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In to soft-vore, UB, general size play. Strictly interested in F/M. Up for RP, though again, strictly with female partners (That's really female, not guys playing a female character). My RP style is usually pretty detailed and well written. I'm up for almost anything, including sexual things, that are non-violent or dirty.

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Breast Friends

Alexa stretched bodily, joints clicking satisfyingly, as she roused herself from late morning dozing.

As she sat up she quickly recoiled, shielding her eyes. A

bright shaft of light was leaking through a gap at the top of her bedroom window, creating a small circle of sunlight on her bed sheets. She stared at it a while in a dazed just-woken-up way

First Date

Mandy cursed under her breath as she failed to get her eyeliner applied cleanly for the third time. She closed her eyes and took a deep slow breath, trying to calm her nerves and stop her hand from shaking. It was hard to squash the mixture of fear and excitement building inside.


Dream Come True – Part 3

[Soft-Vore, F/M, SM, Co

nsensual, Relationship, Sexual]

The sudden change of position had taken Edward by surprise, causing the sloshing wine he had been soaking in since entering Rachel’s stomach to wash over him. His original position was now under the liquid’s surface. In the pitch bla

Dream Come True – Part 2
[Soft-Vore, F/M, SM,
Consensual, Relationship, Sexual] - Roughly 2000 words and two hours
of work
Make sure you read Part 1
brought her hand toward her mouth, holding her tongue out firmly,
causing it to slide between her palm and Edward’s legs. The
slightly salty taste of his skin caused her heart to flutter and her
free hand to grip tightly on the soft chair arm. She didn’t want to
rush this, nor did she

Dream Come True – Part 1
[Soft-Vore, F/M, SM,
Consensual, Relationship] - Roughly 4000 words and five hours of
had been living with his "condition" for a few years now,
spending much of his time testing theories as to what went wrong back
on the day of the big experiment. He sat back in his reclining chair
and thought about that day. Perhaps he had missed something; some
small detail? He had done this many times before, but now days, he
found there was little

Sister’s Anger – Part 3
I’m not splitting these in to logical chapters, I’m splitting
them based on how much I get done places. I’ll glue them all in to
one file once I am done editing it all.)
woke as the early morning sun hit her face through the bedroom
window. She yawned and stretched, then paused, thinking about the
strange dream she’d had. Never had a dream felt so real or exciting
before. Deciding to get some breakfast, she sat up on the bed… and
stopped. This w

Rough Preview – Part 3
just stared at Keiko for a moment, disbelief on her face. "You
ate him, your own husband, because you were JEALOUS? He was only in
my vagina because it was the only way off the ship!"
backed away as Kira raised her voice in a combination of disbelief
and anger. She placed her hand over her stomach, feeling her shame
all over again. "I didn't mean to!" she shouted back "I...
I wasn't thinking straight. And then.. and then it w

Rough Preview Part 2
peered out from the crawlspace, hoping the tiny gap of the open hatch
wouldn't be noticed. "Damn, there's a Jem'Hadar manning the
console. Miles, are you sure this is where we need to be?"
from under Dax's cloths, he replied "I'm pretty sure, the scans
we took indicate this to be a scientific station, possibly what
controls the subspace field around the ship. Either way, its drawing
a lot of power and seems to connect to almost every part

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I can't wait! You left such a cliff hanger in the last installment for Perks of an Amazonian Girlfriend!


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I can imagine. But it definitely isn't zero visible interest. At least, not if one is more than zero.


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What can I say, Dax is hot! Though I can't help but wonder how the fight goes... ;)


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You're welcome! Love your work :)


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