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The Witch & the Witch Hunter Pt. 2 By Spider8Fiend -- Report

Soul magic is a tricky art, even for the greatest of witches. It requires a firm understanding of spiritual energy, a connection with the Lifestream, and a great degree of power. Manipulating life energy also requires a great deal of persuasion, because few souls are willing to follow another's bidding: once deceased, most souls feel drawn to the afterlife, so much must be used to anchor them to this world.

Luckily, centuries of practice have trained Jezebel well, and she can perform soul magic as easily as you can breath. It was child's play to use the witch hunter's life energy against him, and with a gentle touch, Jezebel guided the soul downwards towards her very core...

And yes, the reason why Jezebel's hair is turning white is because this spell requires that much power: it literally drains away her youth. But after absorbing a spare soul or two, perhaps the ones bouncing around her breasts, Jezebel's youthful complexion will return.


This comic was drawn by the skilled, saintly, and overall friendly  Ozeniiix. If you liked this comic, please consider commissioning them! I'm sure they'd appreciate the support.

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