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[My Art] Kat-Cast (3/5) By textingEdits -- Report

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The more Kat spoke the more I can feel my own faith in humanity slipping.

"So... it's important that I don't like? That you have to force me?"

The words feel gross leaving my mouth.

"Pretty much. Like imagine if I did what you said and invited one of these online dudes to my house. Shrank them like you are now and shoved them up my ass. Do you think they'd put on a show even half as good as you? Would they fight back and kick? Would they get mad at me?" Kat's gaze lifts beyond me and looks at downtown Forgery out of her window, leaving me to my thoughts.

"Well no. I guess they'd probably do the opposite."

Electrical danger pinpricks run over my skin as Kat abruptly extends her hand toward me. Had I said something wrong? Oh god was she going to put me back in there!?

*pat pat*

With an uncommonly gentle touch from the otherwise rough girl, Kat pats my head. Like you might pet a dog.

"Exactly! They'd be boring and make me do all the work of trying to be entertaining. But you, you're feisty. See, watch this."

Kat leans forward and begins typing on her computer. I follow the mouse cursor as it navigates between folders before landing on a video titled with yesterday's date. Awful memories begin flooding in as she plays last night's stream. Zooming forward along the time bar, I watch all the cruel things she did to me in fast forward. She suddenly stops at a part where her ass is incredibly close to the camera. Buried deeply into that smelly hole I've come to know well, are my dangling feet. Twisting and writhing.

"See, watch what you do here." Kat points at where I was already looking. Or more where I didn't want to look but couldn't help myself.

The girl stuck inside of Kat's ass. Me. Hooks the bottom of her feet on the bottom of Kat's asshole and begins sliding out. I... remember this. Trying to find purchase on the outside of her skin and bending my knees to turn around. The hot musky air beginning to overtake me, panic had long since overtaken me. I just wanted to get back to the cooler air of her room.

"That little thing you do with your feet. It was pretty cool. I never really got a good look at what you were doing back there till I watched the VOD. Even when you were all the way up to your ankles, you kept trying to get out. That's the shit they love. You know that saying about underdogs, right?"

Leaving the unsightly and embarrassing image on the screen, Kat returns her gaze to me.

"It seems more like they just want to watch someone fail even though they're trying their best..." I feel the continuing erosion of my faith in the world echo out of me.

Kat laughs, "Rooting for the underdog, right? After doing this for a while I think that's not it at all. I think there's even more people that wanna watch the underdog be ground into the dirt. Or in this case, shoved up my ass. Forget class solidarity for a little while and watch someone dominate someone else just because they're bigger and stronger, that's what this is about, Christine."

"I mean... I guess. But that still doesn't answer why it has to be this way? There are so many more normal ways to bully and terrorize me. Why use your magic to make me small like this? Your friends do just fine doing this crap against regular sized people. Is it like a fetish for you or something?"

As I stare at Kat for answers, I see something I didn't expect. A scarlet hue creeps from her cheeks and climbs upward to her ears.

She clears her throat, regaining a bit of composure. "No, I'm not into it. It's just a... power thing. You're taller than me normally, so I just... like feeling big."


All characters belong to me. Always welcome engagement, fanart, and fanfic!

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Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

dang how much do i have to pay to take her place lol


Posted by textingEdits 2 months ago Report

Probably not as much as you'd think. But you better put on a good show.


Posted by Altimos 2 months ago Report

Wait... what happens if you DON'T put on a good show?


Posted by textingEdits 2 months ago Report

She definitely wouldn't give you what you want, that's for sure.

casual lurker

Posted by casual lurker 2 months ago Report

you intend to finish this?


Posted by textingEdits 2 months ago Report

Yeah of course. It's all done and has been behind my paywall for a bit. Part 4 goes up on the 19th and the final part goes up the 21st.