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Note:i already wrote about how needles first time experience was with vore as a pred. Why not the rest? So this jans pred experience. Why? Well why not.
Also i have no clue if this is considered Incest or not sooo.
It was a more then adverge day. News about vore was all over the media. Jan was spetically about it. He looked it up for more information and was abit suprised to see many many types. Unlike most being attracted to the common oral vore he was more impressed with a vore called cock vore. He really didn't know why. Maybe from a logically stand point having to carry around a dick that big would be painful. Yet the thought always seems to make him abit hard.
He closed his laptop and groaned. Most of the logic wasn't possible. Yet it also seemed possible. Well obviously its going to if a site somehow convinced him to buy a camera set for this alone.
Actually it was more of a gift. The whole vore ordeals have already reached other places of the earth. Including the nightmare foundation. He really didnt feel safe there now. If anything he was a tad bit worried that one of the only married happy couples was into it so much they brought a camera specifically for that. Although he didn't understand how it was used as it. Besides the nightvison and recording picture taking combo it looked like a normal camera. It was also aimed to be used on a speific site. It was a mix of every single media site that was popular. Jan already made an account but wasn't fully convinced yet. He got up and looked at the time. "Already 5? Jeez how long was i researching for." He muttered. He went over to the top left corner of his room and pulled a stoll away from a fold out bed. He then unfolded the bed and laid down in it. He normally didnt sleep on it but after a weird dream he had he didn't want to take chances in the vents for awhile. After an hour of him sleeping though he woke up because of the sudden heat raise in his room. Though he also smelled something sweet. Like a candle type sweet. The key give away that something was wrong since there was not a single candle in his room. As soon as he got up as well he started to become completely light headed. He placed a hand on the wall to keep himself balance. It wasn't until he heard the door open did he realise who was in his room. It was also as sudden as within seconds he saw needle infront of him having a very tight grip on him. He had to do a double take since his eyes were blurry but he was sure that it was needle based on the flinching he did as jans grip harden. "What did you do." He said. His voice was pretty stern. "Look i have no clue how i even ended up here! You think i would have done something?" Needle snapped. Jan wasn't buying it. "Your telling me that within an hour someone dragged you in here a placed some kind of effect on me thats makeing me feel like a fox in heat and you woke up in the hour and not see who or leave earlier?" Jan said. Needle had a semi fearful look in his eyes. "Uh-" "and may i remind you that once YOUR asleep during the day your god forsaken snake is baiscly acting like a guard dog and if it bites anyone then once you wake up you have a dead body on the floor. Meaning someone dragging you here is nearly impossible without the right measurements." Needle shuffled his feet abit. Turning his head to not look at jan. Jan obviously started to feel bad but didn't bother to give pity. Though he realised that he may have held on to tight as he heard a pop sound and fear flashing on needles face as he went limp. Jan immediately let go of needles shoulders and realised he dislocated one of his arms. "Fuck" jan muttered as he stepped away from needle. He wasn't dead which jan was thankful for, but knew that as soon as he was able to get up he was definitely going to feel his wrath. With the added fact he was still feeling.. Whatever was happening, he knew needle would have a good window to attack. Suddenly an idea popped into his head. "Maybe now i can find the logic with this." He thought as he took off his pants. Needle was holding his arm with his good arm as he tried to make sense of what happened. His thoughts suddenly changed as he felt jan shove his head somewhere warm. It took him awhile to think jan was eating him. Or so he thought.
Jan shivered as he got needles head fully inside his dick. But once he did he immediately became hard. He inhaled abit as he pushed needle in more. Moaning abit as his dick expended to fit needles body. Pretty soon however needle started to struggle which oddly enough helped push him down farther. "How d-did you not realise it soon?" Jan muttered placeing one of his hands on the outline of needle. He then moved it to his balls which were growing as soon as needles head entered. He leaned back a bit as more of needles body entered. Pretty soon only needles feet was hanging out. But shortly after they too went in. Jan sighed as needle was finally all the way in. Although soon needle started to struggle again. Jan just grabbed onto his shirt as he tried to prevent himself from cumming. "Y-you really.ah. think th-thats going .haah. to free you?" He said. Moaning in between words. Odd to him he was finding it enjoyable. "H-honsetly you brought. AH!.. This o-on your self." Jan said. After a few minutes needle completely stopped struggleing. Jan placed a hand on his balls and felt that needle was completely,or should i say cumpletely? Get it? No? Ah fuck it., soft and liquid. Jan sighed as he leaned back even more. He then started to feel cum leaking out of him. "R-really an impatient guy huh?" Jan muttered as he started to jack off. It was a good couple of minutes before he started to Ejaculate. As soon as he did however a wave of pleasure washed right over him. He barely realised the amount of cum over his legs and on the floor. He slowly got up somewhat Shakeing as he tried to make sense on what just happened. "I- holy fuck did i just i just- is he- ow my dick." Jan sat down on the bed processing what happened. His dick was still throbbing and was a good few inches bigger. He shook his head and puts his pants back on. He then looked at the floor. "I should gets this cleaned up...and probably start buying condoms." Jan said before getting up. He made sure he didn't have any noticed able changes and then walked out of his room. Not before grabbing his knife though. Needle was definitely not going to be happy later.
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Tiny context: needle wanted to test out a kind of "heat" potion he made. Only problem is that no one expect jan was home. Yeah he is still not happy about it.

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Nice, always appreciate a first time experiment.