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[b][u] Hard (P)ass [/b][/u]
Fourteen missed calls and forty text messages, many of which were dick pics. Krystal sighed as she swiped through them, she had just memorised her new number, and now she was going to have to change it again. She clicked at the profile at the top of the walls of text interspersed with muscular black-furred abs - Panther Caroso; The cat who didn’t take no for an answer.
He was holding a rose between his teeth in his profile picture, looking like every woman’s fantasy, according to some trashy Cornerian magazines. He had tried everything from negging her to professing his love to sending her gifts. That last one had almost gotten her in a lot of trouble when some stolen diamonds showed up in the Great Fox’s cargo hold, but the second the team saw the rose they knew exactly where the crate had come from.
“You need to get this under control, Krystal,” Falco said shortly after the cornerian soldiers had come to retrieve the stolen loot. “Because if you don’t, I will.”
“I’m sure he’s terrified.” Fox smirked behind him. “But seriously, the next time I see that panther I’m going to blast him out of the sky.”
“I’ve tried being nice, I’ve tried being forthright, nothing seems to work,” Krystal thought to herself as she looked down at her phone. He had at least stopped sending her stolen goods as presents, but he kept showing up around every corner and finding new ways to contact her. She needed some way to make her feelings about him clear.
[i]‘No,’[/i] she thought with a bitter glare into the cat’s flirtatious yellow eyes. [i]‘Because my feelings don’t matter at all, he’s so convinced he can make me love him he doesn’t see how creepy this all is.’[/i]
Maybe she was going about this the wrong way, instead of convincing Panther she didn’t want him, she needed to convince him she didn’t want her. He always commented on her beauty, but Krystal wasn’t about to let herself go just to turn off some unwanted attention. She needed to come up with something else.
[i]‘I could eat him.’[/i] Krystal’s ears perked, scrolling back down to one of the nudes he had sent - posing with a bowl of ice cream with some whipped cream on his shaft, inviting her to treat herself to some dessert. Her stomach let out a hollow groan, she could practically feel the Krazoa spirit magic rising itself, preparing to alter her so she could swallow the muscular big cat whole.
[i]’But if he’s into it like Fox, I’m going to be stuck with a man who wants me to devour him.’[/i] Krystal realised, her ears flattening as she shook the plan from her mind. If being stalked by him now was bad, what would it be like if he were constantly trying to forcefeed herself to him? Not to mention revealing she had such strange abilities could easily give him leverage to blackmail her. She knew Fox loved her, but having a ‘crazed cannibal’ on the team might affect Starfox’s reputation enough for him to leave her behind.
Of course, none of this would be a concern if she were willing to devour Panther [i]without[/i] protecting his spirit so she could reform him later. The vixen turned off her phone and sighed, slumping back in her chair with her lower half sliding under her desk. She could never bring herself to do something like that, not even to him.
She could tell she was on the right track though, she just needed to find a way to do it that would be so horrible and humiliating he wouldn’t be able to get off to it, [i]and[/i] he wouldn’t want to tell anyone about what happened. Something so disgraceful he couldn’t blackmail her.
Krystal felt the heat rising under her fur as an idea dawned on her. There was one [i]other[/i] way into her stomach. Suppose hypothetically, purely in a theoretical, not-real, definitely-not-what-she-wanted-to-do sort of way, her Krazoa magic could be used to increase her stretchiness elsewhere on her body, and instead of making her throat stretch to accommodate her prey, she focused her powers on…
Her tail started to rise by itself and wag mischievously at the idea. She could picture the look on his face as she revealed her plan, how good all those big muscles would feel sinking into her. His ego would never allow him to admit he was shoved up her backside, and he’d never lay eyes on her again after something so vile. As for him potentially enjoying it? This was different. The vore fetish, if she had learned anything from Fox, was about being eaten alive. It was about maws and throats and stomachs, surely [i]no one[/i] would want to be forced deep into someone’s rear end.
She opened her phone again to three more messages from Panther, telling her he was in the area and asking if she wanted to get a drink at an off-planet bar. He sent one more photo when her phone told him she had seen his texts; He was laying on his back, shirtless with his pants tugged down to expose himself, his arms behind his back.
<Panther:> “Don’t deny yourself, my beautiful Krystal, I know you want me inside you. Let me satisfy your deepest urges.”
Well, if that wasn’t sealing his fate, she didn’t know what was.
