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A Meeting with the Spider (Worth a Shot 2) By TinyHunter -- Report

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While dealing with the aftermath of his and Becca's actions, Nate hears a rumor about a mysterious individual who can supposedly supply shrinkies to anyone who can afford them. Should he seek out this shady character, or would it be wiser to keep his head low until things in town blow over a bit?

I think we all know the answer to that question :P

This is a direct sequel to my previous story: Worth a Shot

It's slightly longer than the first, and hopefully not too shark-jumpy in terms of plot, but let me know what you think in the comments!

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Posted by psicotik 1 month ago Report

Your first story was hard to beat but you managed to do exactly that. Happy to read more about Nate and the preds and preys of his life!


Posted by TinyHunter 1 month ago Report

Thank you! I was definitely a little worried this one might've gotten a bit too high concept compared to the simple setup of the first, so it's a relief you think it's even better.

And another one is coming soon, picking up right where the cliffhanger at the end of this one leaves off.


Posted by WestofJames 1 month ago Report

Another great story! Love the concept as well as how it’s written. Can’t wait for the next part. :)


Posted by TinyHunter 1 month ago Report



Posted by muslone 1 month ago Report

Well Written and truly like where this story is going. Very captivating


Posted by TinyHunter 1 month ago Report

Thanks! I don't know what it is, normally I'm just happy to consume content, but recently I've just been hit with a wave of inspiration. Just going to keep the momentum going on this series until I get tired of it or something.


Posted by Hozomat 1 month ago Report

Wow, didn't notice you wrote 2 more stories in less than a week, and quite the number of words on top of that! Gonna have to read chapter 3 soon to keep up ^^

Very nice story. The build-up is straightforward just like the first chapter, and this time the pace was much smoother! I feel like you've considered my advice not to rewind time with each switch of perspective.

June's character was well introduced. in honesty, I wasn't expecting her to be the Spider, so that was a nice surprise! I liked the whole play with the tiny hanging on her nose ring while being smoked. Cruel and creative, just how I like it.

Once again I feel like her visual description is lacking, but you told me the reason. However she could have been a bit more... present(?) when eating the tiny. Some description of her midriff, or some interaction that she could have done after swallowing Kaylee, similarily to Becca. Becca was very active in the first chapter, which really asserted her presence ^^

I wouldn't mind seeing more of June, literally, in the future ;p


Posted by TinyHunter 1 month ago Report

Your advice on the pacing was actually really useful to me!

I was reluctant at first because I'm really fascinated by the contrast in experience between predator and prey, and rewinding a bit when flipping perspectives was my way of exploring those moments from both POVs. But I figured I'd at least try it your way...and I found it made writing the scenes far less tedious now that I didn't need to backtrack and keep things consistent. I think you were right on the money there when you said it just keeps things moving better, for both the reader and the writer.


Posted by VortexFoodsTM 1 month ago Report

And there it is. A perfect sequel. It has everything the first part had, but expands on your universe flawlessly. Becca still is my personal favourite as of now, but June makes a very good addition to your cast of preds and contrasts nicely with her.

I already said this in my comment on the first part, but your character writing is masterful. All your protagonists feel like real people and I just love every one of them. I adore these types of vore stories where the author builds up this alternate world with recurring characters for you to just ride along with. Almost like a slice-of-life-story that also happens to have vore in it (which also is exactly along the lines of what I enjoy; unwilling prey, casual-cruel preds, and not shying away from digestion scenes). My own stories have a similar style, and it always make me so happy to see more of this particular subgenre. Seriously, I haven't been this excited to discover a new series of stories since I first came across Observer's work. In fact, your universe reminds me of those stories, this world where some people have ended up shrunk and are kind of being hunted down by thrillseeking youths. And while it's technically illegal, society's response to all this is apathetic to halfhearted at best.

I also really liked the subtle COVID parallels and allusions to the related effects of societal breakdown you've woven in here and there. Most NWO/mass-shrinking-event stories don't really bother to explain why their society is so fucked up, but you've done this very well, and your whole world just feels a lot more real as a result.

TL;DR: I am in love with these stories and will move on straight to the next one!


Posted by TinyHunter 1 month ago Report

Haha, such kind words!

And you're perceptive in picking up the Observer influence, those stories were definitely a big part of my inspiration. One of the advantages that comes with joining the scene after so many other great writers (Zombie Slave, Observer, LazySWV, Supernova, and yourself being some of the big ones for me) is getting to learn and "steal" from those stories.

And yes, I sometimes feel weird doing it, but the covid parallel is unavoidable I think, and actually really helpful in conceptualizing the world. In our lifetimes we've never really had a world uniting traumatic event like that before, and it really helps when grounding a setting like this that before felt totally surreal.