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Sparky Red Riding Hood

By Char89

Starring Sparky the Chu

Once upon a time, there's a little Pikachu named Sparky Red Riding Hood, but everyone calls him Sparky the Chu, or Sparky for short. Now Sparky dub the name Sparky Red Riding Hood, because his grandmother, Granny Raichu, made him the red hood. Sparky loves his grandmother very much, and she loves him too.

One day, Sparky recently heard about Granny Raichu, who is not feeling well. Sparky decided to bake an oran berry pie,

The Caring Lucario

Once upon a time, in the region of Sinnoh, in the Pokemon World, there was a little boy name Luke. He and his parents lived in a cabin not far from Mt. Coronet. They lived very far from cities. Luke wants to be a Pokemon Trainer when he's older, but the lab is in Sandgem Town, and that's very far.

One day, a terrible explosion has occurred. It caused the cabin to be on fire, killed Luke's parents. Luke barely escaped, and watched in horror as his home got burned down

A Lugia and his Boy

Once upon a time in the Pokemon World, there lives a young boy named Jimmy. He's around 7 or 8 years old, and has a family who loves him. He was the happiest boy alive.

One day, Jimmy's parents took him on a cruise line that's heading to Olivine City. They went to Vermillion City to catch their ship, the S. S. Anne. There were so many people on board. They got to their cabin just as soon as the ship left port.

The sailors were very friendly, and so are their Pokemo

Nintendo and Game Freak Inc.


Pokmon Fairy Tales

Pikachu's Grand Adventure

In the Pokmon World, long ago, where there are no humans in this world, there lived a tiny peaceful kingdom inhabited by the Pokmon themselves. The kingdom is known as Raichu Kingdom, because the king and queen of this kingdom are Raichu as well. The citizens of the kingdom are Pokmon as well, but not Raichu like the king and queen. The smallest citizen is Pikachu and he's much smaller than the

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