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The Massage 23 (Scat) By Shyguy9 -- Report

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Featuring Sophie the Dragongirl. Page 23/24.

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Posted by SamytheDragon 11 days ago Report

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemans, Scatology TV presents from the buttsnake to sewer snake.

What you can see there are rare views of a buttsnake in natural, they waits long in a tunnel-like host, to poke his head out and after seeing the air is fine, it's slowly sliding out a bit more. If the buttsnake touches the water it became a brown water-snake, a short stadium and temporary only, the brown color and smell are a natural warning for the enemies. After a flush they landing into the sewers, now the water-snake transform into a sewer snake, the last stadium. Sewer snakes has no enemies in the sewers, they are safe here.
Experts are not sure how many brown sewer snakes living into the sewer, but that must be a lot over years. Sewer snakes having different sizes, but no (fecal) matter how big and long they are, they are not male and not female - sexless and they have a big brown head, mid-size body and a thin-little tail. Sewer snakes vanished after days, the live times are between 15-30 days.

Remember Kids, buttsnakes and sewer snakes looking cute with their head and they like petting, but they are not pets, Don't catch them, they has a right to live and decay like everyone else in the environment they released.

That was Scatology TV with a birth and living of a buttsnake, see you next time.

Special thanks oure sponsor Nature Calls and his breakfast flakes "Oinky's Buttflakes", Buttflakes for healthy butt-plops.
Check out his new product "Branches and Foliages" natural toilet paper, now with -50% lesser thorns.
For a short time available, Nature Calls Colon Bags. Less time to create a nice diner for your Family? Use Colon Bags instead standing hours in the kitchen. Put all the raw foods in the bag, close and swallow it, digest on the work, in the office, in free time or standing in jam without stress, at the evening your Family have a nice meal with a personal touch. The good thing is the dishes are flush away.

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Posted by EKPortUser 11 days ago Report

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming… *cuts to a cats sleeping in a basket*

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Posted by SamytheDragon 11 days ago Report


A tribute I create for Shyguy, I sat at Page 11 on it, I am very bad at drawning, so I create a humor comment with a macabre humor, the colon bags are funny from the function, maybe sometimes they exist.

Flatoni Number 9, Flatulance and nine for Shyguy.

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Posted by EKPortUser 11 days ago Report

Damn, Sophie was clogged up, she blew up that toilet. I'm surprised Bee isn't looking from the bed…

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Posted by magicboy13 11 days ago Report

All this time, Bee isn't doing anything? I thought there'd be a subtle glance or something XD

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Posted by jabopx 11 days ago Report

Really cool disposal. I'm sure Sophie was satisfied with her meal.

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Posted by Cathrin 11 days ago Report

Really nicely drawn, I especially like the soft texture. :3

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Posted by Indighost 11 days ago Report

Beautiful. Thanks for this gift

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Posted by Sauvegarde 10 days ago Report

My toilet would never flush that :c

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Posted by Shyguy9 10 days ago Report

Dragon toilets are built different Dx

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