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It was a pretty chilled day. But to Mr.hope,the poisoner for the nightmare foundation, it was as hot as a texas summer. He couldn't understand why the whole day he was just lacking his normal work energy, he assumed it came from the new flower Sam had brought him earlier to try and make a new poison with. But upon making it he smelled something sweet. As he was finishing the batch he decided to test it out since the smell didn't seem to hurt him. That was his biggest mistake. For the rest of the day he couldn't even pluck a petal off a flower. To make matters worse his penis was throbbing and hard. As leaded on a countertop trying to get colder he heard the door of his house open up. He grounded a bit before tidying himself up to see who needed him. Upon looking up he saw a girl enter the house. Her outfit was a mix of dark purple black and dark blue. Her dress was dark purple and had no sleeves and was just barely showing her chest which,for some reason, just made his penis throb more. She was also wearing a dark blue cape hood combo with a black stick like crown with a few blue and pink flowers. Along with some lavender flowers. At the end of her cape and around her wrist were black skulls. All having demon-like horns on them. Many curving outwards. He sighed."just the newbie." He thought. He didn't know much about her. All he knew was that her role was to be able for the others to talk to the dead spirits of generations before the current one. He also only knew her name was makayla. As she walked up to the counter she nodded and handed the poisoner a piece of paper. It was in cursive handwriting which was signed off with an eye that had a 1 in its iris.
"Elizabeth out of…" He looked at the paper. " Sapphire poison again?" All Makayla did was nod again which led him to roll his eyes. "You can talk here ya know. Nobody is watching you. Trust me i have no t.vs in this room for that reason" he said as he started searching for the poison. Makayla looked around the place. It was almost like a house. Except in front of her was a chemistry lab type setup with different bottles and what not. That's when she noticed the flowers that caused the poisoners' suffering. "Where did you get these?" She said looking closely at the flowers. They were multi-colored but were mainly red and pink. As well as any other color representing love. Their shape was like a bell.The poisoner turned around to see what she was talking about. "Oh those. Sam brought them in. Apparently since the whole vore thing became a trend they are popping up everywhere. Beatrice and kyle even stated that they was making the guest and kids have crazy fevers. Eyes I shouldn't have tried making them into poison let alone try it.." Makayla looked at him. "These are called lusty bells. Even the smell can make you drowsy. Some use it to turn them on. Others reported that overdoing them makes them cock vore or unbirth their lover. Why wouldn't you look or research about them before hand." She asked. The poisoner realized why he was experiencing the whole thing. "Uh, does it fade away over time?" He asked "yes but it can take a long time. Which is why most who come in major contact often have one night stands. It's like an animal was in heat." She said. He just muttered to.himself. "Great, so I am stuck in this state forever," he said. That's when Makayla noticed a bulge on the poisoner's pants and also realized his fly was down. "Hey uh. Mr.hope? Your uh. Fly is um down." He looked down and saw what she meant. As he quickly zipped it up he realized he could use the fact they were alone to his advantage. "Hey. Uh you do spirit talking right? Well I think there's a spirit in my room. I tried to. Confirm it myself but it seems to be active only at night. Can you come check?" Makayla looked confused but nodded. "Lead the way." She said which put a smirk on his face. As he led her to his room Makayla wondered why he just now mentioned it. As she entered his room she got out a small little bag. "Ok. Where have the spirits been last?" She asked. The poisoner pointed to a shelf above his bed. Makayla sighed. "Of all places." She muttered and got on top of the bed and stood up trying to balance off it. When suddenly she felt something grab her leg and caused her to fall forward. Barely missing the bed frame. "Ugh..dude what the f-" she said before hearing the unzipping of pants. Before she could react she felt something penetrate her asshole, which caused her to grab ahold of the sheets. As the poison continued to thrust into her breath started to increase with every thrust she felt. "D-deeper!" She moaned. After a few minutes and harder thrusting later, Makayla was out of energy. Just as she went limp she felt the poisoner reaching his climax and came inside her. As the poisoner removed his penis from makaylas ass he realized he was still in the he was before. He then remembered that Makayla mentioned something about using his cock to eat someone. He wasn't sure how possible it was so he decided to go ahead and try it out. He went to where makaylas feet were and placed them together. As he held them with one hand he grabbed his penis with the other. As he placed the tip of his cock on makaylas toes he wondered how it would be possible. As he pushed makaylas toes in he realized that his cock was a lot more sensitive than he thought. He shrugged off the shivering he felt and continued to pull makayla in. Eventually leading to him passing her feet and onto her legs. As he let go of his cock he felt.makayla squirm a bit. Which he inhaled as he got to her waist. By the time Makayla was fully awake again she realized what was happening and tried to grab the bedpost to pull herself out with. Unfortunately just as she lifted her arms the poisoner grabbed them and placed them on her back. As Makayla felt his cock slide over her hands she tried struggling to escape. Unfortunately that only made her demise fast as soon enough she could feel the tip of his cock reach her neck. And then just as fast go over her head. Locking her. As she continued to try struggling she entered an open space. She assumed it was the poisoner's ball sack which made her realize her fate. As she struggled she could feel herself dissolve, and unlike a calming type it was a burning feeling. After a few minutes she saw she was almost half way in cum. As she panicked thinking up of a plan she felt a hand on her head. Then within a few seconds was pushed under the cum.
The poisoner felt her final struggles and tried his best not to cum too early. As he grabbed a condom he wondered how makayla felt. Knowing she was fucked twice. As he was done getting the condom on he felt as if he should do her a favor. Within a few seconds.he placed both of his hands on his enlarged ball sack and pushed down. After a few screams and bones cracking he lifted up his hands. He then started to rub his penis. Getting closer and closer to his climax. When he was at his climax he released makayla, or what was left of her, in the condom. As he was trying to catch his breath he saw that her clothes weren't fully digested. And that there were bones in the cum. As he took off the condom he felt something coming up his penis. As he came again he saw it was a cracked skull. He smirked at it and placed it on his shelf. "Thanks for helping makayla." He laughed as he took the now full condom to the back of the house. Throwing it where it wouldn't be seen by anyone. As he went back inside he realized that the house was colder than Antarctica. As he turned off every one.c that was on he heard the door open again. "Hey uh Mr.hope? Are you home?" He heard. He quickly zipped up his pants and headed to the front of the house. Smirking at the fact nobody will know what happened to makayla
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