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Ideas for Camilla and her pets Posted 1 year ago
I am feeling kinda nice everyone, nicer than normal. So this link here allows you to put up to three ideas (at a time) about what you would like to see Camilla and/or her pets do. If I am out of ideas, I would use your idea(s).

I would enjoy hearing some of your ideas that you would like to see Camilla and/or her pets doing
Ninian's Wandering Adventures is Discontinued Posted 1 year ago
Hello everyone. Some of you may remember that I tried to set up a comic with Tsukai91 where Ninian goes travelling from world to world. At least, that was the plan, but the comic has been Discontinued indefinitely. I do have sketches for more pages that I will post later on, but after that, the comic is done.
Changed Avatar photo and Some events coming up for me. Posted 1 year ago
For those who haven't notice, I changed my avatar pic on here for the first time in a while. I decided to use a pic of my girl, Xiana, from my new comic commission, Living a Pet's Life. I have been wanting to change my pic for a while as it has been the same pic here for a while so I thought it deserved an update.

Also, on a minor note, there are two small events coming up later this month. For one, my birthday is coming up on January 17th so I am pretty excited. But like I said, it is minor to me.
Happy New Year 2020 Posted 1 year ago
Happy New Year to all. Now that the New Year is here, the next big thing for me is my birthday on the 17th.
Merry Christmas Posted 1 year ago
A little early for me but I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and then a Happy New Year.
Family Fates is over; time for new project focus. Posted 2 years ago
Well, it is official. Family Fates: Ingestion is now concluded (The original and sequel). I thank both artists, ndnode and awesometacular for the amazing work they have done on these comics and for everyone who provided any form of financial aid to a nice guy looking for assistance. My new project focus will now be on "Living a Pet's Life." and I look forward to seeing this comic to its completion. For those who want to know what is to come, please check below. This plan is not the final piece, I might add or remove more as time goes on depending on what comes up in my mind. However, I hope you will all enjoy this project over the next couple years AND if you wish to help with this project in any way, give me a call please. Thank you all again and I look forward for the next...
[ Continued ... ]
Edit to Page 14 and Schedule for Sequel comic. Posted 2 years ago
Ndnode also sent me an edit on page 14. It changed the color of the stomach internals in that picture. I just can't seem to get it visible int the shrunken picture format so I may have to repost it soon.

As for the sequel comic, I will be posting the comic from the very beginning 1 page at a time every few days. When will be up to my schedule but I will start by reposting the first two pages I posted before. Thank you all for your great compliments on the comic and even more thanks to the amamzing ndnode for the journey it took to get to this lovely conclusion.
Finally figured out the title for next node comic. Posted 2 years ago
After some time, and since Family Fates is near completion, I have finally gotten a title idea for my next ndnode comic. I have not paid for new pages yet so it will still be a while before it starts. Feel free to check out my gallery to see what it is.
Reposting the sequel. Posted 2 years ago
Due to the fact that Family Fates 1 is near its conclusion, I will soon be posting the sequel created by awesometacular. That includes me reposting the first two pages I put up earlier. So heads up.
Need some ideas. Posted 2 years ago
So, I have recently started a little thing where I am looking for people to submit possible ideas about what name Camilla should give to her future baby girl and which Fire Emblem lady should end up being the Nohrian Princess's next pet. There is a link already on my pic post titled "Summertime Lounging" but it will also be here for convience reasons. You don't have to but I would love to hear your ideas if interested. ... w/viewform