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Overfed Mermaid By LambdaZ -- Report

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Your hazy senses returned to you as the powerful surges of ocean waters threatened to invade your lungs. Your vessel had run aground on jagged rocks hidden barely below the surface as you and your fellow sailors were led astray by miraculous song.

As the crew sunk below the waves, the struggle for survival shook from the enchanting charms. You weren't sure how much time had passed, but as your senses returned, you realized this unnatural tide was pulling you to a flat rock rising from the sea.

You felt there was something beautiful that you had to meet there, but no, you must be mistaken. Was that some kind of beached whale? You struggled to figure out how such a pale, fleshy mass could enthrall you until a powerful rumble shook you from your thoughts.


"Hey, can you like um,
drown a little closer.....?
I'm pretty hungry but
you're too far to for me to bother."

A feminine voice speaks to you with a spoiled, bratty cadence, her words slightly muffled by the loud quaking of her greedy gut. It was becoming quite apparent that the big lump upon the rock was the massively bloated frame of an obese mermaid.

With numerous ship wrecks left desolate behind her like discarded wrappers, her fat gut and tail were surely padded by numerous sailors before you. Her stomach gurgled as it was already processing your crewmate, the overfed siren somehow still hungry for more.

Your inability to not just throw yourself into it's maw seemed to only tick it off, the creature letting out an exasperated sigh. While it could surely swim the short distance to eat you if it really wanted, she seemed to find moving her fat body around for a snack too much work.

"Jeez do I have to sing again....? Fine, ahem..."

The mermaid clears her throat as she prepares to enchant you again.


Lasting for only a few notes the mermaids song is interrupted with a meaty, guttural belch bringing the taste of your fellow sailors back to her lips. It was a slobish display that didn't really account a song, but it seemed to carry some of the magic.

You were, after all, kind of turned on.


Researchers Log 019:

Mermaids are very sedentary creatures, preferring to lounge on rocks most of the time. With singing an enchanted song their primary way of hunting, they do not expend much energy.

Thus, when mermaids make their home in places were food is readily abundant, such as a long popular shipping routes, they tend to grow quite fat and lazy.

It thus important to not overfeed a mermaid as they pack on the pounds quite quickly. Therefore, be sure sail with the proper precautions and plan your route properly before you're a log at the bottom of the sea.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 9 months ago Report

She seems more like a whale to me


Posted by Badfurson 9 months ago Report

Fun idea! Don’t think we get to see many mermaid of her... demeanor~


Posted by AXELA1987 9 months ago Report

Fish stuffed


Posted by Uchihabiscuit 9 months ago Report

She's been eating well