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Sayaka Shotgun Wedding Massacre Pg. 4 By theweirdone445 -- Report

A new (actually very old) chapter in the Casanova Sayaka series.

Sayaka finally ties the knot with her fated wife, but her charitable romance refused to stop at one blushing bride.

Drawn by  Varu and made in collaboration with my partner-in-crime  Noisekeeper as usual

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Posted by CrimsonShadow 4 months ago Report

Nice! Wasn’t expecting to see the MagiReco girls here, but at least Sayaka got a decent-sized meal out of it.


Posted by algog8 4 months ago Report

Hope this becomes a weekly thing\1


Posted by Souls6 4 months ago Report

Last page or post digestion?


Posted by theweirdone445 4 months ago Report

Last one, sorry!


Posted by darky404 4 months ago Report

definitely, i adore casanova sayaka, I hope to see more of her in the future


Posted by chaotic123 3 months ago Report

can't believe so many girls want to be eaten by their love.

glad homura remains the last one as keeps well to the story

how to see more to this comic in the future