<Krystal:> “Fine, let’s meet up. Bring lube.”
<Panther:> “Lube? Really?”
Krystal sent him a photo of herself, smiling flirtatiously and using one arm to prop up her breasts.
<Krystal:> “Don’t you want to be inside me, Panther?”
<Panther:> “OH YES”
<Panther:> “YES”
<Panther:> “I DO”
<Panther:> “Comet’s Bar, 8th Floor of the station, next to bay 12.”
<Panther:> “See you soon.”
And with that, Krystal slipped her rapidly buzzing phone into her pocket, picked out an outfit, and headed to the Arwing bay to go meet Panther for a date neither of them would ever forget.
[center] * * * [/center]
At first Krystal wondered if she had come to the wrong bar, but as she saw Panther grinning at the counter she realised exactly why he had chosen it. The clientele were mostly aggressively muscular and dishevelled, and the bar had an atmosphere that an all out brawl could break out over the slightest inconvenience. It was a dangerous place, and Krystal was a poor, defenseless woman who would cling desperately to the safety and comfort of a big strong man like Panther. Surely if she stayed by his side and repaid him with sex, he’d ensure nothing bad happened to her while they were drinking cheap wine from seldom used glasses. As she dipped into his mind with her telepathy she could hear his thoughts. [i]’Oh dear, Krystal, not what you expected, is it? You’re already shaking with fear and you haven’t even stepped inside. This will be even easier than I thought~’[/i]
Oh, how little he knew. Her trembling was from anticipation for what she was about to do. That, and the cold, it turned out wearing a short black dress on a low temperature space station hadn’t been the brightest idea. She was glad she went with it though, she needed something with easy access to her rear-end, and that could hopefully conceal all the weight the rogue would add to her. She walked towards him, ignoring the wolf whistles from those she passed as she kept one hand on her purse, her banded tail swishing seductively with each step she took.
“Krystal,” Panther smiled, tipping his glass of red wine to her before taking a sip. He let out a breath of satisfaction, drinking in his victory as he licked the wine off his muzzle. “Finally, you’ve decided to accept my offer.”
“Persistence wins out over sanity, I guess.” Krystal replied, taking the empty bar stool next to him. He slid a wine glass over to her, and she coyly but firmly pushed it back. “I think I’ll let the bartender make me a fresh one.”
“You insult me, Krystal. Do you think I’d be so underhanded?” The cat asked, “I assure you, I haven’t tampered with it. It’s the finest they have to offer.”
“Then you won’t mind drinking it yourself,” Krystal replied before turning to the bartender. “Vodka martini.”
“Delightful,” Panther glowered, though to his credit he did at least drink the glass he had offered her. “You know, I thought you had come here to finally allow me to seduce you.”
“Because all your desperate texts weren’t seducing enough on their own.” Krystal smiled knowingly as she took her drink from the bartender and held out her wrist communicator to pay for it.
“I am a man in love, can you blame me for not being able to say that in a single text?” Panther smiled back, his tail swishing to brush along hers. “But yes, I suppose I might have been a bit more classy about reaching you. My humblest apologies.”
“You don’t seem like the humble type, but I’ll accept your apologies if it doesn’t happen again.” Krystal sipped her cocktail.
“One night with you might sate me, but it might make me want you even more,” Panther replied, his voice a rumbling purr as he stared deep into her eyes. “That is the risk lovers take when they meet for a deal such as this, isn’t it?”
“So we’re lovers now?” Krystal cocked an eyebrow.
“You are the one who suggested lubricant, my dear,” Panther reminded her with a flirtatious grin. “I suppose Mr McCloud is carrying a pistol rather than a blaster, then?”
“He and I are doing fine, thank you,” Krystal flicked her ears back. She was starting to wonder whether she’d be able to pull this off at all. Every instinct was telling her to throw her drink in his face and walk out. “But he approved of me meeting you tonight, to finally settle the matter of you chasing me across the galaxy.” She winked, “However I saw fit.”
“Well, I for one can’t wait to ‘settle this matter’.” Panther’s eyes wandered down to her cleavage knowingly. “You know, my personal ship has a king sized bed.” He said, swivelling the wine in his glass. “Perfect for two.”
“Why waste time here then? We both know what we want,” She replied, internally wincing at how desperate she sounded. Panther was eating it up though, he started drinking faster so they could leave. She slid her drink over to him when he was done with the wine glasses and he quickly guzzled the cocktail down as well, barely even stopping to taste it. “You seem very thirsty, Mr Caroso.”
