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Predatory Therapy By Toxix -- Report

Story length: 14001 words

The tale of one girl’s experience in therapy, trying to overcome her predatory urges as she faces temptation, relapse, and abuse

This is by far the most ambitious story I’ve made so far. This is my first attempt at a heftier story with a deeper plot and more of a structure with plenty of vore still interspersed throughout. I mean, look at that length, I don’t think I’ve gone near that before. I’m proud of it, I think I cooked here. Please, let me know what you think because, again, this is a first for me and I want to know if the effort paid off

Format is pdf this time since I think that’s easier for longer stories and it keeps all the text in its original form. If it looks weird on mobile, just hit download and it should display quite well

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Posted by Tyuqa 10 days ago Report

This is really great! Super interesting take on the sort of self fulfilling prophecy of pathologizing those with mental illnesses. It was both very evocative and delightfully kinky. It never ceases to amaze me when bullies harrass someone for being possibly violent, and then are surprised when they face violent retaliation.


Posted by Toxix 10 days ago Report



Posted by Trying124 10 days ago Report

think you definitely cooked here, I think that you Portray the character beautifully, and you give them real depth, there's a few things that from personal preference I'm not the biggest fan of, but that's not a stylistic point, that's a different Kink, side of things.

I would love to see more like this, and it's a really terrific idea. Hope you keep up the good work!


Posted by Toxix 10 days ago Report