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...But lunch at the coast is the most (End B) By Remnant5000 -- Report

Here's the continuation of "Hotel food is good...", but there's something special. As I couldn't decide whether our busty girl pred or prey, I did both, as you can see in the title, End B means that there's an End A.

Both endings have the same plot but from different points of view. One from the woman that appears in the first part as pred and one with her as prey, both stories form the pred's POV, as it doesn't allow me to make a post-digestion scene unless I change perspectives, which is not what I intended.

As you can see, there's a special Bad Ending at the end. Basically, it's a bad ending because we never know how the post-vore scene goes as I didn't want to change perspectives, so I'll leave that to your imagination. Besides, it's technically non-cannon (although this is not a Dragon Ball- like series), but it's there basically because it came through my mind and I wanted to make a prey POV scene.

Enjoy <3

First part here:

Alternate ending here:

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Posted by Dudebro2092 1 month ago Report

Another great read! The non-canon ending was a fun surprise! Does that mean there might be a canon sequel?


Posted by Remnant5000 1 month ago Report

Nah, I don't think so, unless a fitting one comes through my mind, that is. basically the other two endings are the canonical ones.


Posted by bronzelara 1 month ago Report

Very hot story and likely what would happen to me as I would become top heavy and be too appetising for some stronger woman to eat and have her husband fuck me into mush