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It was a normal day as micheal was jotting down some random notes, or a list, eirther way his attention was diverted as soon as he heard the door knob turn, "oh this better not be any more files." He muttered as the door opened slightly.a nervous Chris poked his head around the door. "Heey uh Micheal? If your not busy uh-" micheal slammed the pencil down. "First off, just walk in. Second off, i know that face, who, or what, did something this time?" Micheal said as Chris opened the door more and walked in. "Well uh depending on how you take the fact someone got into YOUR alcohol-" "for fucks sakes chris this is hell! What happened that involves that?" "One of the gluttony devils decided to dye it brown and essentially spiked needle with it." Micheal looked at chris with a concerned,yet surprised, and confused, look. "Oh please tell me this is a joke." He muttered. Chris silently shook his head. "Oh, por el amor de Dios, pesadilla!" Micheal yelled getting up. "If anyone comes in tell them what happened, i swear im going to die again because of yall." He said semi pushing chris out of the way as he walked out the door. "Uh he's in the kitchen-" "I KNOW!"
After a few minutes micheal enter the kitchen, well technically it went by many names like the breakroom,or bar, but it was designed to look,and act, like a kitchen. And wouldn't you call it? Needle was on the floor, with a spilled coffee mug a foot away from him. "Jesus fuck that knocked him out?" Micheal muttered, as soon as he said that he heard a groan, and saw needle try to get up. "Well Atleast waking him up isn't the problem anymore." Micheal muttered as he walked over to needle, who in all honesty still looked drunk as he leaned on a chair. "See this is why you don't leave things by themselves. They get spiked and then-..are you bleeding or crying?" Micheal said grabbing a napkin and touching the side of needles face. Almost without hesitation needle quickly stiffened up and bit michea'ls hand, making micheal drop the already blood soaked napkin and quickly pulling his hand away. "Ah! SATANS FUCK NEEDLE!" Micheal said grabbing a few napkins and placed them around his hands, although they caught on fire, and looked at needle who was covering his mouth. "If you burnt your mouth then good! I completely forgot how sharp your teeth are when you actually bite down." Micheal said. Needle uncovered his mouth and looked at micheal, with a look that could only be described as a hungry look. Micheal wasnt paying any attention though as he removed the blood soaked,yet almost all ashs, napkins away from his hand. "Atleast it wasn't that deep." He muttered as he turned to needle. "Now why the actual fuck did you do that!? Im 98% sure my blood can burn someones skin off! Why would you-uh. Whats with that look.." Micheal said backing up as needle just looked at him. Before he could say another word needle slammed micheal into the wall, he was in a state of shock as he saw needle pin his arms to his side. He knew exactly what was going to happen as he tried to kick needles legs, unfortunately it was a failed attempt as he suddenly saw everything go black, and oddly enough cold and wet. He tired to kick needle again but needle just respond with biting down on micheals neck, not enough to kill him but just enough to draw blood. "Ow! O-ok e-enough joking around! Let me go!" Micheal yelled, although it was wasn't effective as needle started to swallow him. Micheal could feel saliva dripping down his body as he Also felt it angling downwards. " that stuipd aren't i." Micheal muttered as he started kicking again, this time actually kicking needle. Needle flinched as he bit down again. Hearing an audible crack and micheal screaming. He didn't care as he swallowed again, oddly enjoying the taste of micheals blood, Dispite it burning, he grabbed micheals legs and bit down, hearing again, another crack sound. He only made sure to lift his teeth up barely as he pushed the rest of micheal inside. Hearing more screams as micheals skin was scraped and bloodied by needles teeth as needle swallowed the last of him. Gasping as the last of micheal entered needles stomach. "Jesus..if i knew blood actually made someone tastier then i would have done that a long while ago!" Needle said wiping off any blood on his mouth. "And alot more filling then the normal cannibal tactic, and alot less messy." He added standing up. There wasn't anything,or anyone, to tell What happen. Just the barely visble outline of micheal on needles enlarged stomach. Which based of the sound it was making it was already working him down. "Not struggling huh?" Needle said placing a hand on his stomach. He looked at the clock. "Good. Makes this part alot easier." He muttered placing his other hand onto his stomach. Without a warning his pushed down and heard once again more cracking of bones and painful screaming, after a few seconds both noises turned to gurgles as needles stomach started to shrink. Needle sighed as he pulled his hoodie over his stomach. "Well guess you should have just left when you had a chance. Pf. Who am i kidding you never leave when theres obvious danger." Needle said walking out the door.
Oh and incase anyones wondering about later
Chris was still standing in micheals office. "...wait why don't i just tape a sign to the door! I have stuff to do as well!" He yelled turning to micheals desk, suddenly seeing an orange light apper, and just as quickly seeing a shocked micheal apper. "...uh what happened?" Chris asked. Micheal rubbed the back of his neck liked it hurt. " know what. Fuck it. Im going home." Micheal said getting up from the chair he spawned in "if needle comes in tell him specifically im fucking his son and theres nothing he can do." He added before exiting the room and slamming the door.
"..what the fuck did he do now!?" Chris yelled
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I WAS meant to post this abit earlier. Turns out i didn't!
Anyways new info for yall! Needle WILL eat you, dead,alive,whole, or in piece's! How just don't cut your skin on his teeth if you want to live and you'll be fine
(Also did i choose the right file?)

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