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Happy Holidays Posted 10 months ago
Hope you guys are enjoying the Holidays.

I know this years been crazy for all of us. So hopefully the New Year will be better. Nowhere to go but up, right? XD

It sure will be for me. Time/RL has been pretty vexing, which is why it's good to finally have the time to work on art for once and stay more in contact with you guys.

Part of that will be by New Years Resolution, but we'll talk about that then New Year's hits. All in All Nice to see you guys again.
Sup Everyone Posted 1 year ago
Happy Holidays guy, Just letting folks know, i'm Still kicking, and Still drawing.
I have some new ideas & things i wanna mention after the holidays, but til then. Enjoy yourselves! :-D
Yo, Guys. Posted 3 years ago
. How is everyone?
Last month or two were tricky for me. RL situations and all. Hope you guys are doing alright.
Being late in stating the New Years Res. But i'll be working on this gallery a lot more Coming. Quite a few interesting things along the way. ;)

Also, after quite a few questions. Yes, i am taking Commissions again and hopefully will help with some much needed motivation. XD
Summer Free-Time Posted 4 years ago
Hello everyone, Summers here and RL has finally loosen it's bonds on me and i'm able to get more free time now. I'd like to say thank you all for the Views and support. Glad that people enjoy my work. I apologize for the delay for anyone waiting on me. Thank you all again. For those who commissioned me, i am working on them as of now. Expect a big update. :wink:

For those who are curious of my rates. Please PM me.
Merrry X-mas Posted 4 years ago
Hope you guys are having a Great holiday! Enjoy Yourselves! :-D
Happy Turkey Day Posted 4 years ago
Hope everyone is enjoying there Thanksgiving. Getting nice and full on Turkey... or other things. 8)

Have a good one.
Happy Holidays Posted 5 years ago
Enjoy yourselves, be merry! Stay safe. And i'll catch ya later. :-D

Now i~ am going to get some Egg- Nog. 83
Happy Turkey Day. Posted 5 years ago
Yup, under the wire. Don't count the minutes... Holidays be Kwazy!

Hope you guys had fun stuffing yourselves. I know i did. I'll be getting back into the swing of things here. So no, i'm not dead yet. :lol:
Can't wait to say hello to all you guys in the community again.
Happy Halloween Posted 5 years ago
Have a good one you guys. Stay Safe.

I'll be posting more often here, now that my schooling is letting up, i know folks are wondering if i'm alright. :-D
Happy Easter Posted 6 years ago
Enjoy the Holiday. Stay Safe.

The Comissions are coming along and get ready for a art dump this coming week. :wink: