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Commissions Closed [udontsay.jpg] Posted 2 years ago

just updating my blog section to reflect that I am in fact not open for commissions.

It's been closed since whenever I filled my 6th slot back in 2014 but my stupid lazy self never bothered to update my commissions status anywhere to reflect this. Now more than 4 years later I finally budged my butt a bit to adress the issue. Sorry for all the confusion/troubles it may have caused, feel free to smack me in the back of the head if you ever come accross me irl.

Also gotta say, sorry for not responding to most of my PMs during that whole period of time. I ignored them because I was feeling shitty at the time, but as time went by and they remained unanswered (basically waiting for a time I'd be more in shape to tackle them on), some form of guilt and...
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Commissions open. Posted 7 years ago
View my whole commission info right here : ... -488716514

Or here on Eka's (much uglier text formatting) :

Visual reference for different options : ... -488799145

Thanks for reading. =)
Important update (yay) Posted 7 years ago
Well, this is it, I'm done with this.

Wait nope not really. (got ya ! got ya ? no ? yeah I know erm, sorry)

Really now, I got quite a few things to say:

For starters, I was quite down lately, couldn't draw at all. Nothing to do with kinky stuff, just drawing in general. I'll just say this : Tourette's is a b*tch. BUT I've been working hard with my (much older) brother on finding ways to workaround this... dread. And to make it short, let's say my thirst for drawing is back (while tbh it never really left, just wasn't able to sit and work at ALL...).

Now secondly, I have to say, while I absolutely want to finish the comic I'm working on, I will be opening commissions very soon. I'm currently working on the commission conditions, what...
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News. (Finally !) (ikr) Posted 7 years ago
Hey there my kinky fellas,
Sorry for the absence of updates or news whatsoever in the past... few... months ?!.. I've been through a hard semester at school and I've been in some kind of a rush for that whole time until... now ! Yep, school's out for summer. I'll tell you, this no-kinky-work period of time certainly wasn't because I didn't want to. Was the total opposite, really, I would've killed to get some sweet, relaxing time drawing... porn. yeah.

But nope, I thought I'd better concentrate my creative energies on something actually due. You know. But anyway, just sending this little info popup to let you know that I can finally CONTEMPLATE the possibility of working on new content here. I'll have a summer job in a few weeks, but it'll be nothing like that...
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Simple announcement. Posted 8 years ago
Hello, well I am sadly forced to announce you that I don't intend to continue the comic I'm working on, NOR post it anywhere. I am very sorry to put it that way but I simply don't feel anymore like working on it, say, drawing at all. So this is kind of my goodbye letter to all the (few) people that was supporting me.

Say, I'll still be around, just not posting stuff...

See ya.


GOT YOU ! Right ? ... Heh, sorry.

This is in fact a quick announcement to tell you that I've finally stopped sketching (at page 55 !), say, that I've put an end to this part of the story AND that I'll be streaming the inking of it as soon as tomorrow.
(yes because I love streaming, excuse my...

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More little news. Posted 8 years ago
Hi, I know I've been quite quiet for a while. You all know this is a hobby and I don't have real obligations with the comic I'm currently working on. But so many of you watched, and commented, and... and since I've been quiet for a bit of a time (because I was doing finals and then I couldn't get back into it much yet), I feel the need to give you some news. =)

Basically, my first college course (3 years) is over now (yes, because I'm following another, completely different one this fall) and I'm currently in my hometown, all well installed in my, uhm, parent's house, ready to start my summer job (you'd never guess what job I do during summer ! ^^). And then I've finally got the will back to get into this comic business... so expect to see me work soon ^^ (I haven't done...
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Little news Posted 8 years ago
I see kind of a bunch of people watched me, faved my stuff, commented... and I'm not really active around here. I mean, I wasn't working on my stuff for quite some time (two months) Then I feel kinda lame to remain silent so I gotta tell you how it's going.

Since it's holidays and I've been back home for a month or so, I have to tell you that as soon as I get back in my appartment, I'll get working on my stuff again. As I told you, I'm the lazy type, and told you not to expect excessive production from me. (My tourettes' syndrome is what makes me unproductive, to make it short) Still, I feel ready to work on it, and I can't wait to get back in my other home to finish my latest page and most certainly do more. I don't have my drawing tablet here and I simply don't work on...
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