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Eventful Week: Sunday By ms850 -- Report

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So, here we are, Sunday, the final part of this series. Overall, 74010 words on 99 pages. And with 17073 words, this part is by far the longest.

I just want to say that I had quite a lot of fun making this, even if it was a good bit of work. I really hope that you had fun reading the series and I want to thank you all again for all the support you gave me since I started this account. Be it a comment, a fav, a watch or even just someone liking my stories in private. Be it someone who has read my storis since the very beginning with “Lia the Charmander” or someone who maybe just found my account and this might actually be the very first story they read from me. Thank you all so much for everything. I hope many of you will stick around to see what kind of stuff I will make in the future, as I am not planning on quitting any time soon ^^

However, I want to deeply apologize for the massive delay. Due to lack of time, I didn’t manage to finish the story earlier and I even decided to add a little scene after having it almost finished, which in return messed a bit with the following parts of the story, meaning I had to rewrite it partly. And then with making sure to reduce the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors to a minimum, I simply didn’t manage to finish it in time. But I tried my best to increase the quality of it to make up for it. Yet, I still want to sincerely apologize to anyone who was waiting for this part to finally come out…

Now I just have one little final wish for you before you read the story… please don’t expect something like ‘Eventful Month’! These seven parts alone were sooooo much work. I probably spent around 5 hours on the Httyd wiki alone to make sure all the stuff I wrote would make sense with the series/movies and anatomy of the dragons, their abilities, and sizes compared to each other’s. But then at the same time I just threw in a completely new variant of Flightmares and let the Light Fury meet Toothless way too early, so… I don’t really know what you can make of that...

Now, everyone who is just here for the story can skip the next part, as it will just be about my upload pattern. Thanks a lot for everything again and have fun reading the final part of ‘Eventful Week’ ^^

So, as you already read, I want to do something about my upload pattern. For everyone who didn’t know it or wasn’t aware of it, I made weekly uploads on Thursday with occasional and spontaneous uploads on Sunday. The Sunday ones won’t change. However, beginning next week I won’t be uploading weekly anymore. This decision has mostly to do with me not being overly satisfied with some of my recent uploads. And I don’t mean how many views, favs, or comments they have gotten. It’s more about how much I like the quality of some of my stories and I personally think that I could have done better on some of those. Trying to figure out what the reason of this problem was, I came to the conclusion that I almost never had the time to look over my story properly again and rewrite some parts if I am not satisfied with them, before having to upload them. So, I want to give myself more time. Firstly, to learn how to write better overall and secondly, to have more time to make sure that I can deliver you stories with more quality as I don’t want to continue to deliver you stories here and there where I know I could have done better but upload them anyways just because I have to keep my weekly upload pattern going.

However, there is also another reason I want to give myself more time and you might like this one, as I want to do more artworks. In the past I was often restricted by the fact that I always needed something done by Thursday to upload, that I often needed to delay artworks, as I seemingly never had enough time to finish one within a week. The only artworks I managed to finish were either already in working for months or I had a few free days by luck and therefore enough time to make them quickly. By removing the ‘problem’ of needing something done by Thursday, I can focus more on them. I already needed to scrap two comics about my PMD series and am almost about to scrap the comic I wanted to have done by last Christmas. And I have a few other ideas for comics I wanted to do eventually. Therefore, I should be able to make more artworks in the future without the need to have something done by a certain time.

To summarize it all, I will stop my weekly uploads in hope of increasing the quality of my stories and to make more artworks. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t the possibility of an upload pattern returning sometime in the future, when I am more skilled and more efficient with my stories and artworks.

Thanks for everything you guys did for me since I made this account ^^ And now I wish a lot of fun with the last and final part of this little series.

Httyd © DreamWorks

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Posted by EagleEye 2 weeks ago Report

This story has been quite fun to read. One thing I might suggest for future works, especially longer ones, is maybe break your paragraphs up a bit more. Many paragraphs in this series seem to become walls of text, especially on mobile. Otherwise though, this is great. ^^


Posted by ms850 2 weeks ago Report

Ah, okay. Thanks a lot for the advise. I will try to pay attention to this in future stories ^^


Posted by ethan3369 12 days ago Report

Fantastic series I hope it will getva few more parts eventually


Posted by ms850 12 days ago Report

Thanks a lot for the compliment ^^
And while I am sure this won’t be the last part, I definitely need a rather long break from Httyd stories XD