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Biep's forced snack. By Lofis -- Report

Mint tying up Biep to fulfil her fantasies~

Seems like things worked out in the end~

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Posted by Tafillia 3 months ago Report



Posted by MarcDioceco 3 months ago Report

Who is going to untie them?


Posted by hunter1243 3 months ago Report

.... Thats a dragon. Do you think anything was truly binding him besides wanting to see where it went?


Posted by Lofis 3 months ago Report

Waspling* He can change forms ^-^


Posted by Lavendercake877 3 months ago Report

aww i love it when male preds are shy


Posted by Velvetybunny 3 months ago Report

Mint got digested and biep got a silly meal o3o


Posted by happysorb 3 months ago Report

Killing yourself without untying your partner? Very rude.


Posted by WolfieBoy 3 months ago Report

Ooh, I didn't expect to see pony stuff from you, Lofi!~


Posted by RexLou 3 months ago Report

I really like how he's unwilling at the start but still seems to enjoy things by the end. This is a really fun sequence, the clothes-eject burp is always lovely to see, too!


Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

worked out well, now shes tummy pudge


Posted by TheForsaken 2 months ago Report

interesting method.


Posted by hypnolatex 2 months ago Report

Had to come back here to add this to my favorites lol
Thought I did it when I first saw it, but oh well, better late than never, amazing work as usual Lofis ^^


Posted by Lofis 2 months ago Report

Thanks ! Mint filled him up good~


Posted by Angel 2 months ago Report

Gotta love it when they go in this willingly. Nice clothes belch too. <3


Posted by veryhappyboi 1 month ago Report

Mmmmmmm, that’s a dragon in need of some belly rubbing and special attention on that shaft of his ;3


Posted by VoreChing 1 month ago Report

ooh that's extremely hot- =v=