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Just your active vore enthusiast who commissions swarms of vore art from a large range of artists from multiple sites.
Known by my sona, Kagero (影路), most of my commissions contain art featuring him with others.
So yes, I am big F/M vore person, but doesn't mean I don't like other types as well ;3
Other than being a large commissioner, I'm a beginning digital artist converting from traditional art. So not the best of work, but one day I'll get there... >.<
Well again, expect to see lots of paid art from a large variety of artists!

Also, thanks for any favs & watches! XD
I'm too lazy to write on everyone's wall, but thanks for supporting my commissions! <3 >w< <3
But don't forget to go and visit the artist's page to give them your support too! >w<

Dear friends:
 Umiriko  KitaNarom  Felicekitty  dalthios  MementoMori  Cpthodor  Rikki  selomon  Servothehusky  Moebius  Ger-Fox  Sukiik  AnonymousShark00  reliuskaiser  PoctoPuss  Ridwanwolf  Kreeyz  VoreLover9012  TheBlueDevil  CutenessOverlord  x9comega  Harek  Dokudoku  NekoYuki  The Saint of Ravens  Zandveer  DarkArtist  AndromedaReject  VoraciousRose  HungrySarahBear

 Umiriko 's beardy treat

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Alright, so the first thing, I've reached 1,500,000 views x_x
1.5M views.png
I was not expecting that really, seems like only recently I had barely 500k, now it's tripled >3<
And for this, I hope to have a raffle soon again
Same as before, a pic with my sona Kagero heh
Thank you everyone for watching and so on ;;

In other words, a lot should have noticed I haven't posted anything in a long time...
Mainly due to a lot of things happening
Basically in March a lot had happened and been off an on with depression
Not to mention a hospital visit due to the flu & lung infection, basically having pneumonia and nearly dying...
Fortunately I lived, but had a lot of other...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Ackerlan 2 years ago Report

You should remove Rose from your page after what you did to her.


Posted by TyronneVB 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch


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Posted by SerenaBlaze 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav <3

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Posted by SerenaBlaze 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch you totally not familiar or seen before by me bearded man~ <3

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Posted by TaciturnTiger 4 years ago Report

Thank ya for the favorites~ :3


Posted by IWantToBeEatenn 4 years ago Report

hey i want to know if you can make a vore for dbz android 21? from the new game that just came out


Posted by tigercloud 4 years ago Report

Uhm~ thank you so much for the Watch *w*

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 4 years ago Report

Thank you for the fave!


Posted by Modern45 4 years ago Report

Glad you liked it :)

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