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God of my sac By Frazone -- Report

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Art by  LittleRover

Arceus sure is stuborn! 25 years and still complaining! And ungrateful too. I've provided you free room and board and this is the thanks I get? Well it not like their cooperation matters or anything. I mean if they where really the god of this world would they have would up in this situation?

This image is quite the power fantasy. I try not to be the most powerful being because I don't like overpowered and unbeatable characters, but that competes with my innate desire to conquer. So here's just a fun indulgence that should be associated less with the other human pokemon stuff then they are already with my fluid concept of cannon. HUMAN'S RULE!

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Posted by Hiddenbun 1 month ago Report

dang 25 years? i wonder how he slept through a god wiggling frantically in his balls


Posted by Frazone 1 month ago Report

It doesn't take long to get use to it. Eventually you can forget they're there till they make a big movement like this.


Posted by Hiddenbun 1 month ago Report

hah must feel nice, however i know i would still try to find a way out lmao


Posted by Frazone 1 month ago Report

Hmmmm it douse feel really good. Arceus isn't the only one I have in their, just the only one noticeable right now. The wiggling of hundreds probably thousands is very nice. You may try to escape, but I'm pretty hard to get out of.


Posted by Mushussu 1 month ago Report

Love it! I don't see why anyone would mind, personally...


Posted by Frazone 4 weeks ago Report

Ya, so rude of them not to be grateful of y hospitality.


Posted by Mushussu 4 weeks ago Report

Need to take up some folks that know the value of where they are. =]


Posted by AGuyWithBigHair 4 weeks ago Report

Always the eternal debate. Do you want cock pets that obey every command?
Or do you want them to continue to be feisty and ornery, just to indulge in the fact they can't do anything about it anyway?
Both good in their own ways.


Posted by Frazone 4 weeks ago Report

Oh ya I can never make up my mind either. Flipping back and forth on weather cock vore is a reward to be given to my loyal servants, or a punishment dished out to my enemies.


Posted by mystarfear 4 weeks ago Report

should be grateful to still have any sort of title after all this time. Oh, these uppity 'gods'...


Posted by Frazone 4 weeks ago Report

And what an honorable tittle it is has well! Soon their will be more honor in governing my interanal world then the outside.


Posted by JacktheDragon 12 days ago Report

This must be rather humiliating for Arceus here, not big on human pred but this is pretty good

Also a nice angle too


Posted by Frazone 11 days ago Report

Indeed Arceous is still too deep in denial to admit to themselves what has actually happened. I'm glad you could enjoy this despite. And yes the angle is wonderful. Trully one of the best peices Rover as done yet.