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The sun shined brightly on the sandy beach in San Diego. Arriving on her first day as a lifeguard was Aurora. A tall anthro Vaporeon with a big thick blue tail, a massive bust and thick ass being barely contained by a tight dark blue one piece swimsuit. Her name was printed right on her chest and Aurora was pretty excited. "Time to make this money!!" Said Aurora pumping her fist into the air. Aurora being fresh out of highschool only being eighteen years old had managed to convince her parents to pay for her place but she had to at least have a job to show her commitment. Aurora happily agreed and now was living in a one floor small house in a nice neighborhood. With summer starting Aurora was able to find the perfect job as a lifeguard. Being a water based pokemon, Aurora was instantly hired. Aurora visited the main shack where her boss Jen was at. Jen was a girl in her mid thirties with large breasts, tan skin and a curvy butt. Her shiny black hair flowed down her back and Jen smiled seeing Aurora. "Perfect your here! I'll have you in a pretty popular area since you are a water type. It shouldn't be too hard for you. Just save people and please…I beg of you don't eat anyone. Other anthro hires have uh…taken the opportunity to devour the beach goers." Begged Jen
  Aurora wasn't too surprised hearing that, it was pretty common to see an anthro with a massive gut full of humans. Aurora has even seen her mom eat some robbers before but Aurora had never eaten anyone before. "No worries there! I've never eaten anyone so I don't really have that kind of craving haha!" Said Aurora, giving her boss a big smile. Jen felt a little at ease not wanting to lose more beach goers. "Alright, that's good to hear. This is the tower I have you at, just head over and look out for people!" Said Jen. Aurora smiled, snatching her water bottle and large floaty to save people. The beach was pretty full with lots of men, women and children both human and anthro enjoying themselves. Aurora reached her tower which was somewhere in the middle of the beach. Aurora walked up the ramp and plopped the floaty on the side and plopped her rear on the chair. "Haaaaaa….this will be easy!" Said Aurora kicking her legs up and resting her head back. Aurora's first day was pretty eventless, she stopped some kids from fighting and told some pervy guys to stop harassing a group of girls but that was about it. Aurora was actually getting bored until she scoured the sea. "Hm?" Said Aurora.
  Aurora looked way past the limit and spotted a Latina boy about fifteen years old. The boy was pretty far out there and was putting himself at risk. Aurora grabbed a megaphone and started to have him come back. "Hey kid! Come back! It's dangerous!" Yelled Aurora. But Aurora saw he wasn't coming any closer. "BEN COME ON MAN STOP MESSING AROUND!" Laughed a Kid. Aurora felt something might actually be wrong and grabbed her binoculars and zoomed in. To Aurora's horror the boy now knew as Ben was struggling against the waves. They were crashing into him barely giving him time to breathe. "Shit!! Someone drowning on my first day!?!? What are the odds!" Yelled Aurora swiftly jumping over the rail and sprinting with her powerful legs. Aurora was in the sea within seconds and was zooming faster than a jet ski to where the boy was. Aurora could see he was pretty skinny with only some green and blue swim trunks on. Aurora reached his location and Ben was absolutely struggling to survive. Aurora popped her head out of the water and tried to calm him down. "It's okay it's okay I'm here! Take this float…." Said Aurora stopping mid sentence.
  While rushing to save the poor teen Aurora completely forgot to grab the floaty. Aurora grabbed the boy and held him afloat for now as she thought of ways to get him back. If she carried him back it would take awhile just regularly swimming and he might end up freaking harming them both. Aurora could try using her tail but that would entail both being underwater and right now that would be the worst thing to do. Aurora was stuck in a position and thought back to this morning. A very unorthodox way of bringing the boy back was on the table. "I could…eat him and just puke him out back at the tower. I mean there's no way I'd digest him beforehand." Thought Aurora. Aurora couldn't think of any other options and even though she was inexperienced at eating others she still knew how to do it. "Okay I'm sorry but I'll have to eat you for now. Just uh, get comfortable in my belly I'll have you out in no time." Said Aurora. Aurora really hopes her boss doesn't find this out and Aurora proceeds to lift Ben out of the water. Aurora spread her jaws open letting Ben get a perfect view of her moist pink insides. The slimy saliva dripped off her sharp fangs and a bit of it pooled on her tongue before she let it hang out of her mouth and slid off the tip.
  Ben on the other hand wasn't so fond of being swallowed up. He had been eaten once by his glaceon classmate. Ben was sure his life was over as the anthro had every intention of digesting him but his school in particular had a strict no vore rule and a teacher saved him before digestion could really take hold. It's been a month since then and Ben hasn't seen that Glaceon anymore so he was sure she ended up as butt fat for that teacher. "Wait…no…not again!" Muttered Ben but it didn't matter as his voice was so low. Just like last time Ben found his head being swiftly thrusted between those slimy jaws and his cheek was placed on the tongue. But unlike the glaceon who had eaten him for sheer pleasure purposes, this time the predator was trying to save him. So Aurora wasn't savoring him and needed to swallow him fast and puke him out just as fast.
 Luckily for Aurora her first prey was pretty small and skinny. The boy had to be maybe 5'1 and compared to her 6'2 he was just a small little stomach filler. "Don't worry!! I promise I won't digest you just endure my stomach for ten minutes!!" Thought Aurora as she swallowed his frame down.
  Aurora was a little surprised as he tasted unexpectedly good. The hint of saltiness from the sea water really blasted the flavor of the boy on her taste buds. Aurora blushed a little and started to lick as she swallowed. It was pretty much of pure instinct to slobber and taste every last bit of her meal.
 Aurora downed the boy's skinny chest feeling as her gullet effortlessly spread open for his skinny body. "So this is what it's like to eat someone? It's kind of…stimulating." Thought Aurora. Aurora didn't want to think of her almost drowning victim as just food but the thought was at the back of her mind. Ben whimpered, feeling the soft gooey tongue slobber and lick his stomach. Ben was starting to think maybe this anthro was just using the situation for a meal but he really hoped it wasn't true.
 Aurora Moaned slowly, tipping her head back as she swallowed Ben up to his belly button. Aurora grabbed his kicking legs and pushed him down to his hips. Aurora Moaned softly and slobbered on his hips a bit. "Haaah~♡. He tastes so good….mmmmm~♡. But I have to save him…I can explore digesting people later!" Thought Aurora.
  Aurora gulped hard, starting to feel as the boys crotch and ass slid into her mouth. Aurora couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed feeling his cock press into her tongue. Under the water Aurora's belly was starting to expand and stretch her swimsuit out which wasn't made to fit a human sized gut.
 "Almost there…I almost have him all!" Thought Aurora. Aurora pushed on the boys wiggling feet and rubbed her bloating stomach as she swallowed the skinny legs and felt a pair of salty feet slather on her tongue. Aurora closed her mouth and took a moment to herself and savored the salty flavor of the boy. Aurora felt her belly moving a bit and figured she needed to gulp him down and bring him to land.
 Ben felt his feet being swallowed and groaned as the rest of his body joined within the lifeguards stomach. It was hot, moist and slimy. The feeling of her pulsating walls rubbing into him was just as bad as the last time he was eaten. Low grumbles of the stomach discovering new food inside worried him and Ben was really hoping she wasn't going to digest him. The faint sound of her heartbeat above his head calmed him but the risk of digestion was too high.
 Aurora felt as her stomach burst from her swimsuit and her fat belly and large tits were both exposed. Aurora sighed as she would rather people don't just stare at her tits but to save this boy it was fine. Aurora dived into the water and used her thick tail to propel them back to shore.
 Aurora could hear her stomach gurgle loudly as it recognized the teen as meat. "Oh no no belly. Leave him be, he's not food!" Thought Aurora. Aurora sadly had to move much slower as she didn't want to harm the boy in her stomach. It took her five minutes but eventually Aurora reached land. Aurora popped out of the water and walked back up to the beach. Her large belly sagged down to her thighs and immediately Aurora could feel the stares. The bare belly and tits didn't really put a positive look on her but she didn't care. "Alright let's get you out." Said Aurora. Aurora gave her slightly squirming stomach a soft pat feeling the boy inside kick and punch her belly walls. Aurora made her way back to the tower feeling her belly sway back and forth. The stares of pervy boys were all over her and the disgusted looks of other moms hiding their children's eyes wasn't helping much either. Aurora walked into the tower and closed both the door and window.
