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Poll and Raffle! Posted 1 month ago
Hey hey!
Hopefully you guys are enjoying my story collaboration with  VaguenessIncoming and  Brazzel

Something something!
We decided to run a poll for the next story, Enter the Machine, which is coming out on November 7th. Machine follows the interactions between a factory worker and the giant, enslaved predators they use to dispose of recycling. Our protagonist, of course, knows predators are adept at devouring more than just inanimate matter...

This month's poll is:
Should Enter the Machine's prey-tagonist be...

- Female? ????‍♀️
- Male?????‍♂️
- Doesn't matter?????

Please go vote in our Discord server!
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We made a Discord server for our collab stories! Posted 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for liking our collaboration stories so far!
I really appreciate it! xD

Hopefully it's been fun for you guys as much as we had fun making them.

Though as most of them are on sale, we found that it's hard to get you guys' opinions on our stories.
As we can't freely discuss about the stories on public, as it would be spoilers for other people who didn't read it yet,
And the posts we have here are just teasers, not the actual stories.
So I found that it's kinda hard to say anything

And here we are!

Now we have a new Discord server to solve the problem,
Having spoiler zones where we can freely talk about the stories and such!

Also if you need to...
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Commission closed Posted 2 years ago
Commission has been closed for now, due to the real life issues.

I will only work for the people on the queue for now.

If I get to finish them all in time?
Then well, why not more!
But for now, I don't want to risk to take tons of commissions that i wouldn't finish.

What a shame...x~X
Again Posted 3 years ago

Yay! I think I have a super power to break a chair I sit on. :-D :-D :-D :-D

About a year ago...
Major remastering! Posted 3 years ago
*Please click to see it in original size*

Apparently I found a better way to resize the pictures!
Way less distortion on it's quality! x3
So I decided to remaster some of my arts so far.

So far I remastered all the stuffs from a year ago since today.
If you want your commissions before a year ago to be remastered, please let me know!

Though I found that this way of resizing isn't working for every type of styles,
So some of the works are not gonna be remastered/resized this way.

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Off the chairman Posted 4 years ago


my chair's snapped, so I fell behind lol
Lucky just little scratch on my chicken skin though.

Chair-less life and the bill for new chair were painful. lol
Be chairful with your chairs guys.
Still struggling with my PC Posted 4 years ago

So far I got all my parts checked except the CPU.
Bought new SSD for C: driver, new RAM card.

And I found that the pins on the connection between motherboard and CPU were bent. Quite a lot of them. :D
Luckily the warranty is still left, so that they just gave me a new one! What a cool guys.

Got my graphic card checked, and there's no problem.

All the power cables checked, no problem either.

I might have to get CPU checked too at some point, though I don't think it's the problem this time.

But like I said, I'm still...
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More delay notice Posted 5 years ago

For a while my PC glitches from time to time with losing all the projects' information which were running during those each crashes.
Which means I lost the very project files I was working on with simple shut-down of my PC, and that's a terrible problem for an artist.

So I had been saving all the files manually, not as pressing the buttons of 'Ctrl+S' on the project but copying and pasting the individual files with different names blah blah

Anyways, currently I found the reason why my PC glitches, (I thought it was because of the RAM but after changing the RAM, it still had happened)
is that the Power, with very high possibility.

I sent my power to the company to...
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Testing stuffs Posted 5 years ago
What do you think.jpg

Probably I will test some stream things soon too :D
Sorry for the delays Posted 5 years ago
I am sorry for the delays for these few weeks.
Not just for the people who commissioned me but also the people on Eka's portal.

Currently I became too busy with my real life stuffs, however sadly I don't think I can just say it out what's going on here for now.
I will probably be almost dead once in a while randomly, probably a week for each times.

And also I'm expecting a year's Absent time in 1~2 years.
Probably not totally absent, since I'm gonna upload sketches still.

Anyways, now I'm making huge delays for all of my art stuffs,
But don't worry, I'm gonna finish all the stuffs as always.