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Pucker Up By Darkarri -- Report

Here's the second piece I got from  ecchipandaa during my Art Slave session on May 9!

Rida's always looking for new ways to have fun with her violet-haired bean friend, and while Sayuri may have been a little reluctant to agree to spending some time in Rida's underwear, the chonky pred had a surprise in store for her... This is probably right up there for the most embarrassing kiss either Sayuri OR Dari have ever had, but given their tight confines, this accidental smooch might not be all that these two flustered cuties get up to.

This piece was one of those instances where the idea and title all came to me at once. If only planning every art idea could be so easy... I LOVE this scenario and it was great seeing it brought to life after it popped into my head. Dari and Sayuri were just the perfect pair for this adorable, sexy mishap.

Sayuri belongs to  Stiff!

Art credit goes to  ecchipandaa!

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Posted by MainOtaku21 1 month ago Report

This is a fantastic pic! It’s always great to see Rida and Dari as well as a nice surprise to see Saturn ^^ I do have a question. While I’ve been loving all the Rida and Sayuri pics as well as other Rida pics lately, I was wondering, will we see another sweet moment pic of Rida and just Dari?
I know they are in an open relationship but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Rida treat Dari as more than a treat or toy, even though they are also lovers. I miss some of the older sweeter pics of the two, like when Rida shrunk herself just to show her love for Dari at her height.
I miss seeing that between just the two of them so we can be reminded that Dari isn’t just a toy or treat for Rida, but also one of her lovers that she truly loves like Connie.
Sorry if this sounds like a rant, I don’t mean for it too, I just really would love to see a new pic of a sweet moment between just Rida and Dari. ????
I do really love this new pic! ^^


Posted by MainOtaku21 1 month ago Report

I meant Sayuri ^^’


Posted by MainOtaku21 1 month ago Report

Where it says Saturn on the first comment. I don’t know how to edit the comment ^^’


Posted by Darkarri 1 month ago Report

Hey, I'm glad you like Rida and Dari's relationship so much! Seeing more sweet art of them in the future isn't out of the question - its moreso that I've recently been wanting to see Rida interacting with other people's characters, like Sayuri or Robit or Aran, for variety's sake. Dari and Rida might have an open relationship but there's still plenty of affection there and I bet we'll see that again in the future~


Posted by MainOtaku21 1 month ago Report

Yeah I kinda figured that might be why there’s been so many pictures of Rida with different girls lately ^^ I just had been feeling this way since in a lot of the pics and stories recently Rida had been treating Connie or Sayuri kindly and sweetly but Dari had pretty much just been a snack or toy for her in them.
I just missed seeing pics of Rida also treating Dari kindly and sweetly.
It’s mainly just a me problem sorry ^^’ I know these are pics that you enjoy so I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m ranting.
I’m happy though that you are thinking of making a sweet Dari/Rida pic in the future and the confirmation that Rida does still love Dari.


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

Hope they’re ready for some naked cuddle time in the intestinal sauna lol


Posted by architectap12 1 month ago Report

i cant tell which of the tinys id rather be