“I know one thing that’ll fill that thirst.” Panther rumbled as he got to his feet. Krystal only got a glimpse at his tight spacesuit, but she could see how pent-up he was. She gave a quiet ‘thank you’ nod to the bartender and walked back towards the entrance with Panther in tow. She walked slower than the cat would’ve liked, her tail occasionally brushing against his crotch to keep him pent up. As she peered into his mind he could see how much he had to hold himself back from grabbing her as they ascended the stairs out of the bar, his eyes locked onto her ass. [i]’Finally, you’re mine, Krystal. This is going to be the best night of your life. Perhaps mine, too.’[/i]
Krystal smiled to herself, her tail swishing as she shot him a flirtatious look over her shoulder. Well, he was right about [i]one[/i] of those things. Unfortunately she had to step aside and let him lead, and his thoughts about her beautiful curves faded as he tried to remember the quickest way back to his personal ship. As she entered the dock, it quickly became apparent which was his - jet black with purple and gold stripes, shining among the other ships as if to say ‘Please rob me’, though the Star Wolf logo on the wings kept any trespassers far away.
Panther pushed a button on his wrist communicator and a ramp slid out from the bottom of the ship, opening a door in its underbelly in the process. Panther bowed and gestured for Krystal to go first, and with a coy smile and a flirty swing of her tail she ascended into the dimly lit hull. The internal was richly decorated, with a personal bar against one wall and a loveseat and mahogany end table against the other. The carpet on the floor had a rose pattern that spiralled towards the centre of the room, presumably to match with the framed art of roses that adorned every wall. Smooth jazz played over the speakers of the ship, and the LED lights flickered like candle flames. As Krystal breathed in she could smell cinnamon in the air, even the temperature was perfectly set for romance. This was not a fighter’s ship, though knowing Panther she wouldn’t be surprised if it had some weapons for emergencies.
“Cockpit, bedroom, bathroom,” Panther came up behind her and pointed to each of the doors before pushing a button on the wall to close the entryway. “You don’t mind me getting into something more comfortable, do you?”
“No, not at all. It’s your ship after all,” Krystal replied, though the panther was already unzipping his flight suit and pretending to yawn so he could flex as he peeled it off. For a moment, Krystal felt her tail fluff up as she remembered why she was there; this huge masculine cat was about to go right up her ass. She hadn’t realised just how broad his shoulders were, or how he was slightly taller than she was. Though strangely the challenge just made it more exciting, her tailhole clenched as her loins stirred with a hunger she hadn’t felt before.
“You should make yourself comfortable in my chambers, I’ll be through in a moment,” Panther purred as he gently brushed Krystal’s cheek with his hand. She managed to resist flinching until he looked away and stepped into the bathroom, the automatic door clunked as it locked behind him. Krystal shuddered and made her way to the bedroom.
‘Oh no.’ It was even gaudier here. There were mirrors on every wall, save for the one the bed was set against which instead had a large painting of Panther laying naked on a bed of roses, one held charmingly in his teeth. As Krystal looked up she saw her reflection looking back down at her - more mirrors. At least this way no matter where Panther looked he would see himself vanishing under her tail. She gripped her cheeks and stretched herself a bit, testing how far she could go before unleashing the Krazoa magic into herself and seeing the difference it made. There was no doubt in her mind now - Panther was going up her ass, and it was going to feel [i]incredible.[/i] Now that she was prepared, she decided to focus on Panther’s thoughts and see how the man of the hour was coming along.
[i]”I can’t believe she’s finally in my bedroom, she’d better be worth all the trouble,”[/i] Panther’s thoughts echoed in her mind, distorted at first but steadily becoming clearer as she focused. [i]’I can’t wait to get my hands on those juicy breasts, and that luscious ass of hers. Mmrrowl, she’ll be sore tomorrow.’[/i]
‘Just as much of a gentleman in his head, I see.’ Krystal rolled her eyes as she adjusted her dress, making sure to show plenty of cleavage when the panther finally came into the bedroom.
