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I am UltimaSlash! Nice to meet you~

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Kimeria’s Giantess Feeding Frenzy
By Trinity/UltimaSlash
Sitting at a diner counter, Ultima sipped a milkshake and looked at her phone. “Where is she,” she wondered out loud. “She said she’ll be hear a few minutes ago.” She felt some tremors shake the diner. “Ah, that must be her.”
She peered out the diner and saw a giantess strolling through the city, causing some turmoil throughout the city. She kept low and kept looking into buildings when

N and Her Nth Hunger Level
By Trinity/UltimaSlash
Flipping through papers, Ultima sighed as she tried to find clients for her hunger services. “My god. Why is it so hard to find willing meals? Business has been dry.”
Anna walked into the room, handing her a piece of paper. “Thank you A-” “Mmmmm...” Ultima paused, “... Anna, was that you?”
“No? I didn't moan in pleasure.” Ultima sighed, “Oh, so you know what the noise was. W

Harry Potter: Luna's Loony Lunch
By Trinity/UltimaSlash
(Note: This story takes place several years after Deathly Hallows. Some big spoilers to occur... and vore. You have been warned)
A few years after Voldemort fell to Harry Potter, Hogwarts held a reunion for its previous students. Hermione began organizing to get previous students to the wizarding school. Standing in the big dining hall, Hermione proudly stood as her past classmates filled the giant area.
Harry found her, making her smil

Injustice: Canary Should NOT Be On the Menu
By Trinity/UltimaSlash
Black Canary was on a mission to stop the incoming Brainiac, and her first stop was to find Catwoman. In the streets of Gotham, Canary looked about when she heard sneaking from behind her.
“Something the matter, little birdie?”
“Look Selina, I just need your help.”
Selina snickered, “Is that right? You'll have to convince me you're worth my time, Dinah.”
Dinah sighed, “Really, now of al

Family Matters: Urkel's Hunger Invention Gone Wrong
By Trinity/UltimaSlash
Inside the Winslow household, Laura Winslow and her friend Maxine were baking fresh brownies in the kitchen. “And we got the last batch in the oven! Great job, Maxine.”
They high-fived each other. Maxine huffed, “Yeah. Took forever. You think Waldo will like these?”
“Girl, I think everyone who smells these will love them.”
Maxine snickered, “True.” Laura wiped her hand

Resident Evil VII: Baker's Feast
By Trinity/UltimaSlash
NOTE: Major spoilers for Resident Evil VII. If you have not finished the game and don't want to be spoiled, do not read until you are finished. Repeat, story spoilers abound. Read at your own risk.
Also, there will be three different versions of this here. 3 endings.
Zoe Baker kept to her trailer in isolation after two strangers showed up to the Baker's home. The one named Eveline brought a strange gift. A gift that brought something

Story Collection #2
By Trinity/UltimaSlash
Note: This
is another set of vorish stories for Overwatch. For the original set
of 8 stories consisting of Tracer, Mercy, Symmetra, Widowmaker, Mei,
Zarya, D. Va, and Pharah's stories, go read the original Overvore
Story Collection. Once Overwatch is done with adding characters,
I'll compile all the stories into one neat package.
Accidental Sleep Dart:
at the Temple of Anubis, Ana kept an eye on her allies as they
defended ag

The One With the Voracious Woman
By Trinity/UltimaSlash
As Monica
Geller donned her chef hat, she prepared for another busy day at the
restaurant she been working at for about a month now. It felt
strange that she was the only one working today aside from the
manager. She heard talk yesterday about a scary person in town who
loved to eat. Monica wasn't deterred.
Green and Phoebe Buffay came in in waitress dresses. “Thanks for
helping guys. I don't know why the staff decid

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UltimaSlash's Blog - Stories Update Posted 6 years ago

Greetings everyone. Figured I would give an update on story things and the like. No no, not stopping anytime soon. Still busy and they'll be slow pickings. Now in terms of what I pick. It's often what I so happen to be inspired at the moment. I.E. Game of Thrones, Persona 5 (hint hint at some point), Harry Potter, Overwatch, etc. It's things I want to write about.

Why do I say that? Well, that's in regards to OC characters and others' characters. I just lost the zest to write for my and others' characters. It's generally more fun to write things from games, movies, and stuff. That, and writing for others as a gift for them just lost its luster. I know some love it when they get surprises but others... unfortunately not so much. Now that's not to say I'm retiring...
[ Continued ... ]

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