  Despite enjoying the boy's squirms Aurora was eager to spit him out. "Okay uh…how do I do this?" Said Aurora. Aurora frowned as she failed to truly think this far. Aurora went with the most obvious and tried forcing herself to throw up by putting her fingers down her throat. But nothing happened and she didn't even gag. Aurora gulped a bit, feeling nervous for the boy inside.
 A new set of thrashing occurred and Aurora knew it had to be because of digestion. She was officially digesting the boy and was starting to run out of time. "OH! I'll push him out!" Thought Aurora. Aurora plopped her hands under her stomach and pushed hard. Ben felt his head press into the entrance he came from and it actually opened up. Slowly Ben made his way up Aurora's gullet. But the feeling wasn't mutual as Aurora couldn't breathe. Swallowing him Aurora had no trouble but now that she was forcing him up Aurora couldn't breathe. Aurora needed to follow through as her ears teared up and her vision blurred. "Come on…almost there!!" Thought Aurora.
  Aurora felt her throat bloat out with the face of the boy but she stopped. Aurora couldn't move or breathe. Aurora slipped her hands out fearing for her own life and a wet squelch sounded as the boy slipped back down her gullet and arrived in the stomach once again. Aurora fell back onto a chair and huffed in air as fast as possible. "Shit…I can't get him out. I think…oh man I'm sorry. I have to digest you." Said Aurora. Aurora felt horrible that despite her good intentions in the end she couldn't save him. Ben thrashed and fought back desperately trying to escape the gurgling fate. Aurora found his struggles to feel pretty good but with this situation Aurora got no joy out of it.
 Aurora just frowned and stroked her stomach doing her best to soothe the boy as she melted him into a batch of fudge and fat. "I'm sorry, if it makes you feel any better you feel pretty good." Said Aurora. Aurora had no idea what to really tell him other than to calm his mind. But Ben didn't like the sounds of the Vaporeon enjoying his body and wished he could just go back and enjoy himself. Aurora had at least an hour left of her shift so she really hoped to just digest him before her boss comes and relieves her.
  Aurora watched as the boy inside pushed her stomach walls out. His terrified face bulged from her blue flesh before loudly screaming.
 Aurora just couldn't help but feel terrible about digesting him. The loud churning gurgles of her stomach were starting to over power his screams and the boy was getting weaker. The stomach of an anthro was much stronger and made to digest large slabs of meat so the skinny Ben was no match.
 The defined curled up body was starting to look less and less human. The boy was falling apart with his flesh melting off his bones. Aurora felt something rumble within her stomach and was forced to feel as something slid up her gullet.
 Ben's swim trunks flew out of her mouth and splattered on the door to her tower. They slid down and plopped on the ground with a little pool of acid surrounding them. "I guess…you uh won't be needing those anymore haha." Said Aurora cracking a lame joke which only caused Ben to whimper. Aurora looked away from her belly and gave it a few pats trying to get past the awkwardness.
  Within the confines of Aurora's stomach Ben was pretty much gone. The bubbling acid had risen to his chest leaving just his shoulders and head out of it. Ben whimpered and pushed the elastic walls but they just pushed back. "I can't…feel my body." Muttered Ben. Ben could tell this was it, his life was being snuffed out and his body being added to this lifeguards already thick curves. Ben looked at the murky acid and was glad he couldn't see what was happening under as he could imagine it wasn't anything good.
 Ben felt his conciseness fading and his mind melting away. Ben groaned as his vision grew darker and darker. Ben attempted his final struggle before closing his eyes and slipping into the acid. Ben's head sank into the acid and his arms splashed down. The rest of his body completely disappeared with no signs of life left.
 The strong gut crunched and broke the boy's body snapping his bones and mangling him into a much easier size. Aurora felt no more movement and hearing the bones snap was the biggest tell of how she had managed to digest him.
  Aurora felt bad about digesting him but she wasn't really sad about it. Aurora looked and saw only about half an hour left of her shift. "Phew I'm glad the boss didn't see this, would've been bad." Laughed Aurora. Aurora stood up sloshing her now soup filled belly and started to gather her things. Aurora felt the door swing open and swiftly turned around to find her boss at the door frame. Jen came in and stopped immediately seeing a beach ball sized gut hanging off of Aurora's middle. 
