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Indecisive Mousie (2/?) By Nyabulon -- Report

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Ally is too nervous to respond to the girl's question. 'Maybe this is just a joke...' she thinks, hoping that her owner will start laughing and melt away her worries. Maybe she'd even apologise for scaring Ally, and give her some pats on the head.

But instead Ally sees the piercing eyes of the girl staring at her intently, lapping up her discomfort. After a short silence, the girl says

"Well, if you can't decide... Maybe I'll choose for you."

Then a hand as big as Ally's body comes forward and pinches the scared mouse by the foot. The girl brings her face down to the table's level, and tugs Ally towards her mouth. The maw opens up, and a tongue comes out to affectionately taste Ally's foot. Ally grimaces as her foot squishes against the wet tongue, but she can't help but think it feels at least a little nice.

The girl's mouth clamps shut around Ally's foot, with a playful 'nom!'. Ally looks up into her owner's eyes as her foot is gently sucked on. The mousegirl tries to find her voice, but she's cut off by the girl speaking around her, sending vibrations all up her body.

"You sure taste like a snack, cutie."


Well, I did end up doing a continuation of the last pic. Plus I tried out a mawshot and a bit of perspective (and a teeensy bit of colouring). After having a crack at some greyscale, I got a little ambitious and threw a splash of muted colour in. I'm definitely still too much of a coward to try proper colouring, but I feel like this came out relatively high impact for the effort. (Just don't pay too much attention to how I haven't really worked out how to do hands yet.)

If you have any thoughts, please let me know! I'm really happy with how my drawings have been looking lately, but I am also still a smol, smol thing and I don't actually know how to draw. I would love any feedback! (You can also feed me serotonin by saying you like my drawings. <3 <3 <3)

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Posted by coldfire1200 2 months ago Report

Very well done


Posted by Nyabulon 2 months ago Report

Thanks very much! <3


Posted by heromc 2 months ago Report

oooh! I love how squishy that tongue looks! I hope Ally has a good time!


Posted by Nyabulon 2 months ago Report

Thank you! Squishy is what I was hoping for. <3


Posted by heromc 2 months ago Report

Also such an expressive tail! Love the leg wrap at the end!


Posted by Nyabulon 2 months ago Report

Oh, thank you again! I was having trouble with the tail the last time, so I tried making it a bit smoother. Glad you liked it!


Posted by XiaoRenzhe 11 days ago Report

You definitely have a knack for this! I’m loving everything about this piece! I’m glad you decided to start grading the community with some work of your own! It’s a fun journey.


Posted by Nyabulon 11 days ago Report

Oh heyy, thank you for the encouragement! I'm having a good time so far! ♥