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It was another normal afternoon, expect for the rain outside the house was mostly silent, kichler was working on many different things at once, business records, people complaining, the jist of him having 3 different status in 3 different jobs. He was just glad most of the work was only from 2 places. He was soon finished and right as he was finished decided to look into the whole vore thing. More specifically unbirth, it brought more attention to him then the other types. As he was looking he heard his doorknob turn, before he could close all the tabs makayla walked into the room. She looked like she hadn’t gotten sleep since last week, in reality she was just recovering from an over pleasured state. “Hey kit engi called me to see if you was over working again-” she turned to see open tabs of people being unbirthed and aftermaths of said unbirths. “What the fu-” she said. Before kichler piped up “I I CAN EXPLAIN THIS-” he yelled. The look of confusion and ideas was just flooded on makaylas face, as kichler tried to explain she piped up “you..want to try it?” she said. Kichler just looked at her. Not sure if it was a joke or not. “Uh somewhat? I mean uh really depends.” he said. Still at a lost with words. “Would you be willing to try it with someone you know?” she said. Kichler just looked at her, trying to put the pieces together. “Are you suggesting you unbirth me??”he asked, makayla shrugged. “In a way its either a pleasure withdrawn or just me being bored. I said it once i dont care who goes up there, as long as i dont become a prey the next moment.” kichler was at a complete lost of words. Makayla just looked at him “relax, consider it like, i dont know revenge?? I mean you did one time digest me during the whole over pleasured state so it would only be fair. Plus unlike you it would only take an hour max.”kichler sighed he did remember that time. So put it like that he would be paying for it. “I mean when you put it like that i guess it wouldnt hurt, plus its payback.” makayla smirk at that statement “alrighty. Where do you want it to take place and head or feet first.” kichler was caught off guard. “Wha-” “if your going to ask about clothes i can easily digest can you answer the last question at least?” “oh yeah uh, i guess the bathroom and feet first?” “why the bathroom??” “lets face it do you really wanna do laundry again?” “point taken.” she walked out the room and kichler started to have second thoughts, as he also head out makayla turned to him, “wait which bathroom? We have 5, 7 if you dont count the basement and my room.” kichler paused and thought about it. “Eh yours. Gives less of a reason to clean up.” “alrighty.”
Once they got up there makayla sat on the ground and spread her legs, revealing she wasnt wearing underwear, kichler decided to atleast take off his skirt and gun holder, as he sat on the ground oppisite of makayla second thoughts rushed through his head. They must have prorating on his face because makayla decided to break the silence, you do know you can back out now right? Once even a foot goes in im pretty sure i’ll just contuine pushing you in till your all the way.” kichler inhaled “no, i just, never done this before so. You sure it doesnt hurt you?” makayla just sighed. “If it did then why would i offer it specifically. So do you want to or??” kichler sighed and moved forward his feet barely an inch away from makaylas vagina, makayla just sighed an anooyed sighed and grabbed his feet and shoved them in, causing a shiver to come from kichler. Makayla just did a sharp inhale as she pulled kichler closer. Causing more of him to enter her. Pretty soon she was already at kichlers hips. At this point kichlers body was basically being sucked in, as kichler felt his feet enter an open space he started to see a bump form on makaylas stomach, sorta like if was she was pregant. As his body keep going in he suddenly felt scared again. As if makayla could sense this as soon as she got to his stomach she grabbed his arms and shoved them in, leaving kichler with no way to grab onto something if he was to try and escape. As she got to his chest she suddenly grabbed his shoulders “see you in a few hours kichler.” she said. Before shoving kichler all the way in suddenly, he barely had anytime to catch his breath as he saw the semi pinkish red walls of makaylas vigina he was shock at the fact his body seemed to be willing to be sucked in then anything else, suddenly his head entered a large openish space, he could hear almost everything happening from the outside, he moved around a bit to try and atleast get more comfortable when he heard makayla gasp. Or inhale? It was hard to tell them apart in there, once her stopped moving he heard makayla sigh, by the position of him now he could hear her breathing and heartbeat. It was oddly smoothing to him,mixed with the sweet smell he almost wished he could be in there forever, thats when he heard makayla talk. “So, how is it?” she said.she sounded like she was catching her breath, Kichler was surprised at how clearly he could hear her, given the whole hearing her breath and her heartbeat. “Uh, cool i guess?” he was still semi surprised at the whole thing, “thats good atleast.” she said. Kichler was surprised again at the fact she heard him. Suddenly everything moved up and side to side for a bit, it wasnt long but it still made him dizzy “uh, what. Did you do?” he asked. “I only got up? Why you ask?” again, the talking shocked him. “Never mind. YOU CAN HEAR ME?!” he shouted. “With that voice i would have to be deafer then needle on a bad day to not hear you. And before you asked yes i compared needle to deaf.” kichler just rolled his eyes. “Ook, but since im, assuming this is correct, your womb, wouldnt it be hard to hear someone? I mean im talking between atleast two layers of muscle! Not to mention the skin!” he had alot of questions. He just heard makayla sigh. “Oh boy. You know you really should ask needle about the biology on this. Or have you never heard engi talk to you before? Or visversa? Even when matthew accidentally ate me i could still hear what he was saying.and im pretty sure he falls asleep when i do this with him-wait no im rambling again.” she said kichler let out a small laugh. Who knew she could get so talkative. Makayla just sighed and walked to her bed,kichler again felt the same movements as she went and laid down which again made him dizzy. “Im never getting used to that.” he muttered. “Hey uh how long is it going to take before i become uh you know?” makayla just giggled. “You got to stop being so polite, imagine if this was your final day. Politeness would not save you at this point, but if you want to know normal about a few minutes, dint know why it hasnt started yet. But i dont really care, it actaully feels good.” she said. Kichler was also confused now. Suddenly everything started to feel hot. Kichler was starting to regret not taking off his clothes earlier, after a few minutes the heat was to much for him. “Screw it.” he thought as he started to take off his shirt, he heard makaylas breathing fasten so once he got his shirt off he tried to make less movement as he tried to take off his boxers. Unfortunately he forgot as soon as his boxers reached his knees as he extended his legs to take them off. Which lead to him hearing a gasp from makayla. “Are you ok?” he asked. As she was slowly trying to catch her breath again. “Yeah yeah. Just, if your going to move and then stay still warn me? I really dont like sudden movements, also you kinda made me drop my phone on my face if that answers your question twice.” she said.kichler could hear her breathing slowing down. Kichler just stayed there, wishing that this would speed up,after a few minutes he could hear he was assuming makayla fell asleep, after a few minutes he decided to just say screw it and started to struggle, well attempt to atleast. As makayla woke up from the movements she could feel that they was more gentle then normal struggles. “Ugh.. kichler what are you doing?” she asked, which caught the attention of kichler. “Uh struggling? Why am i hurting you?” makayla did a small facepalm. “No. in fact your not even making me feel feels like your tickling me.” she could hear kichler sigh. “Sorry then, uh go back to sleep.” makayla just sighed. “Kichler you realise you cant always be so, idk, caring?? Your like a free therapist that way! And with the way you described your life before you came here i dont think you would like that.” “but i-” “if you dont want to hurt me think of you being in a stress box where you can kick and punch the walls.” makayla said before trying to go back to sleep. Suddenly she felt a hard kick and a punch. She just clenched her teeth to stop her from gasping in case that would end up making him think he was hurting her after a few minutes the struggling stopped. Makayla was expecting kichler to say something but after a minute she decided to check if he was still there. As she placed one hand on her stomach and pressed down she felt that there was not a single solid thing she could feel. She sat up to make sure she was correct which caused her to leak abit. She sighed and got up, she decided that to save work she would just let him out in the bathroom, once she got in the bathroom she took off her dress and head to the bathtub, as she sat down in the bathtub she felt something odd , as if something was clogged in her. She sighed and figure that she just needed to turn herself on. As she reached in her vigina she felt something odd. “Cloth?” she thought. As she tried to pull it out she felt like she was pushing out a skull. As she finally got the cloth item out she ended up reaching her climax causing her to realse all her cum. Gasping at the sudden wave of plesure. As she regained her mind she looked at the cloth in her hand and realised it was kichlers shirt. She then remembered kichlers skrit and shirt werent really meant for digesting. She sighed both in relief and in worry. “Kichler if your somehow still mentally alive. Please respawn soon.” as she got up she realised she was covered from the hip down in her cum. “Ah, well it gives me an excuse to take a shower, maybe it will also clean off the rest of the cum.” she said as she turned on the shower.
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guess she only fast digests someone when they struggle
hes fine, maybe, did makayla take her pill today?
yes you read the title right
(this was 3 pages long)

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