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My avatar is a picture of the actual Jumbo Champloon from a game called Little King's Story. Not like anyone's going to know anyways...

I am a man named Matthew Gillis and I am not at all an artist. I prefer to write my stories as opposed to drawing as I suck at drawing. I will accept requests, but so long as they aren't of these categories:

Evil Predators
Explained Digestion (as in, describing the skin and stuff dissolving)
Boob, Cock, Tail, Anal, Absorption Vore.
Anything relating to Gore
Hard Vore

Other than those items listed, I will do anything if you wish to request them of me. But keep in mind I can only accept a total of 2 requests at a time and I'm not a patient type of person with people who are notorious for being jerks that spam comments on purpose. If you treat me with negativity and you feel no remorse, I will block you. Understood? Good.

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"Okay, Goldeen, Aqua Jet!" Nessa shouted at her water Pokemon.

"Goldeen!" the fishy


responded as she then rushed through the water with a forceful tidal wave surrounding her, aiming the attack directly at Nessa's ace


, Dreadnaw

The day, June 10th. The time, 10:48 AM. The place, the biggest anime and manga expo of the year in a certain city in Japan. And there, shifting through the crowds to try and find more worthy items for her collection, was a young


girl with blue hair and a split lip that made her look like a cat when she smiled. Her name was Konata Izumi, one of the biggest buyers at the expo and holding the record of most money spent

Chapter 1:

"Um... this is going to be safe, right?" I asked the owner of


Arcade the day that I was officially hired for the job. The reason I asked? Because he handed me a contract that had multiple different requirements to it. Most of them were fine such as no tampering with the machines or the life-sized do

Hey all, this is


be a small thing I do on the side.

So, we all know Five Nights at Freddie's is a thing that's very popular, right? Well, what if, instead of animatronics at a pizza joint, it was life-size dolls of famous video game girls at an arcade? And that they'd be brought to life by some strange happenings rather th

"So, how many


have you eaten, Bryce?" was a question I got ever since I was a little kid. And every single time that I got asked that question, I always responded truthfully.

"I can't digest meat, so I normally don't eat them," I said, which was oddly true. And how was that possible? It was a very r

After exiting the cave, our group saw we were now in a farming area and that there were numerous


playing around in the hayfields. They consisted of


, Pikachu,


, and even a strange version of


that happe

When I woke up the next morning, I smiled at how my chest got improved slightly from digesting everyone and how all of my friendly


were sleeping in the bed on opposite sides of me.




, and


were on m

The victors of the battle happened to be




, and


, which I smiled as they then ate their losing teammates and I giggled at how they all looked.


had to waddle after me,

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Well...of all the stories I've made on this site, it seems that the Lucky Vore story I made about Lucky Star seems to have become my most viewed story... I'm legit surprised by how many people have favorited it as opposed to my other stories XD
Could anyone explain why they liked it, by chance? Because I'm kinda confused on why they like it as opposed to some of my other projects?

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Posted by flamebane 2 months ago Report

Thank you for the fave!


Posted by chubbysong321 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the favs. Remember to go and fav the original on Das096's page too ^_-


Posted by Tempest 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the favorite. :D

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Posted by EnderFridge 5 months ago Report

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No problem! Can’t rush greatness, after all.


Posted by Deadipool 5 months ago Report

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He releases free content so slowly he's nearly completed the next sequence in the series; and he's only released about half of the current set.


Posted by dragonjerky 11 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch and the favs! Much appreciated!

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Posted by GeneticMess 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by Tempest 1 year ago Report

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Indeed, thanks again. :D

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Posted by Tempest 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favorite. :D What did you like the best here? :)

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Posted by derpsquid42 1 year ago Report

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Oh, Vorsu's companion story explains it a lot better, it's a Yiga who's going for the banana. I just got lazy and didn't want to sprite one.


Posted by derpsquid42 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favorite!

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