 "Did…you eat someone?" Asked Jen, staring right at the belly. Aurora blushed and tried to play it off. "Um…uh…no?" Said Aurora slightly laughing. But her belly wasn't very happy with that answer and it forced something up her throat.
 Aurora burped and of course the underwear of the boy flew out and splattered on Jen's chest. She peeled the clothing off and looked at the torn underwear before dropping it and turning red. "Okay yes I did but it wasn't my intention to digest him! He was drowning and I forgot my floaty so I ate him and was going to let him out but….I couldn't." Explained Aurora
  Jen put her hand up and just stared at the beach ball sized gut. Clearly whoever was inside was long expired and just soup now. "DAMN IT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING!?!? I FUCKING TOLD YOU DONT EAT ANYONE!! YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKER NOW I HAVE TO CONTACT WHOEVR IS IN THERE'S FAMILY AND TELL THEM MY STAFF ATE THEM!! GAH I SHOULD NEVER HAVE HIRED ANOTHER ANTHRO FUCK!!" Screamed Jen. Aurora took it all and most of it was true but the last part didn't sit right with her. Aurora sadly didn't get to really enjoy Ben too much because of the circumstances, but with how Jen was acting Aurora could enjoy her. "You know I was the only one who could have reached him in time? He was going to drown." Said Aurora. Jen just looked at Aurora with a disgusted look. "Yeah well he drowned in your stomach acid anyway! Fucking hell." Yelled Jen rubbing a notepad into her head. Aurora found that to be uncalled for and ended up being the final straw. Aurora walked past her boss and closed the door behind the both of them.
 Aurora locked it and stared back at Jen with a much different look than from when she first arrived.
  Jen locked eyes with Aurora and the death glare she was giving.
 A loud guitar groan emitted from Aurora's soup filled gut. Jen felt a shiver run through her body with that pairing. "Hey…uh can you move? I want to leave." Said Jen. Jen felt as if she didn't leave now she wouldn't be leaving this room alive or at least not using her own two legs. Aurora stayed silent before using her thick blue tail and sweeping Jen's legs. Jen yelped and fell on her butt dropping her notepad and pen. Jen could hear the planks of wood creak closer to her before she looked up. Two massive round blue butt cheeks were right up in front of her face. Those giant ass cheeks were inches away from her face and suddenly two hands grabbed a cheek each. The masses of fat were spread apart showing a dark blue puckering asshole. "Oh…fuck…no! Please, I'm sorry!!" Begged Jen. But Aurora had already made her mind and promptly plopped her asshole directly on Jen's face. Aurora Moaned and easily skid Jen's entire head on pushing with minimal effort. Aurora Moaned loudly as her slimy bowels embraced Jen's head with glee locking her inside.
  Jen tried to scream for her help but within the smelly slimy bowels of Aurora her voice was completely muffled. Jen used her weak human strength and attempted to push the fat ass off her head. But Aurora was several times stronger than Jen and didn't move an inch. "Try as you may but you're mine now…you'll see what my stomach did to that poor boy and unlike him, I'll enjoy feeling you melt." Said Aurora in a cruel uncaring tone. 
 Aurora blushed heavily pushing her ass down and sucking in Jen's frame. The pair of hands that had sunk into her ass were being forcefully pulled away from her butt. Aurora bit her lower lip feeling as her pussy was getting wet and she was getting really horny. The soft gut sloshed quietly as Aurora pulled her hands from her ass and just rubbed her working stomach. Aurora could feel as she reached Jen's large chest. The sacks of meat were painfully being pressed and compacted down making Jen squirm and scream. In the end despite all her struggling both tits popped inside and she was forced to feel the tight bowels press her chest down and make her gasp in the gross air of the bowels. "GGAAHHH NOOO! I'LL DOUBLE YOUR PAY!! JUST LET ME OUT!!!!" Begged Jen
  Aurora ignored any muffled pleas and she slowly slid her ass down and gently rubbed her gushing pussy. "Oh beg all you want…hhnngghh…I didn't think I'd love it so much!" Moaned Aurora. Aurora started to understand why so many humans are eaten anally, the pleasure is insane. Aurora made her way down to Jen's wide hips and breathed heavily feeling her own ass press into the ground. Aurora was forced to stand up and afterwards she propped Jen's feet on the ground and started again.
