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Pressed Into Service By HeinousSaurus -- Report

A naïve but haughty dragoness wanders into the wrong part of the city and runs afoul of an angry pirate captain. Knocked unconscious in the initial encounter, she awakens to find herself on a ship, pressed into service as a member of the crew. Unfortunately for her, the position she was given involves performing for the captain...

This is an edited log of an RP, written by myself and Anashi. It's both my first time doing a long RP, and my first time editing one to be posted here, so any feedback on either is appreciated.

Note: I post my stories as word documents so people on mobile can read them. Unfortunately, Eka's often screws with the formatting, producing issues like inserted spaces or crushed together paragraphs. I've removed what issues I can; please just try to read past the rest.

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Posted by Brenden1k 1 month ago Report

Wow that was amazingly vivid, I was hoping the dragon lived through throughly traumatized, but this was not bad either.


Posted by HeinousSaurus 1 month ago Report

Thanks; I'm glad it turned out well enough to be readable. I think having somebody else to help generate ideas and bring another style of description in really helped with that vividness.


Posted by Anashi 1 month ago Report

I love what you did with it. <3 I meant to comment sooner. The added details are quite wonderful and reading this really lets me relive all the fun we had. ;)


Posted by HeinousSaurus 1 month ago Report

Great to hear that you liked it, and that the added details improved things!