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Posted by dinoman514 3 days ago

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your welcome


Posted by anonymousexperiment 2 months ago

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No problem! I had been trying to remember where I found the art of yours I'm using for my icon. Do you mind or do you want me to change it?


Posted by Assimilation 2 months ago

You're a good artist. I think the following is worth hearing for your benefit, so I hope you understand that I don't mean you any discouragement:

Your line work is rather messy, and since your use of colors is exclusively flat (no shading, instead you rely entirely on context and overlap to convey 3D), I imagine you're still a novice or at best an amateur with producing art.

I want you to know that it doesn't matter. As you continue to make art, you'll begin to make changes to your techniques that make a style you think will be more visually appealing to everyone; it's a matter of experience. Instead, the reason why I say you're already a good artist is because you understand the medium of visual art is to avoid telling the story and instead to invite the audience to see it. You use no dialogue bubbles, and your author descriptions aren't essential for the viewer to understand what has happened and what is happening in the image.

Please continue to do what you do: produce art that shows a scenario with conflicts, reactions, settings, personalities, and emotions. Many "skilled" artists regurgitate a tired framework of still poses of a predator having eaten their prey reciting in a massive text bubble exactly what happened and how they feel about it—that sort of stuff is *not* art.


Posted by dinoman514 2 months ago

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Your welcome


Posted by MrPandaBear 2 months ago

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Posted by smog1 2 months ago

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Aww thank you :)


Posted by dinoman514 4 months ago

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your welcome


Posted by b5n 6 months ago

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your more than welcome


Posted by Cl0n3 6 months ago

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You're welcome:)


Posted by Sharktooth 6 months ago

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[ Reply ]


Posted by UnattainableSnack 7 months ago

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Keep up the good work!


Posted by Emerald1115 9 months ago

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No problem

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