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Tales of the Sonic Vorepocalypse
Chapter 1 – Fan Meetup
by Jonathan “Fanfic Fetishist” Spires
All characters copyrighted to their original owners. If you like what you see, please support me on Patreon or with a one time Paypal donation. Every little bit helps keep a roof over my head and keeps me writing!
A back room…

Important People in Epsilon
Name: Eric "King of the Monsters" Marcus
Nationality: Freedom League
League Allegiance: None
Military Rank: Major (Retired)
Job Class: Berserker
Employment Status: Private contractor in a Lost Tech Retrieval firm licensed to operate in all known League territories
Residence: Privately owned island chain off the coast of the former Florida territories
Blood Traits: Natural Affinity (Armed Combat)
Primary Harem: Sephira (Chimera -

Magic in Epsilon
The Reawakening was the event that occurred immediately after the death of Typhonna, a powerful force of sheer magical energy ripping through the entire world, effectively 'reawakening' all magic that had been dormant for generations due to the rise of science. Leylines of power grew, elements became saturated with magical energy, the very air itself gained a magical spark to it. While Pokégirls were naturally suited for manipulating magic, gradually humanity began to fi

Sonic Vorepocalypse
By Jonathan “Fanfic Fetishist” Spires
Prologue – Eggman Journal
All characters copyrighted to their original owners. If you like what you see, please support me on Patreon or with a one time paypal donation. Every little bit helps keep a roof over my head and keeps me writing!
"Eggman's Apocalypse Journal, entry 1. Date will be automatically logged at the start of each entry."
"Well, I can safely say its too late to save the wor

Blood Traits
With the introduction of Ultramaiden DNA to human genetics, it was bound to occur that some humans would develop genetic advantages based on what Ultramaidens were in their bloodline. Certain traits seem to be connected to certain heritages. These traits, however, are not without their disadvantages. And some of these traits can be purely disadvantageous, or have more negatives than positives to them. The terms Blood Gifts and Blood Curse can be applied to these traits, but they ar

The Concepts
The Concepts are a group of twenty six sapient magical manifestations of an element of reality itself, accidentally summoned by a mage in the year 399 AS who wished to understand the nature of the universe. Unfortunately for him, the gods he chose to seek favor from were Loki and Eshu, both of them trickster gods. These ancient Concepts were awakened, taking the form of beautiful women of generous proportions due to the nature of the world. The magics the two gave him reached int

Items and Artifacts in Pokégirls Epsilon
Taming Equipment - Military
Overview: Equipment used by Tamers to aid in their field duties
Item: Databook
Type: Tool - Handheld
Details: Standard issue Databook used for all Tamers. Features include: Complete Pokédex that consistently updates as new information is discovered, data recorder, timepiece, web browser, cellular phone, Geiger counter, j

(Note that Pokégirl is used as a reference point, however Humans can come under all of these effects as well. There are general restoratives which can cure or lessen most of these, despite what some entries may say.)
Poisoned: The Pokégirl in question is afflicted with a poison that slowly drains their health. How fast the poison drains them depends on the strength of it. Whether or not the poison kills or knocks out depends on the strength of the poison as well.

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It was a lovely day.

On July 21st, I spent most of the day and night sneezing due to the fact that I was trimming hedges and mowing lawn for a friend (had to, needed the money).


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