[i]”It’s a shame I’ll only have this one chance with her, O’Donnell would kill me if he knew I let her leave,”[/i] Panther’s thoughts continued, leaving Krystal honing in on her connection until she could see what he was picturing. Panther had her pinned to the bed, nibbling on her shoulder while she was stuck in time with a post-orgasm expression. [i]”Once I’ve tired her out and had my fun, I’ll tell her I need a cigarette, then pull out my blaster.”[/i]
Krystal got up from the bed and opened the bedside drawer to reveal the blaster - a fairly new model, expensive too. She unclipped the energy pack and tossed it into a pile of socks on the other side of the room, then put the gun back where she found it and silently closed the drawer.
[i]”Of course, she seems to be fairly good at close quarter combat. I might need to use the knife stashed behind the board if she disarms me.”[/i]
Krystal reached behind the board at the head of the bed, drew the sharp combat knife from its sheath, and tucked it under the bed on her side instead.
[i]”And once I have her at my mercy, I can hit her with my stun gun, tie her up and call Wolf to let him know I’ve got a nice little ransom waiting for him on my ship.”[/i]
[i]’Do you want to give me anything else? Bank Details? Mother’s maiden name?’[/i] Krystal rolled her eyes as Panther continued to think about what a genius he was. She wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth though. She took the stun gun out from its hiding place and put it in Panther’s wardrobe for safekeeping. Her preparations made, the vixen took the handcuffs out of her purse and sprawled herself casually over the bed, imitating Panther’s artwork as best she could, the handcuffs dangling off her finger.
The door opened after a few minutes, revealing the black Panther leaning casually in the doorway, wearing nothing but an open wine red bathrobe and a black jockstrap that blended in with his fur. He smiled at her, the white markings on his face upturning in unison. “Krystal…” he rumbled, his sharp yellow eyes drifting to the handcuffs. “I do hope this wasn’t all a ruse to arrest me.”
“No, like everything else I’ve done tonight, these serve a single purpose… to satisfy my…” she tugged the chain taut, releasing a loud ‘clink!’ that made Panther’s jockstrap tent. “...Urges.”
“Such a naughty girl. I had no idea you were so… ‘experimental’.” Panther smiled as he prowled towards her like a predator cornering its prey. “If you want to be bound, however, might I suggest rope? I have some nylon that would look wonderful against your blue fur, and I do know a thing or two about shibari.”
“Maybe next time, if you play nice.” Krystal replied, dropping one of the hoops to allow the handcuffs to swing like a pendulum. “These are for you. I need to know you’re going to behave yourself in the bedroom.” She winked, “Not that some measly cuffs could hold such a big, strong panther anyway.”
“You’re toying with me.” Panther frowned.
“Maybe I am,” Krystal said, her eyes lidding as she stared into Panther’s. “But this is your one chance to sleep with me, your [i]only[/i] chance to get what you desire most in all the galaxy.” The vixen curled her legs to show off her curves, her free arm resting under her breasts to push them up. “Are you going to sacrifice that on a hunch?”
Panther’s mind became a frazzled mess of battling thoughts, it was so loud and rapid even Krystal couldn’t keep up. His ego was shouting about how weak the cuffs looked, his rationality was demanding he grab his stun gun immediately and ‘shock this sneaky bitch’, while his libido was just chanting ‘boobs! ass! pussy!’ over and over. Panther’s eyes flitted back and forth as he considered his options, looking to each of the spots where he had stashed his weapons.
All of that came to a stop as Krystal crawled across the bed and cupped the bulge of his jockstrap in her palm. She leaned in close and took a deep breath, her nose barely grazing it. “Please Panther,” she whispered, her green eyes sparkling in the mood light. “I want you deep inside of me.”
[i]’Okay, fine, I’ll wear the handcuffs. I can always break them later.’[/i]
Wordlessly Panther slipped out of his bathrobe and left it slumping to the maroon carpet below, only for his jockstrap to follow it shortly after. He offered Krystal his wrists, but she guided them behind his back and locked them in place there instead. “I’m starting to think I’ve been had,” Panther muttered, his muscles bulging as he tugged at the chain experimentally.
“Do you really think Fox would allow the team to use me to lure you in like this? He has a lot more respect for me than that.” Krystal told him as she stood up on the bed, her breasts pressed against the back of his head. “He may have agreed to let me meet you, but he wouldn’t whore me out just to get a chance at your measly bounty.”
“Then you really are just a kinky vixen,” Panther purred, though Krystal could sense the denial in his voice, and the rumblings of an escape plan running through his head. “You know, my dear, the moment you take the cuffs off I’m putting you over my knee. A naughty girl like you deserves a spanking~” he growled sexually, shaking his upper body as he tried to wiggle out of the cuffs.
