friends finally gathered at their home for the first time ... And, as it turned out to be, for the last time.

She did not know exactly how this lamia ended up in their small town or who exactly let her into the house - the one who did it most likely became her first victim - no, all she knew was that her friends were one after another gulped down and send in the gurgling stomach of this gluttonous snake. And that she was next.

For some reason, the lamia decided to play with her victim, relax and get something more than just gastronomic pleasure. Perhaps this lamia did not notice her sister, who was frozen in horror in the next room and now thought that she was playing with the last snack? She hoped so. Passionately kissing her future devourer, she could only think about how to buy more time for her sister, even if it meant literally having steamy sex with the monster that had just devoured all her friends...


This is one of the June patreon rewards for my special supporters from limited patreon tier.
I decided to make a special tier so people who support me will recive a sketch for theis liking once a month...
But for now I can handle only three people, but maybe in the future I will expand it and add more slots, ehe~♪
And of course July rewards are already there:

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Posted by JohnOfAllTrades 3 months ago Report

More Anna art is always nice to see


Posted by linthia 3 months ago Report

The little story with it just makes it even better <3


Posted by Gyro 3 months ago Report

I can just imagine the warmth it would provide, just sliding down on the inside… snuggled up along with her while she pats down on her skin where my body would be. It just sounds so relaxing.


Posted by Nalzindar 3 months ago Report

Fantastic art and great story, this was a fortunate lamia indeed :3


Posted by NECRON74 3 months ago Report

I hope this continues.