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Inside a room a girl was sitting on her ass grunting and moaning. Her name was Kale and she had an obsession with her friend Caulifla. It's gotten so bad to the point she made a clay statue the size of her leg. Currently she had a hold of her thick cock and was stroking it seeing the abs and curves of Caulifla's statue.
 "I'll make you mine and mine only" moaned Kale
 She felt an orgasm come and she moaned, squirting another batch of cum all over the statue. It was the fifth time that day and her nuts were completely empty. Kale licked her lips as it was the promised day to take Caulifla but first she had some nuisances in the way. Cabba and a female saiyan named Para were at the place with Caulifla and Kale decided they were talking too much. The yandere Kale made her way over to where Cabba and Para were. They were only a mile away staying inside a house together. Kale got there very fast and she made sure to wear her black shorts and red half skirt. She knocked on the door and it opened. Cabba, a boy smaller than her, opened the door and he smiled.
 "Hello Kale it's been a little bit..why don't you come in" said Cabba
 He invited her in but she did something more. Kale grabbed Cabba by the face and slammed him down into the floor making it break. He coughed up saliva and was out of commission. Kale walked in and shut the door as the curvy blonde girl Para came in.
 "What the hell was that" said Para
 She saw the floor caved in and a sadistic smiling Kale. She was about to transform but Kale was giving her the chance and grabbed Para by the feet and threw into a wall breaking into the next room. Kale jumped through the hole and found the injured Para. She dragged the blonde out into the living room and pulled Cabba out of the hole before setting him next to Para. Kale imagined Caulifla for a second and she was sweating feeling horny. Her massive thick cock grew in her shorts so she removed them, letting her penis hang. Kale made it big enough to suck someone up and giggled seeing the injured pair.
 "This is what you get for trying to take Caulifla away from me" said Kale
 The pair were to beat up to move or struggle so Kale grabbed Cabba's legs and removed his shoes and socks before putting them against the tip of her hard penis.
 "N-no please" said Cabba
 He could barely move and tried to push the hands off his ankles but he could only watch as the tip accepted his feet and Kale moaned slowly pulling him further inside the large shaft.
 "You will be the cum that fills Caulifla...become a part of me" moaned Kale
 Para watched as Cabba was sucked into the massive penis and with no strength she could not help him. Cabba begged Kale to stop as the cock ate up his thighs and was nearing his own junk. The shaft was so gross and slimy and he could feel cum on his legs from leftover masturbating sessions. The cum aided his descent down into the balls making it slick and easy for him to slide down. Kale put her hands on Cabba's shoulders and pushed him down further feeling as his feet dipped into the right testicle. 
 "No no no" cried Cabba
 His hips were gone and the cock was slurping in his abs and chest. His arms were still on the outside but Kale was holding his shoulders down so it was difficult to move them. Cabba's nipples were gone and his arms were being forced up as his face neared the tip. Only a little yelp escaped his lips as he his head sunk into the cock. Only Cabba's arms remained and they were swiftly slurped inside. Kale moaned, feeling her cock snack slide down her shaft and he was deposited into her right testicle. Cabba was curled up in a sack with a bit of cum surrounding him. It groaned and he whimpered while he started to squirm and struggle. 
 "Your turn" said Kale
 Para teared up as she was lifted up and her face was shoved against the tip. Her screams were muffled out as her head went inside and quickly made a bulge in the veiny shaft. Kale moaned again reaching behind and grabbing at Para's ass and pushing the girl further into her cock. The boobs slipped in and bulged. The imprint of the girl slid down more and more getting closer to the balls. The muffled screams were music to Kale's ears as she finished her second cock meal half way. With a little pop the big fat ass of Para slipped into the penis and she was starting to be shoved into the left testicle. Her face went first into the cum that was already there and she yelped feeling the warm sticky liquid. 
More and more of Para disappeared with Kale moaning until all of sudden she felt nothing left to the suck in. Kale looked down to the legs being sucked down the shaft until the girl was fully into her nuts.
 "Heh..too easy" said Kale
 With both of her balls full she simply dragged her full nuts and sat on the couch started to melt them into cum. The struggling of the pair felt amazing and kept her cock hard but she didn't masturbate and just let them melt. Cabba screamed as he felt himself becoming turned into cum. His arm and body were becoming more and more sludge-like and he could feel himself sinking into the batter of cum being made by his own body. On the other side it was about the same for Para who cried and screamed as her arms felt like sludge and her legs were basically gone into cum.
 "No this can't be happening" screamed Para
 The balls gurgled and bubbled as the forms started to round with Kale heavily breathing and enjoying their fates as her cum. They lasted only ten minutes as her cock shrank down and became limp laying on her full nut sack as the people turned cum sloshed around.