“If only I brought my ball gag too,” Krystal teased as she pressed ber body against his, her pillowy breasts slipping either side of his head as she leaned forward to look down at him. She could see his cock throbbing away, either aroused by the danger or perfectly unaware of it. She smiled as she felt his tail start to rise, lifting up her black dress as it searched for her pussy. “Tell me, Panther. What do you find so irresistible about me?”
“That’s a dangerous question to ask a poet,” Panther replied with a sultry smile, his head tilting back to look up at her. “Your beauty knows no bounds.”
“So, it’s my appearance that charms you.” Krystal said, one hand running down over his pecs and stroking along his abs, leaving her chest pressing firmly against him. “What part of me do you like the most, is it my breasts?”
“Mmmh, maybe~” Panther replied in a noncommittal purr, turning his nose so he could nuzzle into their warm white fur. “You should take off your dress so I can see them better. Perhaps a strip tease for the lowly prisoner?”
“Maybe… back against the wall, ‘prisoner’.” Krystal replied, gripping his tail and giving it a sharp yank to tease him. Panther shimmied himself on his knees and made his way across the mattress to the head of the bed. He turned and leaned back against it, grinning as he thought of the blaster in the bedside cabinet to his left and the knife directly behind it. Krystal smiled to herself and turned on all fours, her tail lifting the hem of her dress to reveal she wasn’t wearing any panties under it. “Do you like my rear, Panther? Fox is an ‘ass man’, so he’s spent plenty of time admiring it.”
“You’re very lucky I’m in handcuffs, Ms Krystal. I’ve never seen an ass so worthy of being eaten.” Panther purred as he gave an over exaggerated lick of his lips. “Perhaps you could come a bit closer and give me a taste… I assure you, my tongue is as skilled as it is silver.”
…That would have been the easy way - pressing her rear in his face as if she wanted him to eat her out, then just keep pushing until he was fully inside her. But if she did that, all Panther would see was fleshy walls and darkness… she had come to send a message, and the only way to do that was for him to see the whole thing. Her tail curled around his legs, binding them together as she wiggled her hips in anticipation.
“It’s funny you should mention eating my ass,” Krystal began, her tail slowly lifting Panther’s legs until she could feel his paws pressing between her cheeks. “...Because I think it would rather eat you.”
[i]Schhrrrllooorrp![/i] Her tailhole clenched, squeezing in Panther’s feet in a single motion. She gripped onto the bed, a ripple of pleasure running through her fur. The space pirate was paralysed with shock and confusion, which made easy for Krystal to back herself up towards him, wiggling her hips as she clenched again to drag him in up to his shins.
“Wh-what are you– How are you..?!” Panther stammered, quickly coming to his senses. He wiggled his legs to try to get his feet back out from between the vixen’s cheeks, but her tailhole clenched possessively to keep him from going anywhere… well, anywhere but [i]down.[/i] Panther started to panic as he was dragged forward, his handcuffs rattling as he tried to pull himself free. “Wh-what is this? Some sort of alternative fisting?”
“Sort of, but instead of just your fist, I’m going to be taking in your whole body,” Krystal murred in delight as she reached back and spread her cheeks apart with her hands, allowing Panther’s muscular calves to slide into her. “Aaahhh, and you’re not coming back out again afterwards~”
“M-my whole body?!” Panther gawked, only to shudder as the sphincter tightened against him, matting down his dark fur as it slowly dragged him forward. “That’s disgusting! Atrocious! S-surely you don’t intend to–”
“Mmmh, I do. Every. Last. Inch.” Krystal panted, her eyes glowing with lust and Krazoa magic as she looked back over her shoulder at the squirming feline. Now that he was in up to his knees she felt confident enough to take her tail off his legs and let it swish high through the air, allowing him a full view of the action as he disappeared between those luscious, snug cheeks he had been complimenting moments ago. “You’re going to be so deep inside me, Panther Caroso~”
“You’re insane, Nngh, and disgusting!” Panther grunted as he struggled, though at this point his struggles were just dragging him deeper. Krystal let out an excited moan as his heel pressed against her prostate. Every slight movement sent waves of pleasure through her body, before long she was humping back against his thighs, wanting more of the incredible sensation. Panther’s eyes widened in disbelief as the vixen’s tailhole slowly worked his way up towards his hips. “W-witch! Demon! Succubus!”