 Aurora's face twisted in pleasure as she slowly sat further down. The big round butt of her boss was easily devoured by the more elastic ass of Aurora's. Vaporeon's in general have slimy and more rubbery assholes making it easier for prey to be sucked up. Aurora stood up straight as she finished half of Jen's thighs leaving just some kicking legs hanging. "Almost there…go…deeper!" Moaned Aurora. Aurora bit her lip and used her pure ass muscles and sucked in the rest of her boss.
 Those plump thighs stood no chance and were swiftly sucked in. The last of Jen' legs barely lasted thirty seconds as they desperately kicked in one last attempt to escape. The pair of blue sandals fell off Jen's feet and they were squished together and sucked in.
  The dark blue asshole closed up for good and Aurora was a horny mess feeling her guts pushing an entire person through her body. "W-wow…that was…magical." Moaned Aurora. Aurora looked at her once again large gut which was now twice as big with Jen being much bigger than the former teen. It shifted and the crying of Jen was being moved around until Aurora felt her stomach fill up with her boss. Jen found herself in a half filled stomach, bubbly acid and bones were all around her. "NO NO NO PLEASE I DON'T WANT TO DIE LIKE THIS!!" Cried Jen. Jen looked to see a bare lifeless skull in between her legs and she screamed loudly as her fate was going to be the same.
 Aurora gave her large belly a big hearty slap as unlike with Ben she didn't care what happened to her boss. "Well since you pretty much were there to relieve me of my work for the day I think I'll be heading home…I mean I have a LOT of meat to digest~♡." Giggled Aurora. Aurora's teasing caused Jen to thrash in the soup filled gut screaming at the top of her lungs.
 Aurora let out a massive belch and laughed, jiggling her stomach around before clocking out and leaving the lifeguard tower.
  Aurora squeezed her belly through the frame and made her way down the tower. Aurora had stripped away her entire outfit leaving her naked and her bare pussy out for all to see. 
 Jen thrashed and kicked within the groaning chamber of Aurora's stomach. As Aurora rubbed her gut and walked on the beach several gasps and children's eyes being hidden from Aurora were obvious. Aurora couldn't help but softly giggle as she walked the boardwalk and made her way back to her house. "Fufu it's a little funny that despite seeing you struggling no one has tried to help you~♡." Teased Aurora. Aurora bit her lower lip as her thighs were being drenched in her own fluids. Aurora looked and could see her house which was only about a mile from the beach. With ease Aurora reached her place and turned to see her neighbors in their yard. One of them being a recent graduate from her school, the boy had his eyes trained on her ass while his family were horrified at her gut. "Oh Cameron, don't be shy if you want a little taste~♡." Giggled Aurora, giving him a little wink. Aurora opened the door and once again squeezed her large belly through the door frame and was finally home.
  Aurora closed the door behind her and was brushing heavily no longer to keep her head cool. Her horniess levels had spiked majorly leaving her a mess. "Fuck…I need to masturbate!!" Moaned Aurora. Aurora jostled her gut around as she didn't have any dildos so she needed to check her fridge. Aurora opened it up and scoured inside looking for something long and thick. The best she could find was a carrot but that would be useless for her. Aurora bit her nails and smacked her tail into her couch a few times before she stopped. Aurora looked back at her thick blue tail and blushed. "T-that could work." Moaned Aurora. Aurora looked at her stomach seeing Jen's face bulge from the top. Aurora pushed it down and was ready to get to business. Aurora swung her tail between her legs and held onto it. Aurora gulped a bit nervously as she even wondered if it would fit. The fin itself was pretty big which might end up just hurting instead of giving pleasure. But Aurora decided to try anyway despite it being the size of her hips. Aurora brings it down and presses the tip against her pussy.
