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Fat-Assed Femboy's Fat Food By ItsSongxing -- Report

In the "Feeding Frenzy" room on F-List, Jenn O'Rodagh had been snuggling up with the ever-lovable star-eyed boy himself, Tyler! Unfortunately for her, Ty gets hungry...And he does to her what Ty does to every other girl unfortunate enough to catch his eye~

Just a fun little roleplay that  ThunderKing and I did earlier today on F-List. I decided to let this be a tempvore RP, since...Well, it pushed my buttons in the right way~ I didn't do to much cleaning up with the formatting, so it very much looks like an RP log, but I did clean it up a little bit for the purposes of uploading it here. I hope you all enjoy~

Thumbnail was provided by ThunderKing himself to be Jenn's profile pic while she's wobbling around on his ass. I don't believe he's uploaded this version himself. I don't have a larger version handy, so you're outta luck there~

You can find his profile here. And you can find my profile for Jenn here! Though, it's gonna be stinky femboy butt for a couple weeks...

Word count: 2335

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