“Oh no, don’t say that, I’m the love of your life, remember~?” Krystal teased him, her tail curled to one side so she could make eye contact with him. “Well, being my boyfriend comes with certain responsibilities…” she clenched, “Like going..” she clenched again dragging in the male’s hips, “...up my…” she bite her lip, clenching as a loud [i]Schhlllorrrrrppp![/i] filled the room, and Panther’s cock and balls finally vanished inside her. “Aaaah, aAaaAass~!”
“Nnooo! Nnhaaahh~” Panther moaned, clenching his teeth as his cock throbbed at the feeling of the fleshy walls rolling over it. Krystal smiled, bouncing her hips to force Panther’s shaft to rub against her inner walls, panting and huffing at the sensation. Panther squirmed and wiggled his upper body, trying to look away but finding himself staring into a reflection no matter where he looked. There was no denying it… he was going to be a living buttplug, and he was about to nut over it.
“Mmhh, what’s the matter, Panther? I thought you wanted me,” Krystal teased as she bounced her hips a little more, her tailhole clenching against the tip of his cock as it splattered his fur with precum. She could feel his heart rate with every throb of his shaft, and with each barely withheld moan he came a little closer to his climax. He started to breathe faster, his cock twitching as he started to grind back against the wall.
[i]Shchrrlorp![/i] Krystal clenched again, denying his release at the last possible moment and dragging him in up to his abs. Panther’s shaft pressed firmly against his waist, though the tightness kept his orgasm at bay for now. “Mmghhh~!” Panther whined, gritting his teeth. “D-damn you, Krystal, I will- mmph, y-you will face my fury! I will have my revenge!” He spat, grunting as he yanked at his handcuffs. “I was wrong about you! You’re no lady at all, you’re a vile harpy of the night who revels in… in debauchery and—!”
“Oh, am I now~?” Krystal smiled mischievously - Her plan had worked, there was no way Panther would want her after this. Granted she would still have to deal with him when this was all over, but at least now it wouldn’t be long romantic texts and dick pics. Now she could just push him back out and leave him handcuffed on the bed while she reported back to Fox.
…On the other hand, this was a pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt… and he [i]was[/i] only a few clenches away from being completely inside her. Krystal leaned forward and started to slowly lift her rump towards the ceiling, her tail curling over her back as Panther slowly left the mattress until he was at a 90 degree angle. He started to slip faster now, each clench and [i]schlorrp[/i] was twice as effective at dragging him down as it had been before. “Nngh, N-no! No wait!” he begged, his hands slipping between her cheeks, still wriggling as if he could break his cuffs.
“Mmh, goodbye Panther. I’m looking forward to our next date~” Krystal moaned, her fingers digging into the bedsheets as she rhythmically clenched and relaxed her tailhole to drag in the space pirate’s muscular upper body. She spread her legs further as she reached his broad chest, her pussy dripping in delight as the bulge of his lower body filled out her stomach. She could feel her black dress straining to contain all the extra bulk, but she was willing to lose it if it meant finishing what she started.
As Panther descended up to his shoulders he looked up at the ceiling mirror, watching himself sink into the blue vixen’s rear like quicksand. He grunted and wriggled, tilting his head up to avoid it until her tight tailhole squeezed around his neck, almost tight enough to choke him as it clenched before relaxing to allow him to sink in further. As he looked up one last time he saw Krystal’s banded tail coming back into view… and with a slap, his vision was engulfed in soft blue fur, and then much softer dark pink flesh.
“Ffffuuuuuuuck~” Krystal cried out in bliss, squeezing her legs together and pushing down on the squirming bulge in her gut. Her climax came hard and strong, splattering over the red silk bedsheets in a stain she hoped would never come out. She humped her belly a few times, both to ride the orgasm for as long as she could and drag Panther the rest of the way inside of her. She could feel him thrashing and kicking, though the further he went the less apparent it became. There wasn’t much room to squirm in her intestines, after all.
“Mmmhhh…” Krystal groaned, collapsing over the bed, her pussy dribbling as her stomach began to groan and churn in preparation for its unexpected meal. She looked at herself in the mirror, the last few sparkles of the Krazoa magic fading from her eyes. She had never looked so satisfied… she had never [i]felt[/i] so satisfied. She made the decision not to read Panther’s mind, she hardly cared what he thought now that he was deep in her guts.
