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Gabi and Emily - Fun in Halloween - Aftermath By kattu -- Report

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This meal gave Gabi some trouble. She wasn’t able to digest everyone even after a night of sleep!

Story, characters and production: Kattu/PaoGordo.
Art done by the awesome ICUdhara. It was great working with you!

ICUdhara's page:

Hello everyone! So, this is part of my project of selling comics I commission (with the permission of the artist) to help me keep create new stories and comics about my characters.

And since it's Halloween, here is one of the comic's pages showing Gabi feasting! Enjoy!

It's Halloween time! Our heroes Gabi and Emily are going to have so much fun! Every Halloween, Gabi lets herself go and, just like a small kid, she eats as many treats as she can. The only difference: her treats are people! But it's only fair, since she spends the whole year holding her hunger. But when a very suspicious dude gives them some strange candy, Gabi starts to deal with things way too... literal.

If you want to see what happens to our heroes and help me out, you can buy the comic in this link:

Also, while you're there, check out my other comics!
The site will provide you the zip file with all the 15 comic pages. I strongly ask you to keep it to you and not share or upload to your gallery by any means. If you do, I'll simply stop making new comics (they are very expensive), so you're not only harming me but everyone else who paid and even yourself, for preventing new material from me (I assume that, if you paid the comic, you at least like my work a little bit).

Comic content:
Oral soft same size vore, breast expansion, F/multiple, mass vore

Any request or other stuff, please send me a message here. Thank you all!

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Posted by Jumbochamploon 2 months ago Report

Heehee, shame that this thing is still on E-Hentai and hasn't been taken down.
Don't worry, I didn't see it, mainly because I'd want to help you out with money in the future... preferably with a separate account for money... when I get my own place... away from my controlling parents who hate vore.


Posted by Bigmackgamer303 2 months ago Report

How to troll le parents
1) pray to the dark lord
2) accwpt the voices wishes
3) eat the parents whole like in le comic kattu makes
4) become imortal and eat everyone
January 1rst 2022 the "god eater" incident


Posted by Dhman 2 months ago Report

I love this belly!Filled with the remauns of her last meal~<3


Posted by Dhman 2 months ago Report



Posted by Vorelover23 2 months ago Report

*stares at the belly still digesting it’s meal* do you remember eating any one else? Cause i think that dream you had might not be much of one… considering you are still “digesting” at the moment.


Posted by typhoondragon3 2 months ago Report

That joke is funnier than Vegeta's hairline