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Nico Robin vs Black Maria By DEF-EAT -- Report

Nico Robin vs Black Maria!This was how I wished the fight would have been haha!
Imagine you are standing In the middle of the battlefield just to see 2 lovely woman fighting…and then suddenly…GULP Black Maria is gone and a loud BUUUURP echoes through the hall!
No matter how small you are Nico Robin now needs a whole group of tinys who will massage her gigantic gut to digest Black Maria.She may even swallow you whole if you ask her kindly ;)

I sat several hours on this and think it was totally worth it and a loooooot of fun! I think if we have a look at the kosaki christmas Vore comic I did last summer we can see some visible progress! I am really happy that I am getting better and better and am able to cook better content and my brain is just exploding with so much ideas! STAY TUNED GUYS!

Please let me know what you think of it in the Comments below!

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Posted by AXELA1987 6 months ago Report

F for black maria she forgot she could use haki XD


Posted by DEF-EAT 6 months ago Report

Yes haha everything just happened too fast!


Posted by Deathbat99 6 months ago Report

There one was a hottie who swallowed a spider


Posted by DEF-EAT 6 months ago Report

And the same hottie also is going to digest a spider ;3