She gave her belly a little pat and rolled onto her side, her tailhole was starting to ache now that the magic wasn’t there to numb it, but that just meant she had to focus on the pleasurable squirms in her gut as Panther was steadily forced backwards through her digestive system. Her dress had ripped a little, but he still fit under it nicely, or at least the parts of him that had pushed through her stomach sphincter. A wave of exhaustion washed over her, but she managed to stay conscious long enough to cast her soul trapping spell. She dragged Panther’s consciousness into her, binding him to the white spiral marking on her butt cheek, and promptly passed out.
Krystal awoke sometime later to the buzzing of an alarm clock Panther had set the day before, and she rolled over to slap the off button. It wasn’t until she was in motion she made her mistake - she expected her body to be big after eating a full grown man, but she hadn’t expected it to be [i]that[/i] big.
Her stomach jiggled out in front of her as it hit the bed, easily the size of a beachball if not a little bigger. She probably wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for all the mirrors in the room, given the way her huge breasts blocked her view of her lower body. They hung like watermelons off her chest, held aloft by the huge gut beneath it. As she moved to feel them she heard a long rip tear through the front of her dress, and as she leaned forward to sit up she felt a long rip at the back.
With a sigh she tugged the fabric off herself and looked over her shoulder at the culprit; her gigantic Panther-formed ass. Despite the space pirate’s best efforts to give her a lot of belly fat, he had ended up almost entirely on her rear, giving her already voluptuous cheeks enough fat to put her up a couple of pants sizes, and make it difficult to get back into her Arwing. She could see from the glow of her thigh marking he was still there, glowering and plotting his revenge. She smiled and gave her butt a little slap with her hand, watching as the fat rippled and jiggled. “Good morning to you too, Panther,” she murred. “Did you sleep well?”
The warm sensation of his consciousness on her flank started to burn with red hot rage, though Krystal immediately shushed with another slap of her hand. “Keep that up and you’ll be there for a lot longer,” she warned him as she shakily got to her feet and experimented with her new weight. From a brief glance in the mirror she could see Panther had done plenty of work on her thighs too, though in some ways it helped with the weight he added to her ass. Still, there was no way she was fitting back into her little black dress now. She’d need someone to bring her some clothes, and she knew just how to get Fox’s attention.
She plucked a single rose from a vase in the corner of the room and slipped the stem between her cheeks, leaving the head of the rose resting against the base of her tail. She plucked a few more petals from the vase and sprinkled them liberally over the huge cheeks either side of it and then bent over the bed, her tail curled upwards as she took a picture of her ass in the mirror.
<Krystal:> “Dealt with Panther, bring my weight gain clothes to Bay 12, Floor 8. Sending co-ords now, please see attached.”
Krystal leaned forward, using her breasts as a pillow as she counted down on her fingers. Three, two, one…
<Fox:> “?!?!??!??!?!”
<Fox:> “On my way! Don’t go anywhere!”
Several texts of eyes, peaches and water droplet emojis followed, as well as constant updates on how far away he was and questions about whether she needed to bring him anything else. She told him all the details - from her first encounter with Panther all the way to the sensation of him sliding up her ass. It would be a long road to drop all the weight, even after she lost most of it by reforming Panther.
But one thing was certain in her mind - After she and Fox made love in the big cat’s love ship, while he was trapped flustered and blushing on her asscheek, Panther would [i]never[/i] bother her again.
The End
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Krystal finally gets tired of Panther stalking her and decides to do something so vile he'll never be able to look at her the same way again. Surely no one would want to get stuffed up a vixen's rump, right?

Second story I wrote in 2024, funnily enough following the previous one's lead by being an alt-vore story with a female predator. I've had this one in mind for a while now so it was great to finally get it written out, and getting a story up to 6000 words was a pretty good feeling too after struggling to get past 4000 words with most of my other recent writing.

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Posted by SilentOne 2 weeks ago Report

Mmm, very nice. Still, I wonder how Krystal would have dealt with it if her stalker was degenerate enough to actually enjoy this treatment (as some of us here might...)


Posted by TastyTales 13 days ago Report

Heh, how indeed? I could definitely imagine an alternate universe where Panther started messaging her rapidly the second he got reformed. <3


Posted by SilentOne 13 days ago Report

"Maybe I should just, like, shoot him next time..."