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Gym Pull Up, Gut Down By TheHungrySpeedrunner -- Report

Sequel to John 1 (, making this John 2. John 1 is not a prerequisite tho lol!
My universe:
In any case, as I was writing this story, I found myself kind of writing the same story as last time with the same formula. You know, John is in some situation, he gets really hungry, eats someone nearby, digests them instantly, comments about how fast they digested, and disposes of them. However, I realized that although some formula is good (I don’t have enough creativity anyways to avoid using one lol), it would be monotonous to do the same kind of story again and again. It would bore me, and most importantly it may be boring to all you! So I resolved to switch things up just a bit each time so each story could follow a general pattern but still be distinguishable on their own. Also, it will allow me to write stories so that I eventually may have a story for many different tastes. This time I removed the disposal portion (those who don’t enjoy that will like this one more) and while there is still graphic digestion (don’t worry if u don’t like that, you can always stop reading after the digestion and there will be a story for u later without it completely), it is delivered in a different way by the crowd rather than a narrator or John. The crowd does analysis on John’s digestion so let me know if u found that boring but in any case, I hope you have as much fun reading the story as I did writing it and I look forward to writing more stories soon!

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Posted by grz01 11 days ago Report

Incredibly hot story, real instant digest - very nice


Posted by TheHungrySpeedrunner 10 days ago Report

Thanks lol I’m glad u enjoyed!