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Butt Stuff [Part 4] By Nyxondyx -- Report

Part four (and the final part) of a short vore sequence for  imkindahungry of their character Okra (a femboy huldrekall) having finally made his destination deep within demon Nyx's stomach, content with his actions.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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Posted by DetonaTuto 2 months ago Report

Will there be part 5 of this? I would love a post-digestion pick~


Posted by Nyxondyx 2 months ago Report

Sorry, the client only wanted a 4-part sequence. If you want more, either you need to ask them to pay me for it, or it'll have to come out of your pocket. :3c


Posted by Spookums 2 months ago Report

Always a blessed day when you post new stuff. Loved this sequence!


Posted by Nyxondyx 2 months ago Report

Thank you! Sorry it's been a while since I last posted some vore stuff!!


Posted by imkindahungry 2 months ago Report

Now I might be very biased, but I genuinely feel you did so a great job on this sequence.

At the risk of repeating myself I absolutely love the expressions and how they contrast with each other. Together with the body language (and of course dialogue) it really emphasizes the dynamic between the two characters and makes the pictures visibly livelier.

Also it's very very hot and I love it uwu


Posted by PlaTT 2 months ago Report

This is a masterpiece! I loved it!


Posted by Nyxondyx 2 months ago Report

That sure is some bias!! Thank you for your bidniss homie uwu


Posted by saitofang 1 month ago Report

I know you aren’t into vore, but you are crazy unmatched in some of the ways you portray it!


Posted by Nyxondyx 1 month ago Report

Thank you! I really appreciate it!
I genuinely want to improve in my artistic efforts so I try to learn from others that are more experienced. There's quite a handful of excellent artists that make vore content, so it's only natural for me to absorb (hah) their knowledge!!