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I feel old Posted 10 years ago
I just turned 26, more than a quarter of a century has passed while I've been on this Earth....not sure what else to say other than to ask for free stuff, but then, I am rather greedy.
A Project of Sorts, seeing who wants in Posted 11 years ago
Now then, I've done this before a few times now, where I, and another person, commission an artist, to get something fun for us, but, I had an idea recently, that involves a group of people as the prey, and since a few friends have expressed an interest in it, and an artist has said yes, I'm going to post this, and see what happens.

The jist of this message is, I'm looking for people who might like to see themselves in a comic, done by Blondevelvet, currently B&W is expected, but might do color if we get enough people. The artist herself, found here: has already agreed to the idea itself, and it's hoped that if we get enough...
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One Year Older Posted 11 years ago
It's now Dec. 8th where I am, meaning another year on this pathetic mud ball called Earth has passed. I'm feeling it too, going back, watching shows I remember from my early childhood like David the Gnome, or the Littl' Bits, back when Nick Jr. Actually had shows that tried to be interesting, with plots and real voice actors, none of this dead pan shit they have today. Got the Littl' Bits playing in another tab in my browser now. It only makes me feel older of course, watching these shows, but in the end, they're better than half the stuff on today, and I know that only makes me sound old, but really, half the time it's true. It used to be networks would pick up a show they thought people would watch and enjoy, so they could stuff in ads. Now, they pick up shows they can market, if it's...
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Movie Blog(Surrogates)*SPOILERS* Posted 11 years ago
I've been debating doing another blog for a while, since my last one seemed to piss of he bunny herself, who seemed to take my rant in the first paragraph about the mods on the chat, and seemed to say that's all I said, despite mentioning a good mod by name(Again, Conn), something most people who rant about the chat won't. Hell, I even said I was rarely ever disappointed in the place, usually coming away with a good time when I log in, mostly because I know what I like, and that's what I go for, so I don't end up in an RP I can't stand...most of the time, and so only every once in a while have to say stop to the other person. Is the chat here perfect? Hell no! Is it a fun place to be, and an interesting meeting ground for people who want a good time? Hell YES!!! If you're looking for a fun...
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IC Approach only idiots Posted 12 years ago
Another blog, another rant, this one much shorter than the last, but still something that pisses me off. On the chat here though, so the blogs far more relevant to the site itself.

Now, I'm no stranger to the chat here, and some of the assholes that populate it. Several users are just there for smut, and don't want to make it themselves ,and when there's not enough being made they'll bitch about it. About a third of our mods on the chat are, and I'm being polite about this as I've heard far worse words, mean dicks. They enforce rules sometimes rather arbitrarily, especially one people their playing with, or other mods, and sometimes they really will ban you for looking at them funny, I know. But even still, they do help keep some order in the chat, and there are some good ones...
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Oh what the heck(A copy and paste of an FA Journal) Posted 12 years ago
I got a few reactions on FA, and decided to post this one here, mostly for kicks, and somewhat because it's 3 AM and it seems like a good idea. Oh, and before I get into it, here's a link to the conversation referred to in the blog itself. read that at your own risk, it contains bugs. I also ask in a comment to the journal on FA, if anyone wants, give Shomti a poke for me. His AIM and YIM name is Shomti316. He's on fairly regularly, he's just blocking or ignoring me, and I'd like him to know that Star Sage hasn't forgotten him, or what he owes me. Without farther adu, my rant. Oh, this contains one of my few online F-bombs. It's in italics and bolded, you'll...
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