 "Good...let's go so her shall we" said Kale
 Kale went home and waited for Caulifla to come back sitting on her own couch with her large balls and penis exposed. Caulifla returns sometime later to find Kale half naked on the couch.
 "I'm having some mind relieving me" asked Kale
 Caulifla giggled and didn't mind helping her friend this way once in a while not knowing the cum inside used to be two people she knew. Caulifla got on her knees and was impressed by the large balls. The cock was small enough for Caulifla to open her mouth and shove it inside. Kale moaned and Caulifla went back and forth feeling the tip go down her throat as she slurped on the large penis. Since it was Caulifla Kale couldn't hold back and inside a minute she moaned and already cummed. Caulifla was shocked to see Kale cum so fast but even more so with the amount of cum. Caulifla grasped the penis and continued to gulp gallons of cum down her throat. Some went down her lip but most of it was going inside her stomach. Caulifla's abbed belly was bloating out with all that cum inside her and soon she actually looked nine months pregnant. 
 "Almost done" moaned Kale
 Her giant balls shrank as they were emptied by Caulifla and all of the cum was inside the girl. Caulifla licked her lips and looked down at her belly shocked. 
 " actually I need to tell you something" said Kale
 "Hm what is it's asked Caulifla 
 "I-I love you...not as a friend but as woman" said Kale
 Caulifla was definitely shocked and blushed a little but she had a different answer for Kale.
 "I'm flattered but..I don't see you that way and when we do these kinds of things I do it for you as a friend not a lover" said Caulifla 
 Kale wasn't really surprised but still disappointed with that answer. So Kale grabbed Caulifla by the shoulders and opened her mouth. Caulifla screamed as she was shoved into the slimy maw and felt as the gullet brought her down to the stomach.
Kale swallowed Caulifla's boobs and grabbed a hold of the cum filled belly and shoved it into her mouth before licking and moaning it. The tasty belly was no trouble to swallow making a huge bulge in Kale's neck.
The nice tight ass of Caulifla was pushed into the maw and Kale felt her belly filling up with ease. She was almost done as she pushed down the legs and moaned before finishing her love off. Caulifla was forced into a cramped ball within the tight sack of a stomach and whimpered as immediately digestive fluids came inside. 
 "Nice and snug..just let me digest you and become a part of me forever" said Kale
 Caulifla yelled and started to squirm splashing acid everywhere. Kale just rubbed her belly enjoying all the movement as digestion started.
Kale belched and the loud groans of a stomach doing its thing filled the room. Poor Caulifla couldn't do much as the stomach was slowly filling with stomach acids. Kale wasn't having any troubles at all digesting an entire person. All the struggling just made her belch from time to time but nothing else happened. Caulifla could feel herself becoming numb to the constant stinging the acid and her body was becoming softer and softer.
 "Kale please don't I'll be your lover if you spit me up" begged Caulifla
 As tempting as it sounded Kale didn't answer and just let her stomach groans answer her. 
A few hours passed as the soft Caulifla sank under the acid and drowned before the walls collapsed in on her and the snapping of bones began. Kale bit her lip, seeing at the bulge completely rounded out and her stomach reduced Caulifla into mush so Kale could absorb her. Bones bulged against the belly and everything inside gurgled and sloshed around before running into the guts. Kale moaned as her tits and ass massively grew giving her tons of fat spilling out of her clothes but her nipples didn't show and her clothes didn't rip. Kale smiled as only a small pot belly remained and her sexy thick body was a beautiful sight given to her by Caulifla. But Kale wasn't done as her bowels filled up.
 "Time to put you in your new home" said Kale
 Kale put her shorts back on and then stood up and crouched over a bit before letting the shit go to her asshole. She bit her lip moaning as massive loads of shit started to come out into her black shorts making them sag down. The warm stinky shit pushed against the fabric of the shorts and the sweet thick ass cheeks of Kale as the shorts sagged further and further down. Bones made imprints across the shorts such as a rib cage and even Caulifla's lifeless skull made one. Kale loved the feeling of soft poop filling her shorts up and knowing it was her love made it that much sexier for her. 
 "Yes Caulifla...fill my pants up" said Kale
 The scat load ended up filling the shorts up so much that the brown shit hit the floor and was starting to spread across it. There was just so much poop for Kale to shit out. It took her forever to finally finish up but her shorts were completely full of scat and it smelled horrible but she still liked the awful stench. Kale smiled as now there was only one thing to do.
 "I'll resurrect Caulifla and this time she will be with me as a person forever" moaned Kale
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Kale's Yandere Tendencies By Coolwoman -- Report

My half of an art trade with an anonymous user
Art by mallowstrife

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Lovely Story

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