 Aurora Moaned and winced a bit in pain but her pussy stretched open. The tip popped in and Aurora kept thrusting it deeper and deeper. "HHAAHHH…FUCKKKKK~♡♡♡." Moaned Aurora 
  Aurora felt as her pussy accepted more and more of her tail. The thickness reached the girth of her fat thighs and the inside of her womb was being filled with her own tail. After a solid two minutes of inserting her tail inside of her Aurora stopped. "It's perfect…fuck it's perfect!!" Moaned Aurora. Fluids were running down her tail and Aurora took her hands off no longer needing to hold it. She plopped her hands on her own gut and rubbed it while using her tail.
 Aurora was in pure ecstasy feeling the girthy tail destroying her cunt. 
 But while she pleasured herself the stimulation was making digestion go faster. Jen cried out in pain as she was melted alive adding to the goop surrounding her. Aurora just ignored her boss moaning loudly, enjoying every little second. The fluids of her pussy were flying everywhere covering her tail, thighs and couch she was sitting on. Aurora moved one hand up cupping a breast and she squeezed her nipple adding to her pleasure.
  Jen was being ruthlessly digested as her outfit was torn from her tan body. "GGAAHHH NOOOO IT BURNS STOPPPPP!!!" Screamed Jen. Jen was chest deep in melted boy and bubbling acid. The liquid was turning her body into a soft mess of goo. The moaning from her employee was heartbreaking as she enjoyed her demise. Jen struggled as much as she could but she noticed her body was falling apart. Jen cried out seeing the flesh melting off her fingers and arms. Her thighs and meaty butt were turned to slush and at this rate Jen wouldn't last to Aurora's orgasm. "OH GOD PLEASE AURORA DON'T DIGEST ME!!! I DON'T WANT TO END UP AS JUST BUTT FAT!!" Begged Jen.
 Jen punched the stomach wall with her remaining weak strength and her arm snapped. Jen let out a pained wail and started to go limp. Escape was clearly just a dream as Jen was done for. The acid was rising and the skull of Ben was pressing into her cheek. Jen whimpered and softly Begged for her life but the constant moaning and wet sounds of Aurora's pussy made it painfully clear.
  Aurora didn't even notice as her boss had expired inside her stomach. She went out without screaming any further and whatever human-like bulge was left rounded out leaving a fat blue gut resting in her lap.
 Jen was utterly destroyed by the strong stomach of Aurora. Her bones and muck mixed with Ben's making them impossible to tell apart. But of course Aurora was so into her sexy time she didn't even notice. Aurora arched her back and shoved a hand into her soup filled gut screaming in pleasure.
 "FUUCCKK IM CUMMING!!!!!" Screamed Aurora. Aurora pounded her pussy harder and harder until eventually she came. A gallon of cum squirted and pooled around her. Aurora slid her tail out of her pussy and fell forward plopping on her goop filled stomach. Aurora was exhausted after such an intense orgasm leaving her sweaty and out of breath. Aurora flipped on her back and looked to see her stomach had lost all shape and Jen wasn't screaming anymore. "Fufu all gone huh…you'll make an excellent set of fat." Moaned Aurora slapping her gut hearing it slosh and a bone crack. Having discored the secual power of her tail Aurora was bound to try it again but for now her mind was on her first two prey.
 Aurora softly Moaned as her soft gut rumbled loudly. Jen was finished up and ready to travel with Ben throughout the guts of Aurora. "Didn't take much time at all…you were pretty weak Jen." Teased Aurora. Aurora gave her sloshy belly a pat making it jostle softly. As Aurora giggled as she could feel as her guts opened up and the goo of Jen and Ben were being pushed into her. Aurora gripped her stomach with two hands squeezing it hard and moaning. The fat and nutrients were being absorbed into her body with lots of fat being packed on her assets. Those blue tits grew at least four cups before stopping. But in the end about seventy percent of the far wound up on Aurora's ass and thighs. It only took a bit until Aurora was left with a little flabby belly and massive bone breaking thighs. "Hhaaaahh~♡. So much was added…humans really add a lot of fat. I knew they would be at least a little fattening but this almost seems ridiculous." Moaned Aurora. Aurora grabbed her breast and squeezed it before sliding down groping her thighs. Aurora could feel as the slimy shitty remains found themselves in her bowels. "Fuck…I have to shit." Groaned Aurora
  Aurora held her much smaller belly and walked out to her large fenced backyard. Aurora grabbed a shovel and swiftly dug up a four foot deep hole. She wiped some sweat off her forehead and felt her bowels rumble violently.
