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The Angel By Birichino -- Report

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It's...almost still close to Vore Day, right? At least, that's when I started this one. Can I offer you a thirsty gremlin in these trying times?

To be honest, this taught me that I can't put too many objectives on my work at once. Trying to broach a new character type is hard enough, but trying to celebrate 8/8 at the same time compromised the dynamics a bit.

Still, Happy Vore Day!

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Posted by YepMcNope 1 year ago Report

Got to this one quite late. But regardless, I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Yet another really fun character dynamic. A nice spin on the classic duo of the hotheaded expert and the competent manager cleaning up after her, but with a really cute romantic and teasing angle. And you've got peak banter, as always.

I love the idea of Angel using her programming abilities to express the way she feels in the face of Damien's reluctance, exploring her thoughts and desires she can't otherwise explore... (yet?) A surprisingly-personal reason behind what initially seems like a simple flight of fancy and self-satisfaction.

Overall just a really fun and charming introduction to these characters. I see a lot of potential in these two, exploring their relationship and seeing what kinds of creations Angel will come up with.

Now then, I'm off to read the latest chapter of Roommates!


Posted by Birichino 1 year ago Report

Never worry about being late! Early this month, someone commented on one of my old DA stories, and it was the sweetest thing. I hadn't uploaded to DA in 8 years.

I'm glad you like them! I realized I ended up giving them a very "Shut up and kiss already!" dynamic, so I worried they might be frustrating, but it's kind of a complicated tapestry of misunderstanding between them.

Angel is a very warped manifestation of "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!" Despite being an actual predator, she's filled with both limitless ambition and limitless potential...but the potential isn't quite where she'd like it to be. If I had to summarize these characters in one word, it would probably be "awkward", but I'm happy I could make that compelling. Thanks for all the encouragement!


Posted by YepMcNope 1 year ago Report

Oho, is that so? (Now I gotta find your DA, hmm...)

Yeah, you could describe the dynamic that way, lol. But it's not like things aren't progressing at *all*. Maybe they're going at a snail's pace as they expertly misinterpret each other's intentions, but you can feel the two of them getting closer in their own way, learning about each other as they learn about themselves.

Anyhow, no problem! I plan on sticking around and posting my thoughts on whatever you put out for as long as I can. It's always a special occasion when you drop a new story.


Posted by Birichino 1 year ago Report

Well, I can share it privately, but I've been keeping them mutually secret. DA has a lot of fossilized "cringe" I wouldn't want the Eka's crowd to see, and I don't want an overt confession I'm into vore rather than just aware of it on a DA with a username I use elsewhere (and so can get doxxed by). So I'd have to ask you to be subtle and merciful if you comment there.

It's good that that came across. They're not exactly held apart by a stable structure, just a stubborn one. I guess it makes sense though; life is too chaotic to think when you're in school, but now they've been living stably for a while, seeing each other almost every day no less.

And thank you for saying so! I'm not the type to take a lot of pride in my work by default, so that's really nice to hear.


Posted by YepMcNope 1 year ago Report

I see. Yeah, I totally get that. I'll be sure to respect your wishes carefully, should you decide you're willing to share your DA with me.

And I totally get not being inherently proud of what you produce, but I definitely think you've written plenty to be proud of.