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Getting rid of the tracks By Tasley9 -- Report

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The employee eating company is canon, they also hire non-stop.

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Posted by SerenaBlaze 1 year ago Report

Canon? So tas lore is real? Nice~ I like your company preds so far~


Posted by Tasley9 1 year ago Report

One day them all will have a meeting and face the consequences of eating new-hired people in a predatory battle royal last man standing of milfs


Posted by SerenaBlaze 1 year ago Report

A TCU battleroyal of pred business milfs sound awesome lol. Tho there might be hell for the toilet technicians following that epic clash deciding who's the top girl to be new CEO~

Also lots of fat girls and even more new staff for sure to fill up space if not assets for lunch their naive newly out of school new hires selves being what they are~ x3 <3

(Did i describe your company universe good enough using my own imagination/story/rp experience? Would be interested and free to talk more about it on discord if you feel like it or need ideas proposals although so far with both the 8/8 girl and now her i think it is off to a great start. The comic is also pretty neat and more milf making me think you definetly had the milf mood of late~ :p)


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

Gotta help her or you'll be next


Posted by lukesk11135 1 year ago Report

Poor new guy. Is he already digested at that point?


Posted by Tasley9 1 year ago Report

Looks like he is in a soup consistency


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 1 year ago Report

Better idea, how about you use them to wipe first… two birds one stone


Posted by Tasley9 1 year ago Report

lmao, good one

Later she uses his employee card to clean under her nails and teeth


Posted by Gorgrath177 1 year ago Report

They might as well have a decent recycling policy!


Posted by von-de-rush 1 year ago Report

Already digested him? Or still alive?


Posted by Tasley9 1 year ago Report

Still alive in our hearts


Posted by Tasley9 1 year ago Report

I leave those things to the viewer, although in my head he is mush. If it's not stated you can decide on your own :---) that's the power of imagination.


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 1 year ago Report

Where do I apply


Posted by Umhuebr 1 year ago Report

I believe in corporate milf pred supremacy


Posted by SherlokKirya 1 year ago Report

Two believers in the chat


Posted by Furanz 1 year ago Report

I flipping love how you've done this one, her body looks AMAZING. The nonchalant expression is perfect too.


Posted by Eutims 1 year ago Report



Posted by Unit 1 year ago Report

12/10 work.Can we see a more of her?