 Aurora farted and cringed at the stench before being unable to hold back any further. “Alright time to come out…been holding this in too long.” Complained Aurora. Aurora turned around and lifted her cum covered tail up and placed her asshole over the hole. Aurora clenched her fists and bit down on her lip squeezing hard. The dark blue pucker spread apart and slowly the unrecognizable wet remains of Ben and Jen started to make their way out of her bowels. Aurora groaned feeling the much larger turds coming out of her and was a little shocked at how big they were. It had to be her biggest dump yet..
 The bone speckled turd was snapped by her elastic asshole and let wet PLOP sounded down at the bottom of the hole. The steam and stench raised from the hole Aurora waved her hand in front of her nose.
  “Yuck! This is just disgusting! I know you are just shit and all but damn you smell!” Complained Aurora. But she wasn’t given much time to recover as her asshole opened up and the mostly melted pelvis of Ben pushed out of her rear. Since Ben’s bones were inside of Aurora so long most had melted into nothing leaving just a couple left that were badly melted. The pelvis was in half absolutely destroyed by Aurora’s stomach. It plopped down and Aurora proceeded to splatter a flurry of slimy turds on top of it. Aurora rested her head on her palm and sighed. Since her asshole was so elastic she barely even felt the dump coming out of her.
 “Every time mom does this I hear her moaning up a storm…but this is boring….unless?” Said Aurora looking at her crotch thinking if she really wanted she could make it more fun. But on the other hand it almost seemed weird to be getting off to her own dump. As Aurora pondered if she should masturbate she didn’t even notice as half a rib cage shot out of her rear and shattered in the hole.
  Aurora decided since no one was watching then why not. Aurora touched her pussy and let out a little squeak. Aurora slowly rubbed her clit moaning as her asshole spread open with a fat steamy turd coming out. "Haaah…mmmm~♡." Moaned Aurora. The slime of her cunt dripped in the grass as wet sounding shit fell into the hole. A bare lifeless skull popped out of her rear with ease and plopped down into the hole. A pair of turds splattered on top burying it forever. With Ben fully dumped out it was time for Jen. The turds were a little lighter and a bit creamier. The much softer shit was accompanied with several bones. 
 Aurora bit down on her lower lip and arched her back as she felt something large. It was the first real feeling she was getting and it was of course Jen's rib cage. Her twisted spine and torn shirt were wrapped around the broken ribs. "OOHHH YEAAHHH…FUCK!!" Moaned Aurora. The massive bone was slowly making its way out, eventually reaching the pile and coiling on top. Aurora could barely contain herself as the end of Jen's rib cage came out and the turd fell down with a wet SPLOPPP. Aurora felt a massive amount of shit had been taken out and not much was remaining.
  "Yes…so close!" Moaned Aurora. Aurora let out a soft moan as a soft serve bit of shit smoothly came out of her ass. Tiny specks of bone and hair strands of Jen were sticking out of the creamy turd. Aurora felt something large pushing its way through her bowels and the feeling was making her go faster. Jen was a bigger meal so she was actually enjoying the dump. 
 Aurora felt another orgasm coming and was on the verge of squirting. Aurora's anus parted open showing the shit smeared skull of Jen her teeth were all missing and her skull had a hole in it. Shit spilled through her eye sockets, the hole and out of her mouth. It popped out and Aurora dumped another pound of shit on top of it letting only half it be visible. As the last pound of shit came out Aurora Screamed and cummed all over her fingers. Aurora felt amazing and satisfied, but something felt weird. Aurora looked to her side and saw Cameron had been watching. Aurora blushed and used some grass to wipe her ass before running inside. Aurora closed her door and thought about if she wanted to eat or fuck Cameron. "Hmm…maybe both~♡." Thought Aurora. Aurora cupped her ass and blushed enjoying the curves Ben and Jen had given her. In conclusion Aurora was sure the only way to save Ben was eating him.
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Lifeguard Duty By Coolwoman -- Report

A commission made for Teacher99
Art by MelonArt

Hello hello!! Here is the next story with a first time pred! Also currently working on all comms at the moment so if you have a comm look forward to the next 2 months!

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