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No, I'm not butthurt, nor am I leaving vore as a fetish. I love my blasted fetish. See, I've been drawing a LOT lately, vore included, and posting none of it here. Because I dislike this place.

See, it was great once, and I loved it then. Really I did. But that passed some time back when I started seeing littler and littler interest in the individual here, and lessened interest in the vore to boot. The art, nobody seems to care for. The forums? Everyone is a douche. Myself included, I'm also a douche. Everyone's a douche. Douche parade. But the douche parade is boring. I go on for my required dose of douchebaggery, I don't need or want it from this site. Everyone here wants their variety of porn, their taste in vore, and they want it right the hell...
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Posted by Redpod 7 years ago Report



Posted by CyrusTarber 8 years ago Report

Well, well! What have we here~?


Posted by Soffix 9 years ago Report

I didn't even know you were on here. >/


Posted by Mech__Warrior 10 years ago Report

Hey, you still alive?


Posted by DrakeX 10 years ago Report

i´ll send you a note about it ;)


Posted by DrakeX 10 years ago Report

i wonder if you would be open for an art trade =3


Posted by bustedthursday 11 years ago Report

I'm not entirely sure how it happened that I wasn't watching you before this. >_>;;

BUT NOW I AM! And during your livestream too, lol.


Posted by Manic_Maxwell 11 years ago Report



Posted by Damienfox 11 years ago Report

YOU. *Shakes fist*


Posted by CyBeR_pAnDa 11 years ago Report

*finds you and rapes you* >:3


Posted by Adramalech 11 years ago Report



Posted by htfcuddles 11 years ago Report

I had to, the story was great. You have talent, did you knew?

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