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tumblr Posted 8 years ago
now i'm here too.
not sure if anyone cares about it, but i seem to be slowly quitting vore, it started to seem not so interesting and thrilling as before, so i dunno will or won't i draw it again...
a little notice Posted 8 years ago
since i is on Smackjeeves for a while (((= i decided to post The Horrible comic there, cuz it doesn't contain much vore and i thought of making english smackjeeves webcomic anyway.
it will be here for now http://thehorriblecrew.smackjeeves.com/
there are three pages done yet, i'll post them there today.
Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Posted 8 years ago
what tree characters do you know?
i'm looking for different ones, but i'm tired of ents or other fantasy plant-creatures (and i'm already bor, funny ones like Norman Douglas or unconventional like Otesanek is what i'm up to.
i need more trees to draw yay!

also, the GODDAMNED ANIMATION MANIAC MOOD is here, so i will do animations until i complete at least three of my animation projects, prepare XD
ART-TRADES! Posted 9 years ago
they're awesome! :D
i've already made trades with
Kroma-Fera http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=202896
eskaria145 http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=203040
ichbinich http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=203144
acerok http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=203330
thank you very much, i...
[ Continued ... ]
The Great White Destroyer Posted 9 years ago
this game is awesome.^^^^^^^^^^^^^
can't stop playing it.((((=
Red Riding Hood - clay vore edition Posted 9 years ago
has anyone seen this animated film here, i wonder?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfyJ5Fou ... r_embedded
it's one of my favorite animator Garry Bardin's work. this film is as old as i am, and it's really something.((((=
i found it recently, and decided to share.^^