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Just a guy who enjoys reading vore stories from time to time. Huge sucker for dragons though.

I'm also a decent writer, but I don't normally write vore fics. Don't expect to see plenty of entries in my gallery. My creative energies are mainly dedicated to my non-vore fics (uploaded elsewhere on the Internet), so anything that shows up here on Eka is pretty much spur-of-the-moment and will DEFINITELY be inspired by an existing vore fic on this site.

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A Friendly Visit-----------------------------------------------------Franz Kolovrat breathed into his hands for warmth. He hissed, body shaking. The rain was making things abnormally cold. At least he'd set up his fire in a way that protected the flames from the water so long as he kept adding fuelwood to the lean-to pile.A wall of branches reflected the heat back to him, but even with that and the crude shelter he built, the chills still got to him. How could it not? Fall was almost over and th

Dive and Catch-----------------------------------------------------Albrecht found that living alone with Manamir came with a daily routine of its own. Back in Wolfsberg, daily living consisted of housekeeping, maintaining his physique in the Adventurers Guild, and taking a few low-ranked commissions as a way of going around town and enacting Raznagora's chivalric code. This cycle would continue until work befitting a platinum rank came up or, being a knight-errant, he was struck by the itch to w

Forest Guardian------------------------------------------------------Morris Laski chewed tobacco as his gaze lingered on the scene around him. Though garbed in cheap rags and armed with nothing but scraps from blacksmiths and armorers of Koprivnica, he fit in perfectly with the other ten or so men loitering in the camp. His whiskers twitched at the sharp moonshine in the air. It was crudely made, flavorless… borderline toxic, even, but it did one hell of a job getting them mostly drunk.He saun

Preparedness---------------------------------------------"Albie… are you sure about this?"Manamir regarded Albrecht with a cautious, if worried, look in her eyes. He was currently standing on a stone dais. Raised slightly higher than the dirt floor, it had replaced the giant boulder near the entrance to her cavern.Albrecht had secured Witrivach, his family heirloom, to his back using its customized, and highly decorated scabbard. Also hooked to the baldric was a sheathed baselard, which hung o

SETTLING AFFAIRS 3---------------------------------------------------------"I ask you one last time. As your friend, as someone who fought and bled with you… DID you find the dragon?"Albrecht studied his tense posture and, in split seconds, assessed his chances of taking down Franz Kolovrat. The distance was narrow. Space, tight. Halberd, still hoisted on his back. He had to be wary of the runes etched on his gauntlets the same way he had to beware the magic on his amulet. Albrecht's cart stoo

SETTLING AFFAIRS 2---------------------------------------------------------------Albrecht felt nervous as he marched towards Wolfsberg's gates. To save on costs, the town rotated the gatekeepers only so often, with two 12-hour shifts. Having left in the wee hours of the morning, the people who had seen him off weeks ago were going to be the same people to welcome him now. His delayed return was easy to explain. But everything else? That was going to be difficult.Dragon saliva coated his face and

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love dragon stories cant wait for more series like it


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Ok, thanks for that.


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Yeah,I’m kinda in a block..any ideas for inspo?


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Thank you for the favorite


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Thanks for the watch sweetie (^. .^)

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