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It was late at night and a girl walked around, her name was Nezuko. She was usually gagged by a bamboo stick due to being a demon secretly, she walked about trying to find someone to eat when she passed by a mansion. She stopped and listened in hearing feminine laughter going on inside, her stomach growling before she took the bamboo stick out of her mouth revealing her fangs.
 “Food….” She grunted before she grabbed the doorknob and turned it, it was unlocked fortunately for her. She walked around following the laughter before she passed by a door, stopping and walking backwards she leaned against the door and listened in.
 “Come on girls, it's getting late and it’s almost midnight. It’s time to rest, plus we have important things to do tomorrow.” One of the girls said before another yawned.
 “Yeah I’m pooped…. Time to go to bed….” The other one said, sounding like the youngest of them. The sound of three creaking beds sounded before everything fell silent, Nezuko’s stomach growling was the only thing that made noise. She slowly opened the door leading into the dark room, if any of them had their eyes opened Nezuko’s eyes practically glowed in the dark staring at them. She locked the door behind her, went over to one of the beds and removed the blanket, revealing a teenager with two pigtails. She opened her blue eyes slightly looking up at Nezuko.
 “Shinobu?...” The girl whispered before Nezuko blinked, her stomach growling in hunger. Nezuko grabbed her by the shoulders and opened her mouth, before the girl could scream Nezuko engulfed her head into her mouth. The girl screamed down Nezuko’s throat as the pink eyed girl took her first swallow, it was easy to get over her shoulders as she began eating.
Nezuko continued swallowing the girl down, getting over her boobs, stomach and ass before she slurped down the girl’s legs. She moaned out loud as her belly grew out and the girl’s feet touched her tongue, but just then the lights flickered on making her jump.
 “Huh?! What the fuck?!” A girl yelled as both of the other girls were staring at her, she swallowed the last of the teenager before she licked her lips.
 “I-… I want to eat all of you…” Nezuko mumbled, the two glared at her before the shorter of the two charged at her.
 “You will pay for eating Aoi!!” She yelled before she was about to swing her right fist at her, but Nezuko smiled before she opened her mouth, making the fist enter her mouth.
 “Mmm…” Nezuko moaned before she grabbed the girl and lifted her up, opening her mouth more and she began eating her. The supposed Shinobu screamed before she went to open the door, only to find out that it was locked from the outside.
 “What kind of stupid modeling is this?! Who puts a lock outside the door?!” The eldest one yelled before she looked back at Nezuko seeing Kanao’s legs flailing around and her torso descending down the pink eyed girl’s throat. Nezuko’s belly flailed, shook and wiggled about as the two girls struggled inside her.
 *Gulp… Gulk…Gulp…”
Nezuko closed her mouth as Kanao’s feet touched her mouth, with one simple swallow her belly grew out even more filling with two teenage girls. She patted and rubbed her belly before Shinobu screamed at her, Nezuko turned to see her jumping at her, Nezuko gasped but that led to Shinobu flying down her throat.
Nezuko grunted and flopped onto the floor as her balance was thrown off, landing on her ass as the eldest girl’s head and chest went down her throat. She moaned as she began swallowing the last girl, taking her time with Shinobu. She licked the girls back as she gulped her down. Her pink eyes rolled back as she was filled with pleasure, getting to her ass Nezuko began licking Shinobu’s pussy. Moaning could be heard coming from her belly as she licked her prey out, the other two looked up seeing Shinobu’s face flushed in red as she moaned and bit her lip.
 “Shinobu!! Stop moaning and get us out of here!!” Aoi yelled before Nezuko stopped and started swallowing again, her belly grew out even more as she finished eating the elder of the three. Closing her mouth Nezuko traced the bulge down her throat down to her full belly, rubbing it lovingly as she bit her lip and moaned. The struggling continued as her digestive system started squirting acid on the three, a pool of acid started forming making a sloshing noise as the three moved.
Nezuko’s cheeks puffed out feeling air coming up her throat, “BOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRPPPPPPP!!!!!” She belched out sending spit flying across the room, she covered her mouth and blushed. The three however continued their assault inside her, not even seeming too concerned about air.
 “LET US OUT!!!” Shinobu yelled.
 “LET US OUT YOU DEMON BITCH!!” Aoi screamed out, Nezuko didn’t care either way as it would eventually end. With time not being on their side the three began to slow down, their pounding began to weaken as they began softening, however what didn’t end was their screaming. But instead of it being of anger it was of pain, which was music to Nezuko’s ears. She moaned out even more as the three screamed, feeling them slosh inside her. Eventually the three collapsed into the acid and passed out, melting into mush and bones in her stomach. Bones, ribs and skulls poked out of her belly before they began pumping through her. One by one the girls pumped through her intestines letting Nezuko absorb them, her ass and tits began growing out ripping her shirt wide open revealing her nipples to the world. She groped herself and moaned out, feeling their firmness and bounce in her hands.
Her intestines groaned before she felt their remains pile up in her intestines, lowering her pants and squatting down. Nezuko relaxed her asshole and let the scat plop down onto the floor. It was difficult for her in the beginning due to the bones clogging up her systems, she grunted in pain as she pushed the long bone filled poop out onto the floor.
Feeling great pain she squeezed her chubby belly and pushed to the point her face turned red, whimpering she pushed even more before the scat began coming out more easily filled with smaller bones, ripped clothes and hair.
 “O-Owww…” Nezuko groaned as she began pushing out turds filled with rib cages and spine fragments, the pain wouldn’t stop no matter how hard she had hoped otherwise.
Nezuko suddenly felt something big clogging up her asshole, screaming out that she pushed with all her might before one by one three skulls dropped onto the tall pile. She sighed before a few more turds landed on top of the skulls, Nezuko groaned as she stood up and cracked her back from being squatted so long.
 “Toilet next time…” She mumbled before she turned around and smiled at her work, her focus then went to her additions again with her grasping her right boob and left ass cheek with each hand. She squeezed them playfully making her moan, but her fullness didn’t last long as her belly groaned again. She pulled her pants up and opened the window, going through she turned around and had one last look at the pile.
 “One of them said that they were pooped… Guess I did what she said… She is pooped…” Nezuko said before she turned around and walked away from the butterfly mansion, smiling as she walked off to find her next meal
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A Tragedy At The Butterfly Mansion By Coolwoman -- Report

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Art by Phat Smash


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Posted by DeathStar66 13 days ago Report

I forget this anime before and now I can remeber it

Good job!


Posted by Coolwoman 13 days ago Report



Posted by simon6009 12 days ago Report

that last pun was pretty funny to hear