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A black panther author, responsible for a small chunk of the vore stories on the 'net. I've also been trying my hand at crafting movie prop replicas, and painting Nerf guns for resale as cosplay props. I'm looking for a less miserable job than I currently work, so I can support myself while trying to start a writing career. I can be found on Tumblr as Animakitty, and as Anima on FurryMUCK and Tapestries.

*NOTE* You will not be seeing further story or art posts here. You'll need to head to my Weasyl account for those! I also have many of my stories posted on my wiki,

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Animakitty's Blog - New cock vore story Posted 5 years ago

I have a new CV story up on my Weasyl account. Go read, and if you enjoy it, please leave a comment. It's really the only way I know you *did* enjoy it. ... ove-of-cum

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Posted by MagnificentArsehole 5 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch!

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Posted by Lobo 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To Animakitty

Ah, no worries then. Thank you for your time.


Posted by Lobo 6 years ago Report

Say there, I seem to recall an old story of yours involving a wolf unbirthing a small kitten. Does this ring any bells or am I imagining things? Cheers.


Posted by dalthios 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To Animakitty

Hehe, thank you very much ^^ And everyone can look to you as part of the cause of the Fey nompocalypse ;3 And it was amazing stuff to get lured into this weird and wonderful with ^^

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Posted by dalthios 6 years ago Report

Eeeeeee thank you so much for the Watch ^^ You're actually one of the main four who got me into vore! :3 feel really honoured and kinda fangirlfey >w>

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Posted by Avezola 7 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch i appreciate it :)


Posted by Dracoooo 9 years ago Report

Thanks for watching!


Posted by Soffix 10 years ago Report

Anima kittyyyyyy. <3 Also I totally never noticed you commented on that pic o' Lizzy. :B


Posted by CyrusTarber 10 years ago Report

Ohai, you look familiar :o


Posted by MementoMori 11 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch, I appreciate it :)

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Posted by FrostByte 11 years ago Report

Hi, Anima! Glad to see you again. Thank you very much for the watch. Hopefully I'll come up with something you'll enjoy.

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