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"The Ins and Outs of Sarah" Pg. 25 By Starcrossing -- Report

Follow along with the next big moments in Sarah and Danica's relationship as the two explore Sarah's newfound anal abilities.

I'll be posting new pages each week until the chapter is fully public.

Alternatively, if you don't feel like waiting you can get access to way more pages right now on Patreon.

Hope you all enjoy!

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Posted by TavTheBored26 1 month ago Report

Nice sentiments.


Posted by Plume7 1 month ago Report

She should take a selfie.


Posted by ClosetedTiny 1 month ago Report

I am now wondering if this is going to be a "Reverse Full-Tour", where Danica comes out of Sarah's mouth!


Posted by something1337 1 month ago Report

Most likely not.
Somewhere I remember something about Star not wanting to vore a full size person with her mouth because she is afraid of choking. Meaning that she has likely not ever done it. (this includes regurgitation)


Posted by ClosetedTiny 1 month ago Report

Fair point, thank you for the response.


Posted by MarkTheW0lf 1 month ago Report

These two are so cute


Posted by Lofis 1 month ago Report

Lovely cx


Posted by Gorgrath177 1 month ago Report

Wonder where the lady is in Star.


Posted by darkness4991 1 month ago Report

looking good star


Posted by wasteofoxygen 1 month ago Report

aw, cute :)


Posted by OblivionFlame 1 month ago Report

Thinking out loud (or speaking your mind). Not a bad trait in my book, all though might be a little blunt sometimes.


Posted by Hartenas 1 month ago Report

This got a laugh out of me, way too cute!


Posted by Milfhunterbrokuyasu 1 month ago Report

Im not hating on vore for the sake of vore but it feels a little too - quick for my tastes, i prefer a little,i guess foreplay seeing the consequences of vore,trying to dress,exercise eat stuff like that rather than just skipping right to the end result


Posted by Andyshade 1 month ago Report

i love how the comic also have actual character dynamics, its not just a porn comic, theres an actual story, with actual (very lovable) characters


Posted by P1an3tv0re 1 month ago Report

A SUPER underrated aspect of porn, or any media infact!

These need to feel like real people, not just tools to tell a story. It makes it all the better if theyre grounded in reality, and have actual character and personality.


Posted by Morphy 1 month ago Report

Things are gonna get messy for Dani if Sarah has to eat or drink something for her "passenger" since she's been in there all night and might be getting a little peckish. Heh.

Oh! I wonder if Sarah has considered trying some large clothes like a poncho or even maternity style stretchy clothing? Going out in public like this??? How decadent and risky!

If not, at the very least, get some selfies and/or video.


Posted by ElJorro 1 month ago Report

Excellent Design on her belly! They are more closely bonding!