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Brownie By Birichino -- Report

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In Scottish folklore, Brownies are household spirits that help out with chores and bring good fortune when they're treated properly. Samantha's best friend here isn't literally a Brownie, but her way of life puts her in the faction bearing their name, even if she doesn't know one exists.

While I'm working on a non-vore project, I thought it would be good to keep producing something that actually releases, so when I find the motivation I can delve further into the lore here. My older works aren't off the table, either; it's just about what keeps me motivated.

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Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 1 year ago Report

Dispose of them sounds so visceral lmao. But at the same time pretty metal. Maybe one day Samantha will know who helps with her hangovers.


Posted by Birichino 1 year ago Report

Yeah, although I think you can infer from her personality what her solutions might be, I thought I'd let the reader be allowed to dream.

Samantha is just a little unfortunate. Being a wage-slave is certainly a factor, but there's a lot of stuff she just assumes she did without paying attention. Low-key gaslighting is the price you pay for having a Brownie in your home.


Posted by YepMcNope 1 year ago Report

Ooh, yet another really interesting concept! While the concept of parasites in vore isn't necessarily new, it's definitely one of those ideas that aren't played around with enough. It's one of the many forms of role reversal, which is in and of itself an underrated concept.

This would usually be the part where I comment on the dynamic between the two main characters, but you've done something unique among your stories by making it so one-sided. Regardless, I couldn't help but feel my heart warmed by all the tiny acts of kindness from our lovely little Brownie narrator toward the poor girl Samantha. You could say she's sort of like a personification of "the simple pleasures in life," in that sense.

Still, it feels like it must be a lonely life for the both of them, what with Samantha not knowing there's someone with her, and the Brownie only being able to give and never receive, even if giving does make her happy.

The gang of three heavily implies that they think the Brownie is one of them, which does raise plenty of questions. If she's a parasite, then how is she surviving without entering a host and feeding off them? Does this species not actually *have* to act parasitic in order to survive? That'd be an interesting twist of an old trope, that now it's the *prey* who are cruel simply for the sake of being cruel.

I haven't read the sequel yet, but... there wouldn't happen to be a reason it's in the Amana folder, right? That seems like it was an accident to me.


Posted by Birichino 1 year ago Report

Thank you! I do have an interest in role reversal, particularly in the scenarios where the initial predator is needlessly cruel, but it is quite rare to see.

I made an effort to step out of my usual "F-pred M-foil" template with these before I developed bad habits, so I'm glad the Brownie is still compelling! Her life really isn't perfect, but it's against her kind's nature to reveal themselves. If Samantha is ever truly in need, though, she'll do it without hesitation.

Brownies (and the other "Outsiders", Survivors and Boggarts) are indeed the same species as the parasites, but without being inside a host, they can't survive on psychic energy alone. There is a minimum amount of energy that must be collected from thinking things, and more thought means more energy, so while there are a few clever workarounds, every member of the species must be around living things -very preferably humans- to survive. So yes, those particular parasites (though they call themselves Takers), are more or less cruel for cruelty's sake.

Ah, yeah. Eka's doesn't have the best filing system, so that happened while I was trying to haggle for my paragraph indentation. I just made a folder for these, though, so the good news is that Amana is still parasite-free.


Posted by YepMcNope 1 year ago Report

Oh yes, role reversal where a cruel pred is shown their place is always lots of fun.

I did notice that the "F-pred M-foil" dynamic was a signature of yours. I tended to find it gave your stuff a kind of light novel-y feel (which, don't get me wrong, is not a bad thing at all from my perspective), but I've always been confident you could handle other dynamics well. I've always enjoyed the interactions between Amana and Sarah, for instance. So to see you're branching out is great!

I'm really liking this whole world you're setting up involving this species already! For all that I praise your characters, you've also got pretty darn solid worldbuilding as well for each of these series of yours.

There's a lot of potential for storytelling involving these two, the Brownie and Samantha, and there's also all *sorts* of different directions you could go with writing about this species. Once again, I'm really impressed by how much inspiration goes into these. I'll be sure to read "Takers" soon!


Posted by ClosetedTiny 7 months ago Report

This was another Beautiful one! I always love some "Good is rewarded" type of stories and I am looking forward to reading the next chapter! I hope that it continues to be wholesome!


Posted by Birichino 7 months ago Report

Yeah, it's nice when things work out well. I don't really expect to visit these two again, but I'm sure things will work out for them, and their living situation is actually very common for Brownies.