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Bulging Barrel By doomfister -- Report


Bug not even acknowledging the weak whine emanating from her engorged midriff, as she continued to casually nibble at the quill of the blanche feather nestled betwixt her teeth. The esurient equine deeming the meek movements of her meal more than manageable, as the quaint quivers and occasional twitching was far from what she would consider the fight of feisty food. Instead, the packed-away pegamare’s panicked protests amounted to little more than a fidgetting jiggle, allowing the grey glutton to properly savour the scared struggles clammoring against her cramped core with a growing sense of dire desperation, even if there was nothing her spirited snack could do to avert her inevitable conversion into calories.

The dour devourer mulling the frail movements with a smug smile, as even now she could feel the attempts to thrash beginning to wane and tire. Bug slowly suckling at the downy piece of flavourful plumage nestled between her lips, as she felt the feebly flails of the lively lump bloating her barrel start to lose their steam. The resolve of the entombed equine already beginning to cave under the constant churning of the claustrophobic cavity surrounding her, as the incessantly kneading gastric chamber reflexively clamped down to claim its pathetically pleading prize. The meaning of the muffled mewls and stifled screams lost on the overloaded organ, as the strained stomach sleeve cared little for the whimpered opinions of Bug’s most recent partaking of plump pony protein.

Not like the complaints of the consumed meant much, as just like the rest of her brittle-boned breed, the safely stowed Pegasus sat lightly in slate snarfer’s stuffed stomach. The oozing trickle that had been the pegamare’s terminal trip down the predatory pony’s tight throat thoroughly uneventful, as Bug’s stretchy gut was easily able to distend with a few glorping groans to accommodate the massive meal she had greedily gulped down bleating banquet. The soon-to-be-processed pegapony ineffectually wriggling against her caustic confinement, but try as she might her writhing trembles did little more than tentatively tickle the taut lining of the tummy she was securely tucked away in.

Bug letting out a satisfied sigh, as she stroked the shuddering simulacrum marinating in her midsection, with a few probing squeezes that spurred further bouts of activity out of the curled-up clump of curvaceous chevaline. The mardy mare enjoying the deposition of her dinner, as the eaten equine seemed to lack the necessary strength or stamina to even have a hope of pushing back the slick stomach wall currently rubbing away at her supple skin. The thought that the indignant ingested could even cause a hint of indigestion not even crossing the moody mare’s mind, as apart from a few moist yet delectable belches by the simmering slut’s sporadic squirming, she could tell her most recent passenger would passively pass through her plumbing without issue.

The well-fed equine shuffling slightly as she stood up, in order to properly adjust for the sway of the sizable swell neatly nestled within her swollen stomach. The gorged equine's new centre of gravity showing no signs of proving problematic, allowing Bug to confidently grope the lewd curves of her doughy lunch’s lush backside. The fondling caress enticing an agitated worming from Bug’s protruding abdomen, generating an audible sloshing, as the stewing mare splashed about in the sour secretions seeping into the caustic abyss adhering to her with a formfitting snugness. Bug giving the mare-shaped mass a reassuring pat, before with a skip in her step she waddled off to do some chores, as with her hunger satisfied the mare had other stuff to do, while her distraught dinner digested down into a more compliant chyme….


After years of experience eating equine, Bug can comfortably carry a mare-sized meal swaying between her legs without any issue bare a slight waddle to her gait. In this case, the predatory pony has partaken in a filling pegamare, who doesn't seem very pleased about being relegated to a squirming swelling in the grey gluttons now gargantuan gut...

A well-fed Bug collab between me and Crazy Water ( ). This one featuring Aywa Lightfeather spending a stint stewing in Bug's stomach.

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Posted by plaguetyranno 2 months ago Report

Seems like she needs to move up a class


Posted by doomfister 2 months ago Report

Bug smirks as her belly sways ;)


Posted by DarkFox27 2 months ago Report

Hey, great work as always, I just have a small request, could you be careful when tagging something as "willing" when there's not willing things going on? It kind of sets off a little trigger of mine and this is one of my favorite tags to browse through. Thank you, and keep up the great work!


Posted by doomfister 2 months ago Report

You should be using the willing prey tag if that is the case. Willing just denotes that one party is willing and then sub-divides into the willing pred and willing prey tags. If you blacklist the willing pred tag these will stop coming up in your search history :)


Posted by JackJackal 2 months ago Report

I can just imagine the wobble and sway


Posted by doomfister 2 months ago Report

It would be simply hypnotic, and that is before the gurgling starts ;)